I can’t live without you. Or can I?

“Miss me?” Moriarty’s catchphrase is also a recurring thought in every anxious lover’s mind. “Do you think he misses me the way I miss him?” “Does he even think about me as many times I think of him?” The simple, monosyllabic answer is “No.” The longer answer is, “Naah, he doesn’t think about you the…

The Missing Person


Elongate time? No, thank you.

Would you rather choose to elongate a happy moment or cherish it while it lasts?

Read my thoughts about this in my latest blog post.

Crimes of Grindelwald, and my thoughts on it

One word review? Disappointed. One line review? Not interested in the upcoming movies in the Fantastic Beasts series. Full review? Let me walk you through a thorough discussion post about everything I liked and disliked about this movie. Warning: Kindly do not read this review/discussion post if you haven’t watched the movie yet. 

The Tragedy of a Good Plot

A blurb of a novel is the second thing we read after picking it up from a shelf. The first one, obviously, being the title of the novel and the name of the author. The next thing we read, after being mildly intrigued by the blurb, is its price. Some nerds also choose read the…

A Three Course Meal

Every morning, I walk to the cafe for my Caramel Frappuccino and a glimpse at him.  His mocha-coloured skin and almond-shaped eyes. The sound of my name pronounced crisply and correctly.  The warm oak countertop steadies my nerves as I drum my fingers on it in a pre-caffeinated stupor. Every afternoon, I walk to the…

Adieu, teenage dreams

The 20th year of my life has been one filled with rollercoasters, rollercoasters that would give the largest rollercoaster in the world a run for its money. Replete with emotions and feelings like intense love, fiery hate, scornful disgust, unnatural longing, violent sadness, terrible loneliness and painful misunderstandings and miraculous victories, this 20th year has…