The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love – Book Review

Geeks. This word will bring to your mind the done-to-death stereotype: Ugly teeth, full-rimmed thick glasses, out-of-fashion clothes and weird hair. And talks a lot about a particular book / series of books. Or in short, me. If you believed that all geeks are tech junkies, this definition┬áby the Cambridge Dictionary would surprise you. Now,…

Would you read a book about writing, if you are a writer already?

If you had asked me this question two years ago, I would have promptly asked you if you were crazy. I mean, why would a writer want to read a book about writing?  At least in my teenage ‘I’m-the-best’ mind, it seemed like a completely foolish thing to do.  I realised the need to read…

The Expeditor

No, this is not a post in which I will gush about Gordon Ramsay’s awesome expediting skills.

This post is a theory I have, about a particular type of character I have seen too many times in fiction. I have also seen a character like this in a TV show.

Introducing to you The Expeditor: A character who tends to speed up the learning curve of the other characters.