Let me explain to you the meaning of serendipity through my eyes.


The Gentle Breeze of Death

I’ve been revisiting some of my old unpublished drafts. This poem seems like a perfect fit for the sombre mood right now. RIP Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and Avicii

The Gathering at the Nursery

“It’s guest night at the Nursery tonight, so I’d better go.” I plant a kiss on my lover’s face before leaning away from his lean, suntanned body. “Yes, sure. Say hi to the tiny tots, and wish them luck on clearing their public poise course!” He says, opening his arms, freeing me from his loving…

A Single’s Theory about What Couples Do on Valentine’s Day

Yes. It’s 2018, and I’m still single. Which frankly doesn’t bother me. How else would have I got the idea for such an outlandish post like this otherwise? So, what do you couples actually DO on valentine’s day? Here are a few activities that I imagine are the ones you perform on this blossoming day…

When a Marauder Falls in Love…

Heya fabfollowers! 

This is my first post of 2018. And it’s a Harry Potter fanfic. *cue to scream your lungs out with me!!!!*

I had originally written this fanfic as a submission for an upcoming newsletter. But since it got rejected there, I’m posting it here. 

Do give me your sincere feedback, brickbats and praise, and send a much needed Cheering Charm my way! 

I’m sorry I’ve been unfaithful to you, dear blog.

Today’s the day I turn 19. Incidentally, there’s a major coincidence today. 17th October 1998, the day I joined this ungrateful earth, was celebrated as Dhanteras. And today, 17th October 2017, is also celebrated as Dhanteras. Hi-5! Happy Dhanteras, dear reader! I can’t believe I’m beginning my 20th year of life. I’m technically no longer…

Position Vacant: Best Friend

Have you ever had a tough time making friends? Have you ever wanted to making the process of friendship simpler than it already is?

Here’s how I intend to make friendship a logical science: via placing an ad for ‘Position Vacant: Best Friend’.

Why Making Mistakes Is Good For The Economy

Bought that Rs.10000 outfit on an impulse, and now it no longer fits you? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Your mistake is actually boosting the economy. Here’s how: