I hit Restart

My obsession with deleting every trace of my past before pivoting to something new is deeply linked to my compulsion for chopping a significant portion of my hair off after a traumatic personal experience and my impulse to delete all conversations with a person I’ve had a disagreement with.

Why the pivot to a deeply personal, diary-esque blog?

For the past few months, I have been deeply attracted to works of non-fiction. Memoirs. Books which explore philosophy.

Running parallel to this change in my favourite book genres, I have also started deeply introspecting on… a whole lot of things. Who I am, what I want from life, my perspectives about people and relationships. What I actively choose to think about. The people I choose to spend my time with.

I need to record this transformation. Every bit of it will be documented here on my blog. Why? Because that’s my new ‘thing’. Just like writing micro-fiction and sappy poetry was once upon a time my ‘thing’.

The heavens know that I’ll find another ‘thing’ next year.

The idea for creating a private mailing list for my public blog with password protected posts came to me a few weeks after I stumbled onto the landing page of a really exclusive newsletter.

If you want to give a shot at getting selected for my private mailing list, email me at brokenbluebubblesmithila (at) gmail (dot) com . Yeah, that’s my first step at separating the wheat from the chaff: a difficult email ID to contact.

Hopefully, you will be able to read how I transform myself from an extremely introverted 20 something into… something other than an extremely introverted 20 something? We’ll see.

Yours sincerely,