#Barathon Day 5: Lord of the Files

This is my fan – fiction entry for the fifth day of #Barathon 2017, the fortnight-long blogging marathon for bloggers everywhere, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm! Today’s prompt is ‘Lord of the Files’. And, there’s something special for you #Potterheads too 😉

The Revision Tool-Kit

Just one day left for that all important exam?

No worries. I’m here to give you a cheatsheet on how to get that revision done. In the most optimum way you can ever imagine.

Vision in White – Nora Roberts #BookReview

    How I came across this book? Well, Goodreads recommended this book to me, knowing that my prurient hormones would come to life on reading this romantic 140 page story. Well, jokes apart, I’m really glad I selected this book as #Book11 for the #BrunchBookChallenge by Hindustan Times Brunch. Read on to know why….


A bibliophile like me can never get enough of books.  My eyes search for words, and when they find them, they feast on it. Words can evoke emotions or destroy them. Words can bring back memories as well as imprint some new ideas on your brain. Therefore, it’s not difficult to comprehend why, right now, I’m…

Mom told me to write a letter to Santa, sooo..

Dear Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and my sweetie Kitty, Just received your Christmas gift! It took my breath away- the all new 3G Kindle Paperwhite wrapped in generous packaging, all ready to pull me into its bright white reading light. Yelping with joy, I tore open the wrapping (hyperbole, cause I don’t think I would…

Is this my first true post? No!

Hello world! It’s going to take some time for me to get used to blogging.But I surely will post my first post soon.. I’m planning to do so on 31st.Please do read it!Thanks a ton,@Fabulus1710 (my twitter handle)