I can’t live without you. Or can I?

“Miss me?” Moriarty’s catchphrase is also a recurring thought in every anxious lover’s mind. “Do you think he misses me the way I miss him?” “Does he even think about me as many times I think of him?” The simple, monosyllabic answer is “No.” The longer answer is, “Naah, he doesn’t think about you the…

Crimes of Grindelwald, and my thoughts on it

One word review? Disappointed. One line review? Not interested in the upcoming movies in the Fantastic Beasts series. Full review? Let me walk you through a thorough discussion post about everything I liked and disliked about this movie. Warning: Kindly do not read this review/discussion post if you haven’t watched the movie yet. 

The Tragedy of a Good Plot

A blurb of a novel is the second thing we read after picking it up from a shelf. The first one, obviously, being the title of the novel and the name of the author. The next thing we read, after being mildly intrigued by the blurb, is its price. Some nerds also choose read the…

The Walk Home

The cats who reside near the Udipi Hotel totally love me. When they see me approaching, they sit up straight and start a chorus of meows that would impress a symphony conductor. I stare at their big green/grey/brown/amber/yellow eyes, the way I used to rebelliously stare at this teacher I hated a long time ago….


Let me explain to you the meaning of serendipity through my eyes.

A Single’s Theory about What Couples Do on Valentine’s Day

Yes. It’s 2018, and I’m still single. Which frankly doesn’t bother me. How else would have I got the idea for such an outlandish post like this otherwise? So, what do you couples actually DO on valentine’s day? Here are a few activities that I imagine are the ones you perform on this blossoming day…

Position Vacant: Best Friend

Have you ever had a tough time making friends? Have you ever wanted to making the process of friendship simpler than it already is?

Here’s how I intend to make friendship a logical science: via placing an ad for ‘Position Vacant: Best Friend’.

Why Making Mistakes Is Good For The Economy

Bought that Rs.10000 outfit on an impulse, and now it no longer fits you? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Your mistake is actually boosting the economy. Here’s how: