A Single’s Theory about What Couples Do on Valentine’s Day

Yes. It’s 2018, and I’m still single. Which frankly doesn’t bother me. How else would have I got the idea for such an outlandish post like this otherwise? So, what do you couples actually DO on valentine’s day? Here are a few activities that I imagine are the ones you perform on this blossoming day…

Position Vacant: Best Friend

Have you ever had a tough time making friends? Have you ever wanted to making the process of friendship simpler than it already is?

Here’s how I intend to make friendship a logical science: via placing an ad for ‘Position Vacant: Best Friend’.

Why Making Mistakes Is Good For The Economy

Bought that Rs.10000 outfit on an impulse, and now it no longer fits you? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Your mistake is actually boosting the economy. Here’s how:

Let’s save the environment!

Today is World Environment Day. And thanks to our education system, we all know how to save the environment. We have been learning it right from the day we joined school, till the day we become professionals. But, I still feel that we haven’t learnt some awesome ways to save the environment. I mean, ‘closing the tap after using it’ and ‘not wasting paper’ is for beginners. There are some hacks that only masters can attempt. Presenting to you some ‘master level hacks’ that you can use to save the environment.

The Expeditor

No, this is not a post in which I will gush about Gordon Ramsay’s awesome expediting skills.

This post is a theory I have, about a particular type of character I have seen too many times in fiction. I have also seen a character like this in a TV show.

Introducing to you The Expeditor: A character who tends to speed up the learning curve of the other characters.

The Co(r)ns of Cooking Tutorials

Hehehe, very punny spelling error, no?

I really like watching people cook amazing food online. Gordon Ramsay and Tilly Ramsay cook me awesome virtual food when I’m too tired to eat real food.

But there are some things that I want to tell people who post recipe videos online. And this is a list of exactly those things that I’d like to whisper in their ears as they work their magic on food and spices.

M-m-million dollars!

Millionaires and fiction seem to go very well in the same sentence, right?

*sheepish grin*

Presenting to you fabulus’s view on what she would do with the million dollars she got in her bank account yesterday.

Also, a new announcement up on the blog 🙂

Curiosity never killed the cat!

​Out of all the possible reasons that could have killed all a cat and its remaining eight lives, I wish to strike ‘curiosity’ off the list.


Because curiosity (in moderate degrees) helps you function better and achieve success. It is the reason why we have libraries, museums, folk tales, stories and even cool gadgets. And a wireless AirPod.

Join me at the “Against” side of a debate on this idiom: Curiosity killed the cat!