Cook up a storm on the blog #AtoZChallenge

Hey there! The topic I’ve selected for today’s S for post is food blogging. (Yeah, I cheated again!)

I love posting reviews on Zomato, checking out #foodie on Instagram and reading food blogs. Read more about my online-eating experience today!

Have I finally started liking romcoms?#BookReview

Let me get this straight: I used to like romance fiction, when I was fifteen. You know, when I was doe-eyed and eager to explore more about the world of romance. I had too many questions, and infinite gigabytes of resources available at the tap of a screen. Yet, I preferred to peruse through romance…

Pretty Little Bookshelves

GoodReads tells me I’ve read 173 books till date. But you and I know, that I had a reading life before I joined GoodReads. A beautiful summer time when I used to read Enid Blyton books one a day. When I graduated to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, I continued in the same fashion. That was till the day I could predict entire plots even before reaching 1/4th of the book.

At this point, I graduated to reading fiction. The real fiction. Catch my journey in the world of reading, in the form of mini reviews.

Of naps and examinations

What is it about exams that make me sleep?
This post is dedicated to all my exam-giving #FabFollowers. All the best, read this post, and then go back to taking a nap!