Of naps and examinations

What is it about exams that make me sleep?
This post is dedicated to all my exam-giving #FabFollowers. All the best, read this post, and then go back to taking a nap!

The Bare Necessities

Three flash-fiction stories. About the three things I always need in my life.

A Tale of Forgiveness

Caution: Long read ahead. (approximately 15 mins for a perfect read)

Read on, only if you want to have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Hyde and Sick

Mr. Sick can come calling anytime. He doesn’t know that it’s your birthday or that you have an important meeting on the day he arrives. Yet, like a stubborn guest, he waltzes into your house, and disrupts every perfect plan and moment.

Here’s a story of how Mr. Sick entered Nina Hyde’s life and, well, did the job he’s best at doing.