The Missing Person

I have been fascinated with the idea of having a twin sibling since a reaaaaahhaahaaallly long time.

My ideal twin sibling would be a Neon Trees fan, headbanging along with me to “Everybody Talks”, crooning the crazy lyrics in a goofy voice, the two of us dancing around the room like crackheads.

He/she/they would be a perfect companion for a stargazing adventure: sipping cool lemon iced tea mixed with sweetened green tea, gaping at the vastness of the universe, realising the insignificance of who we are and what/who we do. Yeah, my twin would hate the taste of unsweetened green tea, just the way I do.

He/she/they would hug me in those times when I feel that I’m fighting a battle where I’m on the losing side. Envelope me in a curtain made of the exact words I want to hear. You say, “Shouldn’t your twin tell you what you NEED to hear instead?” For that “advice”, I already own a guilty conscience.

He/she/they would click perfect pictures of a candid moment wherein I’m daydreaming / lost in a fantasy world. And calm my mind when I get too involved in that fantasy.

Can I extract my ideas about this make-believe twin and upload the files into a real person? To fill the void of a missing person, a person who has been missing since the inception of my life?


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  1. Oh I used to yearn for a twin when I was growing up. I do have a younger sister so I really shouldn’t complain but the idea of a twin fascinated me and yeah, it felt like you could potentially have that constant companion.

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