Elongate time? No, thank you.

I wish I could stretch out the moments where I’m blissfully happy.

The moments where I eat something so delicious, I have to stop doing everything else and focus on savouring the moment.

The moments where I listen to a song I used to love ages ago, and realise that the feelings I have towards the song remain unchanged.

The moments when I realise it’s been quite some time since I’ve been sad.

The moments when I breathe in the fresh, cold air of winter and realise that this winter isn’t as cold as I expected it would be.

The moments when someone understands the feelings and emotions I hide under the guise of fictional storytelling.

The moments when I come across a brilliant written work, a small quote, or a relatable anecdote that teaches me a new perspective to something I already was acquainted with.

But I also realise that elongating happy moments into a longer, epic fantastical moment reduces my chances of experiencing new and possibly-different happy moments. I sadly know that my fickle mind flits from one moment to another, throwing out happy as well as sad moments into a landfill of fading memories of the past.

Maybe I need to install a basketball hoop in my brain, and keep a large Jacuzzi right under it. Maintain a scoreboard of how many happy moments I’ve had, and cherish them by jumping right into their squishy warmth when I feel the need for emotional healing.

Maybe I need to install a paper shredder and a small bookshelf in my head for all the sad moments. Keep the sad moments on the bookshelf till I figure out all the lessons, and then destroy it the minute I’m done peering at it through a microscope.


Shout – out to “The Power of The Dream” and “The Power of Love” by Celine Dion; two songs I used to listen and love in my single-digit ages.





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  1. This was so relatable because I’ve often felt this way. But yes, life is filled with both happy and sad moments. I liked what you said about keeping the bad memories on a bookshelf until the lessons from it are learnt.

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