Anything But Books Tag: Get to know Mithila better + 200th Post!

Thank you Shantala over at Shanaya Tales for tagging me for this challenge!

The post you’re currently reading is my 200th post on Broken Blue Bubbles. The journey to this milestone took me two and a half years, a lot of creative juices, hair-pulling and damaged root, few almost-giving-up situations, three AtoZChallenges and 200+ followers on my blog. I tried out different forms of writing, trying to find a balance between what my audience loved to read and what I loved to write. And here I am, way more popular and respected than I ever was two and a half years ago. Thank you #FabFollowers for supporting me all through this journey!

200 posts

*sniffs* *sobs* *pulls self together*

Let’s get back to the Book Tag post!

Name a cartoon(s) that you love.

TOM AND JERRY! I will never ever get bored of the repetitive plot: Tom wants to catch Jerry, and Jerry wants to outsmart Tom! I also used to watch Dexter’s Laboratory, Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, Dora the Explorer (yes, I used to be that bored during vacations!) and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My fondest memory of watching cartoons has to be the one where I am eating flavoured yoghurt  and watching Dora the Explorer during the summer vacs. There used to be a brand by the name Yogi, and I loved their flavoured yoghurt. Are you still alive, Yogi? Please send me cartons of flavoured yoghurt, I miss it!

What is your favorite song right now?

Make that plural. Because Katy Perry’s new album is out! Bon Appetit is my earworm since a long time. Another favourite song right now is Believer by Imagine Dragons, Light Em Up by Fall Out Boy, Handstand by The Fontaines and Starships by Nicki Minaj. A pretty badass playlist, right?

When Maroon5 releases its latest album, I’ll have a completely new favourite songs list!

What could you do for hours (that isn’t reading)?

Scroll through my Instagram feed. Gaze at pics of Benedict Cumberbatch. Watch my favourite TV shows: Sherlock, The Office, Silicon Valley. Listen to random songs on the internet. Check out new podcasts. Add books to my TBR on GoodReads Theoretically, that doesn’t count as reading, right?)

What is something you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

Uh, I like to waste time on YouTube instead of replying to comments on my blog. And the worse thing is, I label it as ‘trying to research the type of content out there’, while I’m actually ‘enjoying funny videos and not making any notes’

On that note, I’d love to recommend some of my favourite channels to you. IISuperwomanII has to be my all time favourite since I discovered her videos in 12th grade. She helped me chillax during revision time before exams. I’m so proud of her evolution over the years, and I’ll always support her through everything. (Except that one time when she started posting videos and posts about trolls and created video content dissing her trolls. In my opinion, she should not have wasted her time doing that. She is above that. She could have used that time to create content for her ardent supporters instead. That’s just one incident when I seriously felt like un-subscribing to her channel.)

Jenna Marbles is a recent discovery. She’s way more hilarious than I can even dream to be. Minute Physics and Ted-Ed are stimulants for my intellectual juices. Books On Toast is my go-to channel for when I want to talk about books, but don’t have anyone to listen to me rant about why I like a particular character or plot twist. Scherezade Shroff is my intro to all things rich and beautiful. Miranda Sings, Colleen Ballinger and Rachel Ballinger is my dose of internet randomness and craziness. Buzzfeed Nifty is for when I realise that I want to be productive, and don’t know how to go about it. Ember Trio is a medicine to my frayed nerves. Some playlists that I follow are the Buzzfeed Unsolved playlist and the Worth It! playlist.

Plus, I’ve also signed up to all the YouTube channels of all the popular business websites, but who am I kidding?

What is your favorite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about (this can do with books, I guess)?

I want to learn to write with my left hand. I actually do some exercises to make my left hand as dexterous as my right hand. I can type with my left hand only, too. 26 WPM. I tend to be a bit faster if I use my right hand for the backspace function.

What is something unusual you know how to do?

I can wiggle my eyebrows really fast. I wish I could make a video about it, but then you people would think it’s a Boomerang. 😛

I can spell the word ‘pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’ without stopping to take a breath.

I can remember numbers very fast and for a long time. The downside? I can’t forget numbers that I have memorised very easily!

Name something you’ve made in the last year (and show us, if you can).

I’ve made nothing. I wish I could show you a pic of it, but it somehow seems to escape from my camera. Be right back, while I try to catch nothing and get it to stand still for a picture.

What is your most recent personal project?

Lose weight. (Health reasons. Don’t worry.)

Tell us something you think about often.

Haha, you know what I think about, because it often features in my blog posts in the form of Theories.

On a serious note, I almost always end up thinking about:
“Should I read a book in the afternoon, take a 4-hour nap or watch YouTube videos?”
“Should I start studying now?”
“Do my friends think I’m crazy?”
“Is Harry- Luna or Harry – Ginny a better couple?”
“Can I get away with skipping a bath today?”

Give us something that’s your favorite, but make it something specific, not like your favorite food, but like your favorite food when you’ve been studying for hours and forgot to eat. Or, you know, something like that.

Okay. I’ll do favourite food, song and game.

Favourite food when I’ve been studying for hours and forget to eat: First off, I don’t study for hours. Can’t do that. Secondly, I never forget to eat. Hence I’ll tweak the question to:

Favourite food when someone else is paying the bill: The most expensive dish I want to try / the most Instagram worthy dish on the menu

Favourite songs to listen to when it rains: Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s. Don’t by Ed Sheeran. Stitches by Shawn Mendes. Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. Count On Me by Bruno Mars. Can I Have This Dance from High School Musical 3. Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine. Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Walks Like Rihanna by The Wanted. Honest by Kodaline. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train.

Favourite game to play when I’m taking a break from studies: Sudoku. It may come as a surprise, but I’ve never completed a Crossword puzzle in my life. You can start judging me in three, two, one, go!

Hiya, #FabFollowers ! I hope you’ve enjoyed knowing more about this midget from across the screen. This post marks the 200th post on my blog, and I’m feeling pretty happy and accomplished today. Do share in my joy and happiness by commenting and telling me which of my 200 posts you loved / related / liked / shared with friends. Awaiting your reply!

~Yours truly


8 Comments Add yours

  1. BellyBytes says:

    Your usual bubby self , spreading cheer as always. Glad to read this post and congratulations on reaching 200. I hope this doesn’t disrupt your novel writing.


  2. Shailaja V says:

    What an absolutely splendid way to celebrate the 200th post! I confess I don’t know more than half the songs on your list. I’ve not heard most of the new singers. And wow, you can actually pronounce that word? My respect for you went up several notches.

    You are an adorably sweet bundle of everything with just the right dash of humility and grace. May you write 2000 more posts and may your following keep growing 🙂


  3. shanayatales says:

    “Uh, I like to waste time on YouTube instead of replying to comments on my blog. And the worse thing is, I label it as ‘trying to research the type of content out there’, while I’m actually ‘enjoying funny videos and not making any notes’ ” – You are my soul sister. I do the exact same thing using the exact same excuse.

    Though I eventually always get back to blog comments, because I enjoy the interaction about as much as I enjoy my YouTube sessions.


  4. OMG! You are my baby sister! We are so alike ❤ Especially our taste in music, and TV shows, and YouTube channels, and zomg, you are my baby sister? ❤


  5. Lata Sunil says:

    Mithila, all the cartoons you mentioned, I have watched them and I love it. Only Dora the Explorer came along when my younger son used to watch and I find that very kiddish. But, the others are super. So, we do have something in common after all.


  6. Happy 200th, little one 🙂 ❤

    You are an amazing person. There, I said it. So mature, so awesome. And with such kickass taste.

    IISuperwomanII is awesome, isn't she? She's my hero!


  7. Tarang Sinha says:

    Your choices are different from mine. I am getting old. But, I watch Dora (and kind of like it) because my son watches it (I watch what he watches as he won’t allow me to touch the remote. Glad his school reopens from Monday).

    And, about writing with left hand, I find it fascinating. I used to try when I was in school. When I write with my left hand (At least I can write), my handwriting looks like someone from 1st-2nd Std. has written it. 🙂 However, in certain things like Batting (not that I still play cricket but if I hold the bat), putting on my clothes, tilting heavy things etc., I am more comfortable doing with my left hand.

    So good to know you better. My best wishes to you…:)


  8. Believer is awesome, isn’t it 🙂
    Have I told you, you and your mopsy curls are the cutest thing?
    I hate crosswords *hides faces and runs away*
    YouTube is like a black hole for our time, isn’t it? Also, you’re a Shroffer too!!! Also, have been wanting to check out Books on Toast forever now, Anuya was my favorite snapchatter 🙂

    Happy 200!!! Here’s to 200 more!! 🙂


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