#Barathon Day 3: Of Ice and Men

This is my fiction entry for the third day of #Barathon 2017, the fortnight-long blogging marathon for bloggers everywhere, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm! Today’s prompt is ‘Of Ice and Men’. I have also used the theme for the challenge ‘seven’.

Welcome to the Innovative Fashion Week 2071. Mr. Igloo has traveled all the way from the South pole to the Indian Ocean. He is here to present to you the Ice Collection, a collection of clothes for daily, casual and comfy wear.

Here’s a collection of formal suits and dresses, fun clothes and sportswear made from, you guessed it right, snow! Each ice crystal has handcrafted from the variety of ocean water available from the ever increasing oceans. It is full of impurities like penguin droppings and fish skeletons, which will give your skin a healthy glow. Mr. Igloo chooses ice which can withstand a person’s body temperature and yet not melt. Because, if it can tolerate global warming, your body temperature is child’s play.

Source: Pixabay

Our range of casual wear and sports wear is aimed to increase comfort levels and enhance performance. Now, even if you stay at home watching froth form in the water all day, or run your feet off on your tiny island, you can be comfortable. No sweat, literally.

How do you wash these clothes? Simple! Dip into a bucket of water, hold for 1 2 3 seconds and voila! You’re good to go.

Variants include algae green, mercury red, polluted grey, oily yellow. Our premium product is “Aquamarine Blue Jumpsuit”, which costs 100,000 pearls, but we are not inviting orders for this product. That’s because the primary ingredient, clear glacial water, is in short supply.

If you live on the continents, and have cruised here to the oceans specially for this event, get ready for disappointment. This product cannot be used on land. Not because of any product deficiencies, no. This is because Mr. Igloo does not wish to conduct business with people who are responsible for his igloo melting in 2067. He wishes to “help the day dreamers and the achievers who thought about alternative residential opportunities.” (from his interview conducted at the launch of his first factory in Antarctica in 2068)

Mr. Igloo will be selling these products on his ship. Display your pass and proof of ownership of your island, and you can lay your hands on the coolest fashion product since the dawn of man. Hurry! The first seven people to buy anything from the Aqua Cool Sports Wear range will get a 70% discount, and a chance to travel back in time to the year when our glaciers were whole, our penguins happy, and our homes, firmly grounded.

P.S.: It is difficult to create a fantasy or sci-fi world in 500 words. It is more difficult to understand more about this world in 500 words. Feel free to ask questions as random as this fiction post. Best questions get an “Aquamarine Blue jumpsuit” for free! 😛



22 Comments Add yours

  1. satheadis says:

    That’s an interesting character of Mr. Igloo…. 😍😍 You nailed it yaar


  2. Marquessa says:

    Very original! You asked for random questions so here is one. Any products in purple? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Obsessivemom says:

    Aw I love Mr Igloo. Beginning to save for an island at the South Pole right away.


  4. Ranjini says:

    Haha! 😀 Very quirky. I’d like to take a look at your brain and thought processes. where do you get these ideas from? Mr. Igloo is super awesome. :*


  5. Right, so if they came back to visit us at a time when the icecaps/glaciers haven’t melted, is it possible to buy products from Mr Igloo’s line? Or would it still be forbidden to us? Any way that we can reserve an island now, for the grandkids and stuff?


  6. Just like in the last post, a very very creative take on the prompt 😀

    14 Dishes of Malabar Cuisine


  7. Rajlakshmi says:

    Hehehe Now that’s a very creative write… Loved your concept of ice fashion 😀what a fresh perspective on the prompt.


  8. zainab says:

    Very creative and different 🙂


  9. Neha says:

    Lovely story with an equally beautiful message! Very very creative


  10. psharmarao says:

    Super creative post, loved it.


  11. What a great take on the prompt, Mithila. You writing is too good. Terrific


  12. Hehehe.. enjoyed this one! Mr. Igloo sure does have a knack for business and fashion and you surely have the knack of weaving wonderful stories.


  13. What can I say? Another fabulous read. I am not into sci-fi but I enjoyed reading this one. And I have loads of questions. Is Mr. Igloo going to hold a press conference too to answer all my (and others’) questions? 🙂


  14. kalpana solsi says:

    Mr. Igloo seems to be a very selective entrepreneur and I would love to buy some garments from him. A very imaginative piece woven with sartorial tastes.



  15. Great read. Describing a serious situation through humor takes some real skill and that is done perfectly in your piece. Cheers, Varad.


  16. Cathy Graham says:

    A very cool read in every way! Mr. Igloo is one cool dude and a sly businessman to boot! Very creative take on the prompt! Good one.


  17. Shalzmojo says:

    Creative with a dash of quirky – this is so you in essence My dear Methness!!!! Loved it!
    Floating islands of ice which double as boats – available?


  18. shanayatales says:

    Hahah Mr Igloo is adorable, and you are awesome too. Sci-fi in 500 words is no mean feat. Well done you. 🙂


  19. inquisitivegeet says:

    Hahah!!! Loved your imagination here, Mithila! You’re a wonderful story writer!



  20. Shilpa Garg says:

    I like the clarity and focus Mr Igloo has about his business. Very imaginative take on the prompt, Mithila.


  21. oh This was quite a creative take on the prompt!! Loved Mr. Igloo! 😛


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