Three Times A Survivor #AtoZChallenge

The thrill of boarding a train just when it starts exiting the station. The happiness of squeezing out the last drop of ketchup from the plastic sachet. The pleasure of seeing perfectly applied nail polish on your fingernails.

These feelings morph into the one feeling I’m feeling today: the feeling of completing the #AtoZChallenge for the third time in a row.


Exactly. My mind is going into a free-fall, because I can’t really explain how I felt about the challenge this year. Some days I felt like giving up. Some days I felt like working hard, only for the sake of scoring the hat-trick. Some days I felt irritated because I had to juggle academics and blogging, something I had never done before. Some days I felt inspired looking at content written by others. Some days I felt jealous of other bloggers, and the way they had their whole AtoZ game in control. Some days I felt like giving up, because I didn’t have posts for a few letters ready and scheduled beforehand. Some days I felt like xhahdjfiebdgofifbdkdlskskaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh.

I enjoyed the first two weeks of this year’s challenge thoroughly. I learnt so many new things, be it art journalling, living on Mars, using oxymorons in flash fiction, designing a story in a non-chronological order. I was inspired by the efforts taken by some bloggers to make their content as heart warming and relevant as possible.

The third and fourth week of April was when I started feeling a bit negative about the challenge. I couldn’t read posts daily, and I felt selfish for that. I felt that ‘participating in the challenge when I knew I couldn’t do justice to it’ was a crime. But yes, I appreciated the tiny smattering of comments and shares that I received during that period. More specifically, it reinforced my belief that ‘there are bloggers in the blogosphere who genuinely read your content because you write it well, and not because they want a comment, share or follow in return.’

The last few days of April were a bit tough on me. That’s because exams had ended, and I could distinctly hear the warning bells of Writer’s Block coming closer to me. I scraped through the challenge because ‘If I could manage the challenge during my exams, why wimp out now?’

All in all, I felt super exhausted after this year’s challenge, even though I didn’t read or comment on other blogger’s posts a lot from the third week of April onwards. It was in this year that I finally understood and appreciated the reason why people drop off from the challenge midway. Because I felt that way many times too.

Negativity aside, I followed a lot of new bloggers this April. I am planning to catch up on one blog every day this May. I hope I am able to do that, because I had planned the same thing for the last two years and it never happened.

The reality that I have completed the #AtoZChallenge for the third year in a row still hasn’t sunk in. I don’t feel as happy as I dreamt I would feel before taking up this challenge. Maybe that’s because I still haven’t made a celebratory cake and shared it with you all?

Here! Grab one cake pop for yourself and enjoy!

I am also sharing an entire list of posts that I have created this April 2017. Feel free to peruse it at your leisure. Or bookmark it for later reading (because the comments tell me that the tips are really useful 😉 )

  1. Some tips for starting your own blog –  Here they are! All the best, much luck, and do feel free to connect on Twitter to discuss anything more!
  2. Do you want to add widgets to your blog? Here is a list of the popular (and important ones), as well as tips on how to select the ones appropriate for your blog!
  3. Want to be a blogger, but don’t have sufficient command over English? Check out this post which will give you tips on how to improve your grammar skills!
  4. Still haven’t figured out what frequency or type of posts you want to publish? Here’s a primer.
  5. If you want to be a non-niche blogger, here are some tips to help you be a pro at that!
  6. You need to make your content reader friendly. YOU NEED TO. Here’s how.
  7. Here is a checklist of all the things you need to do before hitting the publish button on your posts!
  8. Want to be  unique in the blogosphere? This essay will inspire you.
  9. Can’t be unique? At least don’t plagiarize then! Another essay to dissuade you from the evil of plagiarism.
  10. Introverts, gather up – Here is something that you must read.
  11. Here are some tips for writing a comment. Feel free to practice these skills on my blog 😛
  12. Closely related topic, but one which has a wider scope than the above: Blogging Karma.
  13. Should I blog about it? Or should I not? Here are three tips to help you solve that dilemma!
  14. Wanna be famous, just like me? 😛 Read this post and help yourself!
  15. Want more followers, using the followers you already have? Yeah, it’s possible! Check these tips for more info.
  16. Part of the above post: How to run a giveaway, with external links to handy resources! Click here.
  17. Are you a part of a blogging community? This post is a must read then!
  18. Running out of inspiration? Get it from movies and/or music, using this simple guide I have created!
  19. Want to know how to keep refreshing old content on your blog? Here are some tips!
  20. If you want to be the (insert you favourite comedian‘s name) of blogging, read this post!
  21. Harry Potter Characters in the Blogosphere? Accio Harry Potter Characters in the Blogosphere!
  22. Need ice-breakers at a party? Here is your saviour!
  23. Reasons to be regular and disciplined as a blogger? Yeah or nay?
  24. Hungry while blogging? Here are some blogs which will make you drool. More.
  25. Want to take a blogging hiatus, but don’t know how? Let chess help you out!
  26. And lastly, a simple quiz to help you figure out whether you are a blogging expert or not!

Do feel free to request some more topics that you want me to cover later in the year. There are a few elements of blogging that I ay not have covered this April (because there’s so much more to learn and do in blogging everyday!) Also, share your views about your #AtoZChallenge 2017. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Would you do it again next year?



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Shailaja V says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts, Mithila 🙂 I may not have been able to visit them all but I like the fact that these are long shelf-life posts, each of them. They are enduring and will help many bloggers, for many years to come. Your trademark wit, impeccable language and complete and utter humility endear you to me as I am sure they do to many bloggers. I pray that never changes. So glad I found you through Harry Potter when I did 🙂

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!


  2. Congratulations on the Hat Trick! And thank you for the cake pop! * slurps at it *
    And to think you completed the challenge while studying and giving your exams! RESPECT!
    And such a brilliant classic theme that could be referred to for a long time to come!
    Well done, MM!:)


  3. Parul Thakur says:

    I’ll be honest that I wasn’t able to visit as much but the fact that your posts will stay relevant for long makes me say that I’ll come back. I love the way you write. There is style and a way about you. Keep
    going kid! Congrats on being a three timer 😉


  4. psharmarao says:

    Congratulations, well begun is half-done. I too achieved a difficult hat-trick this year.


  5. Fabulous stuff, Fabulus!
    Congrats on the hatrick and may you continue to Ace through all challenges – blogging and otherwise 🙂
    I read most of your posts, commented on some. Keep up the fantastic work.


  6. jazzfeathers says:

    Don’t feel bad for the exhaustion, there’s a reason why it is called a ‘chalenge’. Feel good because in spite of all the difficulties, you pushed through and completed it.
    I’m a third year survivor too, and every year the challenge taught me something about blogging, what it means to me, how I should best going about it, precisely because it isn’t just fun. It is commitment and hard work, and it’s truly rewarding when you do manage to go to the end.
    So congratulations! It’s an achievement, don’t doubt it 😉


  7. A hattrick! Wow, and here I am thinking how to even get back to writing 😛 The same thing happened to me during the third and fourth weeks; I just wanted to stop, trash, sleep. So I applaud you for having not only finished the challenge, but also, having done it during your exams! Wow. I’ve already said I enjoyed all your posts, but I’ll say it again 😀


  8. inquisitivegeet says:

    Congratulations on completing the challenge and I can totally resonate with this post! And I am going to write it down and update on my blog soon. I visited most of your posts through April and missed a few at the same time. You know April is and what it does to all of us while we reach the middle of the month!
    Keep up the fabulous work going!



  9. Congratulations on completing your 3rd AtoZ! YAAY! I got the scare too with exams almost here! & derailed too 😦 but, hey, we survived! I hope to return next month to complete reading your series 🙂


  10. BellyBytes says:

    You are a true champ Ms. Faublus


  11. Modern Gypsy says:

    I loved your posts Mithila! Like you, even I found myself lagging in commenting & reading in the last 2 weeks due to my work schedule. I have a list of blogs that I want to go back and read – I aim to do that from next week. And I’m so glad you enjoyed reading about art journaling (yeah, totally assuming that was me you were talking about)


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