How to plan out your blog posts #AtoZChallenge

I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting. ~ Mark Twain

If only sleeping and resting could keep our blogs healthy and robust with stats and comments and posts…

Getting back to the point!

Just like we exercise to keep ourselves fit, read to keep our minds active, we need to do SOMETHING to keep our blogs active too.

I have observed that most successful blogs have one of these three ‘blog posting styles’:

  1. Post regularly (daily, multiple times a week)
  2. Post rarely, but write super-awesome posts when you do
  3. Post content which is authentic, unique and provides immense value to the reader.

Let’s tackle each method one by one. Don’t worry, I’m giving my daily three tips along with every method!


A. For a blogger who posts regularly (daily, multiple times a week)

Making time to post regularly is the relatively easier part. An editorial calendar helps to manage time daily. The relatively difficult part is: getting new ideas regularly.

You may have a niche blog, or a blog where you post poetry or fiction. Writing content for these type of blogs is time and brain power consuming. And don’t forget, you also need to get photos of the food you cook / place you visit / product your review / book you review.

Hence, it is pretty easy to feel burned out once a month, and you may often feel the urge of picking up your blog and throwing it away in the virtual dustbin.

And here I come, a Supergirl, to save your day.

Ever heard of creative writing exercises? I feel that they can be successfully implemented into a blog writing exercises.

Warning: These ideas are not original, as many bloggers/writers may already use them in their content creation strategy. I’m just curating the ones which are effective, from my point of view.

  1. Glance through your comments section, and check out if any reader has suggested that you do a post on a particular topic. It helps to creates a strong rapport with you and your audience.
  2. Recycle some of your old posts. For example, if you have a post titled ‘7 Reasons to be Happy’, try writing ‘7 More Reasons to be Happy’. This way, you get traffic for your old posts, as well as content for a new one!
  3. If you are a fiction/poetry writer, use this handy trick I use sometimes: take a Dictionary, close your eyes, open any three random pages from the Dictionary, and select any three random words. These are your prompts for a new post. If you don’t want to try it with a Dictionary, any other newspaper/magazine/blog post will work fine. Just make sure you don’t allow the content from the newspaper/magazine/blog post to influence what you are writing!

B. For a blogger who posts rarely, but write superawesome posts when you do

Now, bloggers like you need no help. You are super-awesome, because you write only when the muse presents herself to you. And those are the times when perfect posts are written.

Yet, if you need to attract the muse on an urgent basis, here are some tips.

  1. Watch a movie. Many times, this is the only nudge I’ve ever needed to write down an awesome post. I had written a particularly inflammatory essay after watching ‘Inferno’, and I never published it. But the next day, I wrote a pretty damn good post about something completely unrelated. Isn’t this the miracle of the muse?
  2. Roam around aimlessly. Keep your five senses open and aware. Note down any activity that sparks your creative juices. Ask weird questions. ‘Why do railway station stalls sell juices in a glass, when there are tetrapacked juices available with them?’,’Why do some girls prefer short hair, while others adorable their long hair?’ Any of these weird thoughts may turn into fodder into a new post.
  3. Free-write. I know, it’s very difficult for people who post rarely to free-write. That’s because: you write rarely because you are a perfectionist. But, try free-writing once in a while. Set a timer. Write. Reread what you have written. Circle ideas that you feel are good enough to pursue in a full length post. And then, discard the rest. (Hey, you are a perfectionist! 😛 )

 C. For a blogger who posts content which is authentic, unique and provides immense value to the reader (the ones which are usually supplemented with research, data and a beautiful infographic)

The most exhausting part of writing posts like these, is the research. And then presenting it in a way that doesn’t make it seem encyclopaedia-ish. I honestly salute bloggers who write posts like these!

Three tips for you awesome peeps:

  1. Before you start searching for ideas, look for what’s relevant in the current situation. It does not have to be a trending topic (because you’re most likely going to finish writing the post only once the trending topic has disappeared from the top 20 list). The key is to create evergreen content which also happens to be  in context to the current situation. That helps to create a steady traffic all through your blogging life, which justifies the amount of effort you put into a post.
  2. Do some other form of writing apart from informative posts. If you wish, publish / don’t publish it on the blog. That’s your choice. But taking a break from writing non-fiction posts and working on something that’s full of fun, frolic and fiction can do wonders to your creative juices. A diversion of the mind, and you could employ some fiction writing techniques into your non-fiction posts!
  3. Be regular, and how to react when you are irregular. I know, by way of your blogging personality, it’s impossible to believe that you would be anything but regular. But there are certain odd days when you may feel like ‘not writing/researching anything’. Hence, do some extra work beforehand and make sure you have one or two posts lined up in the Drafts section. Make sure that these posts just requires a little brushing, proofreading and editing. Thus, you don’t have to feel guilty about not sticking to your goal, and also have posted a blog post on the day you didn’t feel like writing!

G for 2017

Wassup, happy readers! This post is written for the #AtoZChallenge, and this is the third year I’m participating in this challenge. Do keep cheering me on all through this month, as I’m hell-bent on scoring a hat-trick in 2017, at the age of 18! My theme for this year is : The Encyclopedia of Blogging Memories, Feelings and Lessons.

You can check out my #AtoZChallenge 2015 (Theme: Harry Potter and Hogwarts) and 2016 (Theme: Weird Words) posts, and support my awesomeness!

Here’s a special question for you to answer todayShare some creative writing exercises that you swear by, because we can never have enough creative writing exercises!



11 Comments Add yours

  1. jazzfeathers says:

    Great post! I know at least a blogger who posts rarely, but when she does her content is stellar. I can’t really say I know any blogger who post only very original, extremely valuable content. I think this is very hard to achieve.

    I’m the kind of blogger who posts regularly, more or less twice a week, even if I’m trying to post less, but more valuable (I hope) content.
    Finding a balance isn’t easy. It’s true that a blog only lives if you continuously produce new material and keep the comment section lively. It’s hard work. But I think it’s worth it, that’s why I’m still doing it 😉

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir


  2. Shailaja V says:

    Great tips as always Mithila 🙂 I especially like the prompts idea based on a dictionary 🙂 I’ve found that to work for me as well. Writing on a schedule also works for me, because I like structure and predictability when it comes to my posts. Enjoying the blogging experience is important, though, so I’d say do whatever comes naturally to each person 🙂 You’re really doing a great job with this series.


  3. kishorarjun says:

    Very useful tips. The idea of recreation of our own old posts in a new way is brilliant.
    Being a Govt. officer, most of the times, I am busy in my office affairs and hardly spare time to write a blog.
    Ma’am, If time permits, please look at my blogs and please suggest me a few do’s and dont’s about my writing style, content and design of my blog.

    Arjun Kishor


  4. I’ve tried that dictionary thing! It was a lot of fun doing that – great way to find prompts.

    The people I envy most are the ones that write once in a while and when they do, we flock like bees to them just cos their content is so awesome. That’s really my ultimate blogging aim!


  5. Modern Gypsy says:

    Excellent tips! I dream of the day when I will be that blogger who puts up a great post once in a while and people come flocking over to read it. And that they keep coming to read up old posts even when I’m not posting regularly.
    Sweet dreams, eh?


  6. I prefer regular bl8gging with proper commenting on all comments. I always keep a handy more to record the junta for my writing. Also I read a lot from other bloggers. I will jolt down the topics which interest me and keep developing them for posts. Really helpful post for all bloggers. Loved your theme.


  7. I am type A for sure. More so because I have a big mouth and have lots to say 😛

    But yeah at times I have the itch to write but nothing comes to mind. So I use an image or a random word to come up with a post. Google ‘love paintings’. They give amazing prompts for poetry 🙂


  8. Nice tips Mithila! I refer to the dictionary to pick some prompts when I don’t know what to write. And yeah, having a fixed time for writing is really helpful.


  9. Obsessivemom says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out which category I fall in and I’m somewhere in the middle of them. I’ve never done the dictionary thing. Sounds interesting.


  10. apsster says:

    This post is just perfect for me ! I recently started blogging and I keep wondering how people do it on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing because I thought I am the only one who picked up random words from the dictionary 😛


  11. Ranjini says:

    Very helpful post. 🙂 I’ll try the prompt from the dictionary thingy since I am totally clueless as of now 😀


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