Blogging Karma #AtoZChallenge

Some day people will ask me what is the key to my success…and I will simply say, “good Karma.” ~ K. Crumley

Serious post alert!

I’m sure you’ve faced that weird period of time when you’ve had no comments on the blog, abysmally low stats, and absolutely no shares.

You, if I deduce correctly, would check whether there were typos in your blog post. Or whether you got an important detail wrong. Did you write something that shouldn’t have been written, or did you hurt someone’s sentiments through your careless ‘should have kept it in my head only‘ thought?

But still, you find no fault in your post. Which makes you feel even more scared. After all, a perfect post should have a smattering of comments and cheers from well-wishers.

So, why no love?

And then you it creeps into your mind. The right answer: blogging karma.

You realise with a rising sense of panic that you have been ignoring all those lovely emails from all the lovely blogs you follow. You have been rampantly sharing your own blog posts on your own social media and all the 19374905057 groups you are in.

You have been sitting in the highest tower of your castle (blog dashboard), waiting for someone to arrive at the bottom (post). And then when a hapless soldier (reader) arrives to save your day (blog stats), maybe you’d throw down your lovely silky hair of appreciation to them, and forge an online ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours‘ relationship with them.


Sorry to break your illusion about blogging karma, but that’s not how it works.

Blogging karma is not about doing something good with the intention of getting positivity your way. It is not about being scared of doing or not doing something, because you fear the repercussions.

It’s not about writing comments so you get some compassionate ‘he/she wrote a comment for me, so I’ll have to visit his/her blog‘ traffic your way. It’s not about sharing content written by others so as to get their attention and ‘let’s say thank you in one tweet‘ appreciation.

K for AtoZChallenge 2017 Fabulus1710

Let’s go back to the example I gave you in the beginning of this post.

What would you have done, if your blogging life was on the decline, thanks to bad blogging karma? There are many options:

  1. You could check out whether your favourite followers are still active. Engage with them via a message. Share a post from your blog that you feel they would like to read. Then, subtly ask them why they didn’t read that post on their own.
  2. You could go on a comment-and-share spree on all the blogs you follow. Attack the first blog post link you see, and leave a generic comment there, linking to your latest post.
  3. You could do a ungrateful ‘meh’, go back to eating chips and wait for Prince Charming.

You will agree with me that the second and third is seen commonly in the blogosphere. But why?

Maybe that’s because you are being considerate about the fact that your followers are busy people, and don’t always await the arrival of notifications from your blog. But then I’m pretty sure you see them wasting time on social media, time that they could have spent sharing their views about your recent blog post.

Maybe you feel that they were stupid followers anyway, and ‘who would want to keep in touch with dodos like them‘. “Good riddance,” you might say, as you continue your savage expedition of leaving comments on any blog you see.

Maybe you feel it didn’t matter to you: losing a few followers when you certainly have so many. Or maybe those followers weren’t even worth a thank you comment.

But somewhere in the blogging-underworld, Blog-Osiris is shaking his head, commenting to Blog-Ammit, ‘Hey buddy, looks like you’re going to get some Blog-heart food soon.’ #EgyptianMythologyReference

You may have succeeded in staying unfazed by the declining stats, but I’m sure deep down you started doubting your own self-worth too.

And then you’ll blame karma. The blogging karma. You’ll start feeling negative about the whole community, and feel that no one ever respects you or your thoughts. You’ll feel like a really ignored brave-heart soldier, who should have won an award, but had to settle for a miserable pension fund.

You’ll feel that no one deserves to read your wonderful thoughts, ‘because they certainly don’t see them when they have it‘, and you’ll shut down your blog without a regret.

I’m pretty sure I’ve made you feel guilty about having the wrong perception of blogging karma. I’m pretty sure you have started regretting all the lost opportunities that came your way, sincere and genuine followers who could have only helped you become better.

I sincerely hope I have done so.

Now, even if you wish to change your way and your perception about blogging karma, it cannot be a singular effort. Only if everyone in the community decides to take up the challenge of being a bit more humane, will this definition of blogging karma bear fruit to everyone in the community.

Here are three tips to help you gain the right kind of blogging karma:

  1. Be genuine: But that does not give you the licence to be rude. If you like a post, say it. If you don’t like it, say it. But use appropriate channels to air your views. While a public endorsement of appreciation is welcomed in any language, a loud and obnoxious message of displeasure in filthy language is not.
  2. Share content that you love: Some bloggers share content keeping in mind their brand image. I’d recommend supporting bloggers, writers and authors whose content you love. Not with the intention of getting a shout out back, no. But with the intention of making the writing world a little less cutthroat and less competitive. Also, personalise the link-sharing tweet/post with some info about why you liked the post, how it helped you in some way, etc.
  3. Share the right content: While you may enjoy the laziness of sharing your latest post with the click of a button, there is a better way of promoting your posts too. That too, without looking like a scammy, shady personality with an egotist problem. For example, if you read a post about knitting, for which you have no need or interest, but you know a friend who loves knitting, share the link with him/her (What? Dumbledore loved knitting patterns, and Slughorn shared his magazine with him!). You could do the same with your own posts. You can achieve two goals at one time: sharing content, and helping someone. And also, people will then take your status updates and messages a bit more seriously, without giving you that rotten blue tick.

K for 2017

Wassup, happy readers! This post is written for the #AtoZChallenge, and this is the third year I’m participating in this challenge. Do keep cheering me on all through this month, as I’m hell-bent on scoring a hat-trick in 2017, at the age of 18!  My theme for this year is : The Encyclopedia of Blogging Memories, Feelings and Lessons.

You can check out my #AtoZChallenge 2015 (Theme: Harry Potter and Hogwarts) and 2016 (Theme: Weird Words) posts, and support my awesomeness!

Here’s a special question for you to answer today: What has been your experience with blogging karma?  Good or bad, it will make for a good comment! 😀



24 Comments Add yours

  1. jazzfeathers says:

    These is good advice (I mean the last three points, not the first three 😉 ). I blog and share blog posts and comment on other people blogs because I like it. I’would have never imagined it before I actually started blogging, but I’m really enjoying it.
    What I’ve notice is that if you give, you’re very likely to recieve. It isn’t a fast and sure rule, but most of the time it works. Is this karma?
    I don’t know, but I like it, so I do it 😉

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir


  2. (laugh) I always wondered where the Egyptian Gods went, now I know. I generally share with others posts I think they would enjoy. I comment on anything that I enjoy and get a nice chuckle about. You make some good points though, I’m occasionally guilty and, since Osiris would be mad I will try and do better.


  3. Shailaja V says:

    THIS! This may be the most favourite post of yours. Actually, now I am not sure since I like pretty much everything you’ve written so far. But there’s so much wisdom in what you say. (WHY ARE YOU SO YOUNG AGAIN?!) Okay sorry for the yelling but I love you, okay?

    Blogging karma is absolutely the reason why I enjoy blogging and I try to leave only genuine comments and for the right reasons. Else it makes no sense.

    *K for Known: Shailaja/The Moving Quill*

    Theme: An Oxymoron in 100 words (Micro Fiction)
    Category Writing (WR)


  4. Totally agree with the idea behind this. Have gone through the exact same thing so many times. In the end, whether voluntary or not, there is a need to reciprocate in the blogopshere. If its not a set of blogs we enjoy reading, then I guess we find the ones we do enjoy and make time for them 🙂

    Maggie McAndrew and Kylee McGrane: Real Life Princesses of Compassion


  5. Neha says:

    Good advice. Blogging Karma should be on the to-do list of every blogger


  6. Oh I’ve seen the empty stats box with tumbleweed blowing in the background so many times! I was/am against back scratching big time, because I felt people who indulged in it didn’t bother to read your posts and just wanted to leave a link to theirs. Even during this ongoing A to Z Challenge (where I’ve been getting max traffic on my blog ever since I moved to WP two years ago), I’m not visiting everyone who visits me. I sit with my laptop early in the morning and visit those whom I like to read. If someone new comments on my blog, I check out their theme (and like I mentioned on your post for G, I also check if I can read through it without dying a little inside). If neither works for me, then I’d rather make friends with the tumbleweed, you know (cries a little cos I hate the tumbleweed, and would really like some good karma, pleej).


  7. akaushiva says:

    Absolutely fabulous post. Completely agree. Blogging Karma is so real. I feel you can’t call yourself a Blogger unless with a good written post, you also read, share and comment on other blogs with the right intention.


  8. inquisitivegeet says:

    Haha!! Blogging Karma… I like the way you’ve put it here! And yes, leaving genuine comments earns a genuine reader to your blog… and that is how it should work, I feel!



  9. Chaotic Soul says:

    HAhahaha! This is the best post on Karma, i have seen today. I am going to bookmark it, for sure!! Loved it. Completely a different KArma post than mine.

    Ashmita Chatterjee




  10. I definitely know about blogging karma. For my I post I went all over the net to leave comments and to share the love. Yesterday I had a bad day and I can notice that in my blog comments and visitor count. It’s ok though, I know how it works.

    Your three right rules for blogging are very wise! I know I have broken one or two of them on some days, but I always aim for all of them 🙂

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Good luck on the rest of your A to Z challenge

    Sylvia @ The Creative Life


  11. Geethica says:

    This is all that is needed to be social in the blogosphere. Sharing and caring for your fellow bloggers takes you a long way.


  12. shalzmojo says:

    Oh you are so fabuluously fabulous!!! Did you know that yet!!!!!?
    I loved this post and have been “bitching” over this you scratch my back…. syndrome of bloggers syndicate since a little time now. Uff so much pathos over who reads me or not and why not??
    I agree with blogging karma; but peeps lets be genuine!! I am nto reading everyone dropping on my blog during atoz thought the traffic has been like crrrrrazzzzy!!!! I am being selective in who and what I read – its pissed off a few who have tweeted slyly about it too 😉
    I am still doing what I want to do without being rude or ill considerate!
    Few peeps who are tagging incessantly – ignoring!
    One dropping on my blog to say, pls read my post too – ignoring
    Ppl DMing to me to say pls tweet my todays post – ignoring!!!

    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    K is for Kathakali in Kerala #atozchallenge


  13. Tina Basu says:

    ohhh the blogging karma!!! what can i say – in this challenge it’s more like a barter system!! And there are people too who want visitors but they are “too busy” to visit!!! I have curated my reading list now!


  14. Andy says:

    Blogging is weird. I say that as someone who was a very active blogger under my real name a few years back and then ended up erasing my blog, not due to bad blogging karma, but because I had things going on in my personal life that required my full attention. It’s nice to be back blogging again, but it took me a while to get here. And while inwardly I’m celebrity the fact that I CAN write every day and start another blog, the alternative reality aspect of the bloggersphere is something I can’t help but think about.

    I’m lucky in that I was able to meet some of my blogger buddies in real life and carry on those friendships even after I stopped blogging. But while you’re in the midst of blogging and just meeting people for the first time, it is darn near impossible to tell who is real and who is not. It’s why I think bloggers need to be careful when looking at big or small follow numbers in assuming it has anything to do with them. Blog to write. Write because you want to and because something in you drives you forward whether anybody reads your stuff or not.


  15. Lalita says:

    Again, I am drowning in all your amazing insights. Everything is so real, practical and just like seeing these events unfold in front of your eyes. Respect.


  16. ANITA says:

    Great points. I believe we get rewarded or punished for Karma.
    Figuring out Karma & Blogging & Blogging Karma. Will continue learning 🙂


  17. BellyBytes says:

    So now my blogging karma is also bad???? Oh no. I thought I was just too old to function in such young technology


  18. You know this ‘give and take’ policy doesn’t work well for me in terms of blogging.

    I’m pretty good when it comes to leaving comments, but a few posts I read doesn’t make me want to say anything. At all. So I just leave. But the person stops visiting my blog after that. Okay, karma maybe. But do I care? Naah. Genuine readers will come in no matter what.


  19. I love this post of yours especially the tips that you shared. I usually read, comment and share on all the posts I love! If I just read and I don’t really like the post I don’t comment because I don’t know what to comment!
    And yes I am feeling a low because of the blog stats these days. I don’t know what is going wrong 😦


  20. Oh I loved this and am totally totally guilty of not visiting blogs for more than a couple of days now, especially during the atozchallenge, where I promised myself I would not miss. Well, sometimes personal commitments drag us out of our blogging karma- just praying I would be on tract here after.
    Launching SIM Organics This April
    *Menaka Bharathi *


  21. Nice post! My blogging karma? I will have to think about it. Some days I get on binge reading and appreciation other bloggers … Other days, I am living in my mental quarantine on the castle and eating chips! Lol 😛
    Thanks for sharing


  22. I agree with your last 3 points, MM and those are the only 3 things I agree with in this post ;)) However, it is a brilliantly written post, which is your trademark style. Well done!:)


  23. Haha. What a post on Blogging Karma. You have essayed each aspect of Blogging. Loved it.
    You have 1 genuine follower 🙂


  24. deepagandhi says:

    Ok..I am little late but I enjoyed reading this one and I agree with few things and disagree with some. I feel reciprocation is important in blogosphere. I agree we visit those who we like reading(Like I always read your posts);) but that is very rare. If it’s a campaign like A to Z then it’s more like a visit to get a visit back. I am sure everyone expects that. Going to L and M now 🙂


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