Hi, so you have a blog? #AtoZChallenge

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend. ~ Chuck Palahniuk

Of all the icebreakers I’ve ever imagined I’d want to use, blogging was never one of them.

Some icebreakers I wish I could use in social situations:

  1. Hey, I have the exact same shoes that you are wearing! The only thing is, my shoes are blue in colour, with a little pixie dust on them always, so I can fly away from conversations when I need to! *nervous grin*
  2. Hey, I like the way you’ve done your hair! I try to do it the same way sometimes, but my hair has a personality of its own. And who am I to pressurize someone to be something else? *he he he*
  3. Hey, I love your t-shirt! In fact, I have a similar one, but the wordings on my t-shirt read ‘Stay away from me!’ I SO wanted to wear that T-shirt today, thank goodness I didn’t! *claps hands with glee*

See? That’s why I am thankful I’m a blogger. I can at least talk about my blog if all these icebreakers fail!

One example of how I would inconspicuously tell a random stranger that I’m a blogger.

“Hey, yeah, do you write? Like, do you write and then PUBLISH it? No? Because I so DO it! And it’s so cool! To be a blogger! To have people follow every word I type, and wonder about every dramatic ending I have written! To tell people about each and every boring thing I do, including that one afternoon when I did nothing but scratch out my blackheads! I know right! Copy down my blog link, and visit it ASAP!”

Just kidding. I cannot talk like this. In fact, during a conversation, if I spot a segue for me to butt in and declare that I’m a blogger, I avoid it. And if someone else reads my thoughts and yet chooses to announce loudly, “Hey, Mithila writes too! She has her own blog and all! That’s so cool!”, I melt into the background, nervously nodding and wishing I didn’t exist. #IntrovertProblems

I for AtoZChallenge 2017 Fabulus1710

Here are three tips on how to use your blogger status as an icebreaker:

  1. If you’re looking for a job and are an introvert/extrovert, congratulations! Blogging has to be one of your topmost icebreaker topics, irrespective of whether you feel like it or not.
  2. If you’re not looking for a job and are an extrovert, you don’t need me to tell you that PEOPLE are the best people to tell about your new blog post. Seriously. I’m not even kidding.
  3. If you’re not looking for a job and are an introvert, join me at the corner of the room in which the party is taking place. And please, do me a favour and get an Iced Tea along.


I for 2017

Wassup, happy readers! This post is written for the #AtoZChallenge, and this is the third year I’m participating in this challenge. Do keep cheering me on all through this month, as I’m hell-bent on scoring a hat-trick in 2017, at the age of 18! My theme for this year is : The Encyclopedia of Blogging Memories, Feelings and Lessons.

You can check out my #AtoZChallenge 2015 (Theme: Harry Potter and Hogwarts) and 2016 (Theme: Weird Words) posts, and support my awesomeness!

Here’s a special question for you to answer today: Since I’m obviously so bad at using blogging as an icebreaker,  share an incident when you used blogging as a way to connect with strangers. How did you feel?

Look at the irony: You’re using blogging as an ice-breaker to start a conversation on a blog itself!

(I swear, I didn’t write this post just to crack the above lame joke! 😛 )


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  1. Dashy says:

    I could so relate Mithila! I’d rather stay alone in a corner throughout a party rather than start a conversation with a stranger. Ah well, but my blog did help for the club induction interviews at college. And also, for an open poetry slam here I introduced myself as a blogger…so that served as an ice breaker there. 🙂


  2. jazzfeathers says:

    Most of the people I know don’t know I’m a blogger. The few who do, don’t seem to care.
    So I’ve created my very own community online and I’m fine with that 🙂

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

    Liked by 1 person

  3. QP and Eye says:

    I love being an introvert who blogs. I get to say things I would never talk about in conversation. The relative anonymity suits me perfectly and I like that none of my family knows I have this ‘secret’. My on-line community is probably more like my tribe than anyone with whom I associate with. 🙂 Linda


  4. Debbie D. says:

    For the most part, people in the non-internet world don’t understand or care much about blogging, but, if you tell them you’re a writer, that does pique their curiosity a little more. 🙂 When I did a sleep study, the technician was quite interested when I mentioned doing a blog post about the whole experience.

    Debbie @ THE DOGLADY’S DEN
    Latest Post: I AM I SAID: A physical attraction


  5. Blogging has been a great ice breaker for me, till someone asks ‘what is a blog’ as that is when I lose interest in the conversation :)))
    Your posts leave me chuckling, MM. Love it!


  6. Kalpanaa says:

    hehehe – that’s funny. I’m quite introverted about my blog too – don’t even post on my Facebook but only on my blog’s page. Its even harder to be ‘out there’ if your blog is about divorce, like mine is. Lovely post Mithila.
    Individuality #Lexicon of Leaving


  7. OMG, remember that day when we were both reading each other’s blogs at the same time? Well here’s something else like that – I was thinking about that Palahniuk quote two days ago!

    I’m too introverted to use my blog as an icebreaker though. If someone mentions it on my behalf, then even I start wishing I didn’t exist. It happened a couple of years ago, when we were asked to mention on talent that each of us had, and my reply was “heehee I can’t think of anything.” and a friend had to intervene with, “She writes well and has a blog” and I was like “Please don’t ask me about it.” Introvert Problems indeed.


  8. Geethica says:

    Hi Mithila, this is something funny yet informative. I loved your style of spreading the message.


  9. I am an introvert but am no longer shy like I used to be. But, I refrain from telling people I’m a blogger. Mr Imperfect tells some people I am a writer and I’ll admit I find that embarrassing because I don’t *feel* like a writer {not having things published, yada yada…}

    Inverted Refrain – Numb


  10. Shirley Corder says:

    A funny post, but it has a thread of truth we’ve probably all experienced! Build A Better Blog: I is for Interesting Images. #AtoZchallenge.


  11. Rajlakshmi says:

    Most of my friends and colleagues know I blog. I never stop talking about it actually 😛 and have to remind myself that not everyone is interested in writing 😀 I actually loved the point 2 ice breaker 😀


    1. Modern Gypsy says:

      So, what do you tell people about your blog? And this is a very genuine question from a tongue tied introvert.


  12. Liz Brownlee says:

    Crikey – I hadn’t thought to mention it to friends until recently.. They know I’m a poet, though. They do support that, buy my books etc. The recent mention was because we read Americanah in book group and some of them were saying they didn’t like the break in the narrative for the blog entires – they felt the style was too different. I said blog writing is different – small sentences, 3 sentence paragraphs, only 300 words for an entry… etc. Then I asked who had a blog. No-one. Who had read a blog. NO-ONE! Sometimes I think it’s only writers who read other writers’ blogs…
    I is for Ida B Wells, Early Fighter Against Institutional Racism #AtoZ Challenge


  13. Hehehe, you are so adorable :*

    And Chuck Palahniuk couldn’t be more right. Sadly some people mistake ice breaking to showing off and go on and on about how awesome they are and all that. As much as an extrovert I am, I have never used blogging as an ice breaker unless I am at a blogging event. Once at a gathering at work, someone spoke about how I blog and how i write good poetry. I just opened by blog and read out a poem for them. People already know me here, so I wouldn’t call this ice breaking though.


  14. Some Ice breakers those! LOL! Btw, what’s about the word Introvert today? It’s splashed all over blogosphere including mine!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess


  15. I am an introvert, but I joined a speaking group several years ago, which helped me. I now think of myself as Cheryl the Writer when I meet new people. She is more bold than I am.
    A good way to break the ice with people is to ask, “What is your story? I’m a writer.” They can either ask about your writing, or talk about themselves. People love to have an audience!


  16. Modern Gypsy says:

    *Hands you an Iced Tea*
    *Mumbles an incoherent reply when asked by an acquaintance: s”o, I’ve seen your blog and love it! Tell me more about what you’ve got planned next.”


  17. Can you even imagine how many times I have been asked this over the last 12 years… and not always in a pleasant tone either 🙂
    But I persist nonetheless and have no regrets!


  18. Shailaja V says:

    I recall the first time I told people that I blog: it was at a bloggers’ convention 😉 So obviously that went well. No judgment and no sneers. Then as I became more confident and had friends of mine telling others that I blog, I started asserting it more confidently. But yes, introvert problems still strike me. I can get up and speak in front of an audience without any issue, but put me in a small group and ask me to tell them I blog and I hem and haw. AH, chuck it. Bring on the iced tea!


  19. deepagandhi says:

    Haha..I am the third one..so bringing an ice tea for you. 🙂
    Enjoying reading all your posts Mithila..Keep going 🙂


  20. An informative post and loved your style of spreading message…Enjoyed reading all your posts 🙂

    Launching SIM Organics This April
    *Menaka Bharathi *


  21. I try avoiding mentioning my blog. But a lot of times someone else does it for me. Now even at work a lot of people including a lot of many managers know that I blog. So now I have to write for the office blog too! Trust me not so interesting as my personal blog!


  22. Shilpa Garg says:

    My friends and family know that I have a blog but dont know what I write and why I write and are not even interested, so no ice breakers about my blog with them. Those who read my blog are my blogging buddies and you know them all 🙂


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