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People can tell you to keep your mouth shut, but that doesn’t stop you from having your own opinion. ~Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Blogging is a very garrulous profession. You need to know everything about everything or something about everything, or everything about one thing. But you can never know nothing about everything. That’s like signing a death warrant for your online social media life.

Didn’t the above statement freak you out completely?

In spite of all this intense tension of ‘being a brand online’, there is an integral part of blogging that all of us love. And that’s irrespective of whether we are high on the best bloggers list, or anywhere else on the list.

Whether you blog for a living, or whether blogging is something you turn to once everyone is fast asleep and no one’s awake to listen to you rant, “Blog comments” are something that get all your neurons tingling, and the dopamine flowing.

Let’s sidestep for a moment.

Can you recall a day when you felt so ‘not-into-blogging’, that you decided to quit it all? You logged into your blog account, frantically scanning for the deactivate option.

But what did you see instead? You saw a comment.

Cherry on the blue cake? It was a positive comment. 

Imagine your luck! 

You read the comment once, twice, all the while grinning from ear to ear. You have tears in your eyes, and you immediately regret even THINKING about shutting down your blog. 

C for AtoZChallenge 2017 Fabulus1710

But the fact is, as much as you like reading comments, there are moments and days when you don’t know how to write one. Or worse, what to write in the comment.

That’s because:

  1. You don’t understand what the blogger is trying to say,
  2. You don’t like the style of writing that the blogger has used,
  3. You feel the blogger has already said everything you want to say about the topic,
  4. You feel utterly spent and bored,
  5. You feel that the blogger is dumb and their account must be blocked. (What? I’m being honest.)

I know that you read these points with an expression of horror plastered on your face.

In the above situations, you may have resorted to

  1. not commenting,
  2. commenting something stupid,
  3. unfollowing the blogger,
  4. not helping the blogger understand their mistake.

Say aye if you’ve ever felt a loss of words when you’ve faced the comments input form. For whatever reason. It’s okay, all of us are human.

Today’s three tips solve this comment dilemma. Because, I’ve been there before, and I want to help you with my experience.

1. Read the post twice. And thrice, if you need. Understand the gist of what the blogger is trying to say. If you can manage to say something about the entire post after this exercise, good. If not, read on. You can select one of the many paragraphs that the blogger has written. More specifically, choose the paragraph that 1. you liked 2. you know more about 3. you can identify with. Share your own relevant experience, share any knowledge that you may have. In short, aim to add your views, which enhance the knowledge-value of the blog post.

2. Appreciate something. Honestly, I’ve never found a post that has absolutely nothing to appreciate in it. It could be an expertly clicked picture, or a nicely framed sentence, or even a silly anecdote that brought a smile to your face. Type it out, mention the element of the post that you liked and appreciate it. Thus, the blogger can get precise feedback on the elements that readers appreciate, and work on improving their content strategy (See, that’s how you save a blogging life.)

3. If both these strategies don’t work, this one will: read the other comments. Now, this doesn’t mean you copy+paste exactly what other bloggers have written. It means: you can get a general idea of what other bloggers understood from the post, clear out any misunderstandings you may have had about the topic, and then create a comment.

C for 2017

Wassup, happy readers! This post is written for the #AtoZChallenge, and this is the third year I’m participating in this challenge. Do keep cheering me on all through this month, as I’m hell-bent on scoring a hat-trick in 2017, at the age of 18! My theme for this year is : The Encyclopedia of Blogging Memories, Feelings and Lessons.

You can check out my #AtoZChallenge 2015 (Theme: Harry Potter and Hogwarts) and 2016 (Theme: Weird Words) posts, and support my awesomeness!

Here’s a special question for you to answer today: Share few lines describing a unique comment you received. Or a comment that helped you pivot from blogging melancholy to blogging heaven.



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  1. Vidya Sury says:

    You are such a Guru, Mithila! Very well said! I know everyone must have experienced all the points you mentioned at least once, if not several times. Comments are encouragement. Of course, nasty comments hurt, too.


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    1. I know right! Last year’s AtoZ got me thinking about comments a lot, and I had spent a lot of time last year figuring out how people comment, what do the best comments have in common, etc. And thus this post was created!

      Thank you Vidya! 😀❤

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  2. Sally says:

    Loved your post, but —
    1. Sorry, I only read through it once.
    2. I really appreciate lists. They help me a lot. I like that you made lists on your post.
    3. There’s only one other comment! She’s right — nasty comments hurt a lot.

    Good luck with your AtoZChallenge.


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    1. No worries about the first point, Sally!

      I too love writing down lists, specially for important points that everyone should register in their minds forever!

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂


  3. jazzfeathers says:

    Those are some good advice about how to craft a comment.
    Another is, do it often. For axample, blogging form AtoZ not only taught me how to blog and how to structure a blog, but also how to comment, because I like commenting on the blogs I visit.
    Can you imagine there was a time when I wouldn’t respond to comments on my own blog? I don’t knwo what I was thinking!

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

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    1. True! I learnt about the art of commenting via last year’s challenge, and it’s changed my whole outlook about commenting, and why I should do it.

      What? Not responding to comments on your own blog is criminal! 😛

      Thank you for stopping by!


  4. sanchthewriter says:

    I love this! There are times I read posts that just don’t resonate with me or the sentence structure is poor as is the grammar and I struggle to leave comments. Good tips though and I can use them during this challenge!

    Cascade – Woman of the modern world

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    1. Thank you Sanch 😀❤


  5. Thanks for the tips! I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve wanted to comment on a blog, but just stared at the comment box like a zombie. 🙂

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    1. Glad to know that my post helped you out! Thank you for stopping by 🙂


  6. swathishenoy says:

    Those were some good tips for commenting. I had encountered such situations and had left without commenting when that happened!! Nice post 🙂


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    1. Now you know what to say for every post imaginable!

      Thank you Swathi 🙂


  7. Shailaja V says:

    Perfectly said 🙂 I always say the same thing. Every comment matters. It means someone took the effort to write something, either in appreciation or otherwise. I can’t understand the snark that surrounds the ‘nice post’ comments. Sometimes it really IS all you can say. I love in-depth comments as much as I love the ‘I loved reading this piece’ comments.

    Of course, on the rare occasion when I find the post extremely contentious or something I cannot relate to, I prefer not to comment. I dislike confrontations and long-winded arguments, you see.

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    1. I guess the reason why people don’t like ‘nice post’ comments, is that the blogger feels that the reader didn’t care enough to say more than two words about the post, and hence didn’t care enough about all the hard work put into the post. But then, as you said, sometimes that’s the only thing one can say about a post! And who knows why exactly the reader chose to write just ‘nice post’. Was the post too overwhelming and perfect, or was it too drab and boring? We can’t read minds, and neither should we hope to!

      I choose to not comment only when it feels pretentious for me to write a comment about the topic discussed in the post. Like, if it’s something concerning something I have no experience about it, I’d rather keep my mouth shut and share the post instead.

      Thank you Shailaja for stopping by 😀❤


  8. Modern Gypsy says:

    Each and every comment matters. In the darkest moments, when you want to shut it all down, one nice comment from a reader can brighten your day. Which is also why it’s important to be polite even when you disagree with a blogger’s point of view. No reason to get nasty in the comments!

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    1. True that! I remember this one post where all the comments I had were all ‘disagreeing’ ones, and there were very few comments which said it in a nice and polite way.

      Thank you for stopping by 😀❤


  9. Lata Sunil says:

    Fantastic suggestions. I love to leave comments as you rightly said, it brings a smile on the blogger’s face. I love to read them. If I get fewer comments, I know the post is superfluous or something is not right. Then there are some who write excellent posts, but lack promoting skills. And after putting in a comment, I feel like I have done a good deed.

    I will be back to read your other posts. It is really lack of time, I am not getting to read them all. Keep it up.

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    1. Comments are a pretty good measure of how the post is faring in terms of content. I had posted a short story on the blog last year, and it got zero comments. So, I went back, reread the post, and realised that the story line I had written, and the way I had written it made the post very difficult to read!

      Don’t worry Lata! Do take care, and read my posts whenever you have the time. They’ll always be here ❤😘

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  10. This is so relatable. At times, I don’t feel like commenting and mostly it’s because of the reasons that you’ve listed down. As you said, I do read comments grinning from ear to ear. Comments fill you with so much happiness. You swear that you’ll never, ever even think of giving up on your blog. Ever again! Snarky comments can hurt a lot.. it can make you think that no comments is better than a snarky one. After all the effort that has gone into your blog post, it hurts to see those snarky comments! But it’s very rewarding to read those compliments.
    You’ve provided excellent tips that’ll benefit so many bloggers.

    ~Shweta from
    My Random Ramblings

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    1. I’m glad that you could relate with the post, Shweta! Thank you for stopping by 😀❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was my pleasure 😃


  11. Ramya says:

    Take a bow Mithila!!!! What a well put post. Commenting on a blog post is not rocket science, yet for many it seems to be a herculean task. No wonder I find comments totally unrelated to what I have written on my post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It used to seem like a herculean task to me too: trying not to sound like a dumb 18 yo is way too hard! But with practice and observing comments by bloggers on my own blog, I pretty much figured out the science!

      Thank you Ramya for stopping by 😀❤

      P.S.: Direct those ignorant readers to this blog post. 😛


  12. So many times I’ve felt disheartened and thought, “Why do I even bother? No one reads what I write” etc etc., I find a comment and it lifts my spirits up instantly. For every genuine comment, there’s a fake one from someone who’s clearly not read the post. But for that one genuine comment, I don’t close off the comments section in my posts.
    There have been multiple times when I’ve wished some bloggers’ accounts should be blocked, you know? Not such a rare occurrence these days.
    There was only one time that I left a comment disagreeing with the writer, cos she was ranting about a subject she clearly had a thin grasp of. My comment was polite, but she obviously did not approve it. What you gonna do, eh?

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    1. Don’t you ever think of that! I guess when it comes to your blog, people don’t know what to say in the comments, because they are busy getting their jaws off the floor and recovering from the blast of awesomeness. 😀

      I added that blogger block point last, because it’s inversely proportional to the number of times I think about it everyday! Hence, I choose to surround myself with blogs by bloggers I’ve been following since a long time, and rarely hunt around for new blogs! Even though that’s the whole point of this challenge 🙈 But this year, I’ve found some pretty awesome new blogs, via comments on my posts. So that’s a bonus.

      I guess we can only tell people once that they’re going wrong. Advice not taken cannot be helped!

      Thank you Sreesha for stopping by! 😀❤


  13. vinodinii says:

    Oh, this was helpful! I normally get stuck when I land on blogs that are too technical in nature. But I generally admit my ignorance on the topic in the comment section and thank the blogger for sharing the information.


  14. Well said. “You’ve received a comment” is the best message a blogger could get. people should be appreciated and that instantly lifts one’s mind. And go through all the points you’ve wrote.


  15. You lil smarty pants! 😀

    I am guilty of this. When I do not understand a post, I always read the comments to make sense of it. That really helps. After that I go back to reading the post and then understand it a little better. Based on that I leave a comment.

    Mostly if I do not know what to comment, I just pick a line for the post and appreciate the author for coming up with it. It takes skill to place words to make it seem beautiful and that deserves to be appreciated.

    Lovely post this one. You ought to convert this into a book and make money out of it! I’ll buy a copy, I promise! ❤


  16. Ritika says:

    In cases like these, I just like to ask questions in the comments to better understand what the writer was trying to say.

    My teacher always said – better to ask questions than remain quiet


  17. Suzy says:

    Loved your three tips. Commenting should be easy so often it is not. I often find I’m at a loss when I read some poems. Sometimes they just don’t make sense. Great post.


  18. shraeblog says:

    Exactly commenting is a tedious task for readers. But I wonder people who drop out half a page. I read all your readers comments for this post,everyone has typed out everything. I’m still trembling to find words to comment. 😂


  19. Lalita says:

    This is such good stuff. I am just going to lap it all up before you write a best selling book about it. Wait. What.


  20. How old are you baby? You really have a lot of insight and understanding into topics that would boggle a normal person! I agree with the reasons for not commenting,(yea even the last point!! :)) and your tips are great! Unless you understand what’s written, how is one supposed to comment? 😀


  21. inquisitivegeet says:

    You completely nailed Mithila! Everything about the comments, the butterflies they create and sometimes the loss of words we face! This post speaks everything!



  22. catchats says:

    What a wonderful post! Loved the tips and the humour. Don’t we all just adore comments? I know they make my day to see them. A like is nice but comments are where it’s at! Great tips on commenting when you don’t know what to say. Thanks!


  23. Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between blogs, bloggers and blog readers. It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts or opinions about what people feel for a particular topic or a blog post. Blog comments helps the blog to attract traffic and makes it social.
    Blog commenting is an action taken by the blog viewers, visitors, or blog readers; the blog readers or the visitors leave a comment on to the blog posts in the form of questions if they want to ask anything, or some can simply leave a comment for appreciating the information shared or may be the blog author replying to the comments which are posted by the blog readers. Just as fuel is to vehicle likewise, comments is to blogs. Through Blog commenting, knowledge is shared. Blog commenting is a way to viral out the blogs. Commenting leads to conversation which, further leads to building a relationship between the user and the author. The more the conversation, the better will be your popularity. Moreover, it’s not only about popularity, through commenting, you get a lot of backlinks and traffic on your website. Everyone has a different reason to do Blog Commenting. Bloggers who wants to do for SEO perspective, do it to create backlinks, some for increasing Alexa rank and some for spreading knowledge. It is not that difficult to post a comment on a blog. Make sure, whatever you post, wherever you post, the post itself should make sense. It should draw out some conclusion. The comments you post can either be positive or negative. You just need to know how to take a stand for one.


  24. You girl are awesome! I am enjoying and really learning a lot from your little tips each day 🙂


  25. Look at that – the little one is all grown up 🙂 *Wipes tears of happiness* !

    All that aside, perfectly put. Could not have said it any better myself.


  26. lissa says:

    one person said I was awesome and that is pretty much all I can remembers of all the comments I got.

    it really is a bit difficult to comment sometimes and I’m guilty of leaving very short comments because I didn’t know what to say even though I did want to say something.

    your tips are good. though I think sometimes not leaving any comments might be the best solution. frankly, I think if you have nothing to say, just leave it at that.

    have a lovely day.


  27. Shilpa Garg says:

    Oh yes, comments are important. Like they say, har ek comment jaroori hota hai. Agree, there are times when you just dont know what to comment or nice post seems to be so appropriate. But yes, we need to make an effort to write something meaningful.


  28. I am loving these lessons on Blogging. I love comments, except the ‘Nice Post’ ones:))))
    I make it a point to leave a comment relevant to the post, but when i just can’t seem to find the words that would do justice to the post don’t say anything. I guess i need to rectify that. Thanks for choosing this theme , I know I am going to learn a lot 🙂


  29. Megan Morgan says:

    Comments definitely give you the boost you need to keep your blog going! It’s nice to know you’re not shouting into the void, after all. The great thing about the Challenge is it helps you not only learn to write posts, but comments as well!


  30. Rajlakshmi says:

    I shamelessly resort to the third one when I don’t understand a post or have no idea what to comment. 🙈 Has happened a lot of time. I was happy to see it mentioned in your points, atleast I am not the only one. Loved these points Mithila…
    down and low


  31. deepagandhi says:

    I am learning Mithila and thanks for this theme which is going to help many. Agree comments make us happy and some times not so happy. Will follow your tips now and read a post twice if I dont understand it 😉


  32. Mithila , I read through all your comments on this post to realize how ungrateful as a blogger I am 😦 I don’t think I value comments as much as so many others – an honest confession . Infact next month onwards I would close the comments section on my blog . I’ve come to realize if I want to comment I come up with these heartfelt – love notes and there are other days when I question the very reason why commenting should be mandatory – one can move on after reading too . Anyway those are my dilemmas .

    But enough about me – focusing on you !! You’ve cracked the perfect equation and I really hope people reading this post ( including me ) follow it !!
    someday when you write about a book on blogging I know I will stand in a queue all night to buy it . Keep writing your heart out 🙂


  33. You are now a blogging Pro, Mithila 🙂 How much I hate the ‘nice post’ comments on my blog! It’s better you don’t comment, right? Those are some excellent tips you’ve given and I hope many will benefit from it (if followed!) 🙂


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