The Angelic Writer

Have you ever come across a paragraph that makes you see galaxies on the page/screen? Have you read a piece of written work that makes your heart burst for joy? Have you discovered a bunch of sentences that make you gasp and faint, because you can’t even imagine expressing the same emotion with such a  great impact?

Welcome to the thoughts I have been brooding about these past few days. 

These “angelic writers” are not found only on blogs or in books. You can find traces of their heaven-liness in their daily communication, and that’s what makes them superhuman.

I mean, I write rubbish comments on blog posts. The English I use in daily chats or emails are basic. But these people? They can pour honey and dew into anything they write. ANYTHING.

Some symptoms, sorry, ways to find that a person is an angelic writer:

  1. They write crisply. “Even a potato wafer is put to shame.”
  2. They write great ideas in simple words. “We often tend to do the opposite.
  3. They not only write, they also inspire, engage and breathe life into you with their words. “Superhumans, I told you.”
  4. They can thank you, or appreciate something you’ve done, however minor or insignificant. “And you’ll feel like you won the Nobel Prize.
  5. You feel your mind go quiet as you read the sentences they write. “Out of respect, awe, jealousy, tears, emotion, I don’t know.


The question is: What makes angelic writers angelic?

Here are a few answers that I’ve thought about:

1. They know a lot about people, love and philosophy.

It’s important to know about people. Only then will you understand what they want to read, what their goals are, why they approach your book/blog, what makes them happy, and what puts them off.

Love. A person full of love can write content that makes birds chirp, Cinderella style. This love can be towards anything or anybody – a profession, a hobby, a person, a thing.

Philosophy is not appreciated by people, unless asked for. This type of author knows how to weave philosophy and advice into anything. And you end up learning so many new ideas and thoughts unconsciously.


2. They think about you first, and then about themselves.

The angelic writer does not wish to promote his/her own achievements, beliefs and egotistical nature. They do not write with the intention of impressing anyone.

“Then why do they write?”

To make sure that YOU, their devoted reader, have some food for thought in every thought.

They want to make you feel that your emotions are appreciated.

They feel the need to help you grow and develop into something more beautiful than they are.

They just are angels.


3. They read a lot.

Every writer reads a lot (or should, ideally). But a reading list can consist of anything from Mills and Boons to a Jeffrey Archer novel. What sets their bookshelves apart is the quality of content, the obscurity of thought and the ingenuity of the story line in the books they read.

And of course, reading a lot helps them gain the upper hand in terms of grammar (which they use correctly and properly) and vocabulary (which they use judiciously).


4. Their imagination is beyond this earth.

You could ask an angelic writer to connect a glass of water with an accounts textbook, and they will. (Don’t curse me for giving a home example, these objects are sitting in front of me as I write this post.)

Their creative juices can touch Proxima b and come back. That’s why every idea and thought makes you feel numb and divine within.


5. They are ‘clarity goals’.

You do not need to read the sentence twice to understand them. Unless you go into some sort of literary ecstasy and have to read the line again, because it’s just “oozing awesomeness”.

Simple language, great ideas and even greater presentation and timing is the key to clarity. Your sentence must present one idea in a way that is understood by the reader as the same idea you wanted to share. You could have a brilliant joke to write, or a witty comment to say. But knowing its perfect place in a paragraph is a skill.

And knowing when to shut up is another.


Here’s a small example of how you feel when you read a piece of work by the angelic writer (since i can’t reproduce one myself and help you feel these feelings first-hand)

It feels like you are standing in the center of the universe. Gravity does not exist, and there’s a faintly sweet taste in your mouth. Honey, sugar or doughnut. The weightlessness around you seeps into your head via the ears. A happy hormone flows into your veins, gathering together in your heart. You heave a sigh, and refuse to move from this magical fantasy painted in front of you. You want to curl up between the lines, and take up residence there.

You are transfixed by the beauty of a string of alphabets.


Do you know any angelic writers? Have you read/met/spoken/worshipped/fangirl-ed/fanboy-ed/dreamt about them? Comment below and let me know!




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  1. My Era says:

    This post is after my heart ❤️
    I have felt these on a number of occasions and after reading works of such gifted writers when I read my writing, all I can muster up is a *Sigh*
    Loved all the points you’ve made, especially that these writers know exactly when to shut up.

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    1. It’s just crazy how these writers can do that to a reader only with words. Just words. Nothing else!
      Thank you dear! I’m glad you identified with the post 🙂

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  2. Dashy says:

    Oh yes, that divine feeling! I’ve always believed that those angelic writers are wizards or witches. Superhumans yes, like you called them. You read their words and wish hopelessly that one day you might write like them. Was nodding my head throughout this post M, you’ve summed it up really well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Imagine having the envious thoughts you’ve put down in your comment, 24×7! I just had to write down this post after constantly wondering why these angelic writers have special pens from Heaven. 😀
      Thank you Dashy 😀


  3. Have you ever felt I am that Angelic Writer? Hahaha…don’t answer. I am kidding because I am not, at all, or else I would not have wondered this morning about commenting on a blog post if I should have placed the 3rd sentence before the 1st one. Oh gosh I jumbled up the meaning 😦
    I have discovered one such Angelic Writer recently. Reading her posts, knowledge about books and comments I feel like – ‘kaise?’

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    1. Some moments of feeling jittery about writing and commenting do happen to the best. It’s just that these Angelic Writers know that their worst performance does not define them, and they work super hard to get better. There’s nothing stopping you from being better than you already are! ❤
      Hmm. Do share some posts by this Angelic Writer, will you 😉
      Thank you, dear 😀


  4. Rajlakshmi says:

    I can totally relate to your post. Some writers just draw you in like a blackhole and when you finish reading them, the real life sucks. I long to read such writers. There are so many instances when I pick up something and get so disappointed … It’s a dream to read words that mesmerise you from the beginning.

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    1. You said it beautifully, Rajlakshmi! I wish that all writers strive to perfect each and every word on their book, and make it seem like a magical journey through the universe!
      Thank you for sharing this thought! And I hope you find that one book that mesmerises you from the beginning to the end and beyond! 😀


  5. Oh I’m in awe of such writers! I wish I could write as beautifully as them. There’s an author I read recently whose book I’m yet to review on the blog but her every sentence is like poetry. And not the boring kind!

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    1. A writer’s ultimate dream, ain’t it? You are almost getting there, don’t you worry. Practise, edit, post, repeat! And voila, you’ll be an Angelic Writer very soon!
      I’m already in awe of the poems you write on the second blog. They’re just so creative, with every word full of emotion. Keep writing, Sanch ❤
      Waiting for the review! 😀


  6. Parul Thakur says:

    Oh I know what you mean. These are the people who are our idols. I have seen traces of the qualities in many but all in one, not yet. 🙂
    But yes, Pearl S Buck is one author for me whose work I love. The simplicity is just gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really don’t think it will be crazy if we authors start performing rituals to worship our literary idols! 🙈
      I should read a book by Pearl S Buck, then. I’m all for reading more, and more and more of angelic words and wisdom !
      Thank you Parul 😀❤


  7. Obsessivemom says:

    Yes yes yes. Have felt that many times over. Sometimes I read a piece and it makes me laugh out loud or tear up and then there’re times I think ‘That’s exactly how I feel’ and those are authors that awe me completely. You’re right they do know their readers well sometimes even better than the readers know themselves.

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    1. Yes, and when they somehow find the exact shade of the exact colour of the exact problem that we face. That makes me close my eyes in silence, just to understand their supernatural powers!
      Thank you dear 😀❤


  8. Fab Girl.. Angelic writers is such a fab way to describe the magicians who have such a way with words they make your heart sing. like literally i sway and swoon a little when i discover something beautiful like that .. and someday i am sure some one will describe you as one. Just keep at it .. !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can totally imagine you swooning and singing, Chandni 😀
      Ah, yes. That’s my waking dream, the only thing that keeps me addicted to writing: being the best, and having my readers respect me as an Angelic Writer! *starts creating badge for blog already* 😀
      Thank you dear for your lovely comment 😀❤
      P.S.: You can already add that badge for your flash fiction posts! 🙌


  9. Me Otherwise says:

    Oh yes!!1 There are so many such angelic writers. Sigh! I am not one of them.. For some people witing words as sweet as honey,expressions that are crisp comes quite naturally. And dont we all aspire to be able to communicate in a similar way?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We truly aspire to be angelic writers! And what’s more, is that every day is a learning curve for a Writer. Specially someone who pays attention to every detail, and every reason for failure and success alike.
      Practising to perfection is the key, and I’m sure you too will write like that too, Ramya! Thank you 😀❤


  10. Something new ..
    Angelic writers wow

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  11. Lata Sunil says:

    Such a lovely write up Mithila. I have my own personal favourites and follow their writing religiously. Recently I have fallen in love with Mark Zusak of the Book Thief fame. His prose is like poetry. Indian side, it has to be Jerry Pinto who can write the most complex feelings in the simplest sentence. I just pray they write forever. Have you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Another one with dense prose.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do read the Messenger by Zusak, too. It’s not on the same level as The Book Thief, but the sheer simplicity and brilliance of ideas is heart-warming. The plot is so intricately structured, it makes you see a literary monument of beauty on the page!
      Jerry Pinto and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, will add some of their books into my GoodReads shelf, and read them soon! Thank you for the recommendation, Lata 😀❤

      Liked by 1 person

  12. inquisitivegeet says:

    Wasn’t this post Angelic enough? I wanted to read more and more and wanted to discover what more have you got in store? Such writers are truly a blessing and always inspire us to write more, to write better!

    Beautiful article Mithila 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could take that as a compliment, and be happy. But I’d say, Angelic Writers are hundred times better than this. Imagine the thrill of reading prose so brilliant!
      They truly do inspire us, but only after we get over the initial pangs of jealousy and envy 😀

      Thank you Geetika! 😀❤


  13. Ranjini says:

    To think that someone would come up with a post like this. And now that I think of it, I do know a few. Around angelic writers, I am very cautious. They communicate so beautifully that I feel like I have to learn to talk all over again. I feel as though I communicate in Gibberish. I liked the phrase ‘The Angelic Writer’. Was that coined by you? 🙂


    1. Exactly! I feel super inferior when I have to interact with angelic writers. And it isn’t even their fault, no?


  14. Really something new to read. You never fail to surprise me.


    1. Glad to hear that, dear 🙂


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