The Autumn Plot – Part 6 #WriteTribe

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As she opened the door for her husband, she was momentarily startled. There he stood before her, grinning widely. Something he had not done since a long time. The last three months had been the worst. It always seemed like he had witnessed a murder on his way home. And today? It looked like as if he had seen the angels dancing!

He scooped her up in his arms, and planted a kiss on her cheeks.

“What’s for dinner, love?”

“Caesar chicken salad and steamed rice?”

“Let’s go out to eat then!”

Now the wife was confused. Her husband’s idea of going out to eat usually meant that they would fill up a picnic basket with everything edible available at home. Then they would walk to the pond behind their bungalow with the basket, and have a nice meal under the stars.

The only time they had really gone out to eat was during their honeymoon, and when the first book had sold more than a million copies.

So, was he going to take her out in the real sense, or was another pond-picnic in order?

She still couldn’t believe it. He was actually taking her to a restaurant. And not to ‘any’ restaurant. He was taking her to the one that had recently earned a Michelin star. She wanted to ask him what the occasion was, but all he kept saying was, “I’ll tell you when we get there.”

“Do you remember me telling you about that girl who sits opposite me in the library?” he asked her, after they had eaten a plateful of delicious lobster spaghetti.

“That annoying bad tempered girl?”

“Yes, that’s the one. Well, she’s not as bad tempered as she seems..”

The waiter arrived again, enquiring whether they would want any dessert.

“A crème brulee for me, and what will you take, love?”

“A walnut brownie with chocolate sauce, thank you.”

She looked back at him, and said, “Oh, is that so.”

“Really quirky girl she is. Wanted a topic for her thesis. You see, her ‘rabbits and rainbows’ topic had gotten scrapped. So I helped her search for another topic. ‘Why do chickens like crossing roads?’ A nice one, isn’t it?”

“Really nice.”

“And I helped her search for some material from the research books. I’m going to help her with the experiment tomorrow morning. It’s a Sunday anyway.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Anyway, the novel isn’t coming out too well…”

“Then shouldn’t you be working on that, instead of gallivanting on the roads, running behind chickens and chicks?” There was a distinct fire in her eyes. Something he had never seen before. “Aah, jealousy. I finally see this emotion in my wife.”

“The thing is, she had given me a wonderful idea for the novel..”

“Did she give it to you, or did you get it from her?”

“The former, darling.” The waiter arrived again, with their desserts on a plate.

“What is the idea?” she said, after the waiter had left them.

“A book about a colony of rainbow-coloured chickens. And how they unite against the cola-coloured foxes and drive them away from their coops forever!”

“Firstly, a group of chickens is called a flock. Secondly, are you writing a book for kids?”

“What, isn’t it a good idea?”

“Of course it isn’t!”

They ate their desserts in silence.

On the way home, the wife said coldly, “If you are unable to write the second novel, call up the publisher and tell him so. You can pay the penalty anyway, millionaire.”

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Hello! If you are wondering what this fiction post is about, head over to Write Tribe‘s blog and join the Fifth Edition of the Festival Of Words!

I have selected the theme Fiction (though there really isn’t need for any). The story revolves around an author, who is trying to rework his debutante magic into his second novel.

Watch this space and follow his journey to the perfect plot!

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Poor wife….earlier the lunch idea sucked and now the dessert…..:D….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      I know, but she’ll surely triumph when her husband gets the perfect plot idea, no? She just got irritated temporarily!
      Thank you Sunaina😃


  2. Dashy says:

    I wonder where this is going. Rainbow coloured chickens? *Eyebrow raised* I love the girl’s quirky thesis ideas though 😛 .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      If you ask a teenager for plot ideas this is exactly what’s going to happen 😀
      Thank you Dashy 😃


  3. Story about a story.And a wife to complain.Would like to see how it proceeds

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      Don’t forget to check out the previous parts in the story, Subha. I hope you like it 😃


  4. kalaravi16 says:

    OMG what is happening to dear Mr Author? “Rainbow colored chicken flock”? Hope wifey sets him right again….but a kids book is not a bad idea. And all said and done, at least he is enjoying life by lightening up so well…thanks to the library girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      His wife should support him during this tough time, no? I hope she chills out and apologizes tomorrow!
      Exactly! And the wife should be happy she got to go out for dinner in such a unexpected manner 😀
      Thank you Kala! 😃


  5. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Seems like a fun plot for the girl to write a novel on, though I wonder if the author can do it justice. 😉 One bestseller, and readers and wife has so much expectation, no? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. abha15 says:

    Loving the plot. In love with your style of writing ^_^


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