You Cannot Drag Me Down

If I were to ask you a simple question: “What could I possibly do, which would drag you down?” what would your answer be? 

The question is pretty straight-forward. But you would probably spend an hour telling me about everything in your life that demotivates you. And sucks the energy out of you. Be it the boss who doesn’t understand your efforts, or the child who refuses to eat the food you lovingly cook. These are few of the many triggers of demotivation. Don’t you agree?

But what if I were to ask you about the motivating factors? Or should it be singular?

Nothing motivates students more than getting good grades in a subject they really can’t understand. Clinching a well-deserved medal can give a sportsperson a boost better than any other sports drink. A good review can make a writer pick up that pen and jot another masterpiece. Getting a thank you from someone dashing to work will probably bring a smile to a driver’s face.

Did you notice something common among all these examples?


The motivating factor was external. No doubt, there was an internal factor present when the student studied, the player practiced, the writer wrote and the driver drove. But the final push, to keep going even after a moment of victory, came from the external environment.

In a way, the biggest motivating factor for you should be you, yourself. I don’t expect you to start acting like a cheerleader and bring out the pom-poms every time someone criticizes you. But deep down, you must know that you have it: The spark to the flame of a new revolution. The ability to meet goals beyond your imagination. So even in the darkness of failure and sorrow, you need to believe that you can find a way back to your Ali Baba’s cave.

Don’t depend on someone’s pat on the back. But if you do get some praise and reward, accept it graciously, and keep climbing higher on your ladder to success.

For me, the external motivational factors include:

  1. My family liking a post I’ve written (“This surely makes her emotional and teary all the time”)
  2. Getting a comment from my readers (“Specially a good one which flatters her ego”)
  3. A reader remembering a post I had written ages ago (“That’s happened just one or two times I guess”)
  4. Completing my daily study goals (“She somehow ends up completing more than what’s on her to-do list most of the times”)

But the main motivating factor for me to keep writing is to be the reason someone has a better day or a bigger smile on their face. I can’t say that I had started blogging with this same intention, though. This goal evolved gradually, all because of a few positive comments from friends and strangers who appreciated my written work.

The song “Drag Me Down” by One Direction certainly has something to say about people who motivate others to keep going.

All my life
You stood by me
When no one else was ever behind me
All these lights
They can’t blind me
With your love, nobody can drag me down

Believing in someone, specially when they themselves do not do so, is more motivating than any other award or reward. Do you remember the many occasions on which you failed, but someone was always there, helping you to get back into the game? Didn’t you feel motivated with this gesture?

I have asked too many questions in this post, and would like to end with another question: If you were given a chance to motivate or be motivated, which one would you select and why?



The prompt I have selected for today’s #FridayReflections is: What is the biggest motivating factor for you?

This post marks the beginning of a new series at my blog: The Song Series. I will be writing posts on popular songs, and the powerful messages that these songs give us. I will not be doing this series at one stretch, the posts would be spaced out over the weeks, months and years! 🙂


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Vishal K says:

    This is such a powerful thought, M. People look for motivation outside, and blame external conditions when something doesn’t work out. But the ability to accomplish what we want always was, is, and will remain, intrinsic.

    Off to share this. More people should read and absorb it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      What a brilliant summation, Vishal! Yes, people need to understand that they too can do something to shape their future!
      Thank you for the share. I really appreciate it 🙂


  2. Dashy says:

    In one word, the biggest motivating factor is none other than ‘recognition’. And also, personally speaking, mom. She’s that someone you described who’d help me get back to the game.

    And on your last question, I’d choose to motivate of course. Because like you said, there can be no better motivator to me other than myself. So I’d rather pass on that wisdom to someone else as a motivation 😉 . A very thoughtful piece. Looking forward to your song series.

    P.S., was singing One D’s song on seeing your post title before beginning to read it :p . #OneDirectionRocks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      Recognition can really boost your self-esteem, when it’s lacking. Otherwise, it becomes an ego-booster!

      That is a good selection. And you can start by doing that via your blog too!

      I’ll post with the Song Series soon. It’s just that I’m trying to search for not-so-popular songs to use for the posts. Have got a few, will post them this month.

      Thank you dear 🙂 ❤


  3. Vinay Leo R. says:

    I wouldn’t sit and make a list of demotivating factors, M. but the most demotivating factor would be when the people who are supposed to motivate me or support me end up doing the opposite, and even more, doing it repeatedly at a time when I’m feeling more vulnerable. At that time, the lack of support feels more pronounced, and it gets me. I agree with you that the biggest motivating factor, for anyone, should be self-belief. That’s a very important internal motivating factor. no doubt about that. External motivating factors, I quite relate to the first three that you’ve listed, but having finished studies years ago, the fourth one doesn’t stick. 🙂 Enjoyed reading this beautiful post from your pen (* fans the Blue ego * 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      Another motivating factor I should have added: Lengthy comments that totally show that the reader paid attention to everything I was trying to get across to them!
      Yes, the ones who are supposed to motivate us sometimes need to see good results from our side to keep on feeling motivated about motivating us. Does this line make sense to you?
      Thank you Vinay! 🙂


  4. I am guilty of not being too motivating at times. I’m great with my clients but I think I fail my loved ones with my cynicism and lack of belief in them. Sigh. Going to have to seriously work on that!

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    1. fabulus1710 says:

      You should do that! The best support comes from our loved ones!
      Thank you Sanch! 🙂


  5. Much food for thought here. I like to think of myself as someone who motivates others, but funnily, I find it harder to motivate myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      That’s visible through your efforts with WriteTribe, ain’t it? 😉 You motivate us to keep writing! And that indeed should serve to be a motivation to you: the fact that you are changing so many lives through your art!
      Do take care, and keep rocking Corinne! 🙂 ❤


  6. deepagandhi says:

    Can’t believe you are just 18. So much wisdom and good thoughts. Agree with you that motivation should come from inside. We should not look outside for it.


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