The Elements of Success

There is a link between our aspirations, expectations, and the things we need to achieve our dreams. There needs to be a perfect balance between the level of aspiration, our expectations from ourselves, and also a perfect moderation of the means we have and use.
I’m pretty sure you’ve met a lot of people in life. All of them have varying degrees of these three elements.

Some may have low aspirations, high expectations, and extremely high needs. Typically the ones born with the silver spoon in their mouth, they often forget to think about a future solely created from their own steam. The expectations are high because the fuel behind them is not going to be run out in the near future. The high needs are a result of the high expectations. People of this type, are often headed down to the road of disaster. They need to realize soon that not every well stays full to the brim always.

Another group of people are the ones with medium aspirations, medium expectations and minimal needs. These are the ones who are scared to think big, because they feel they are not sufficiently equipped (mentally and financially) to be the CEO of their own dreams. They have amazing talents, but are just too ignorant about them. Hence, they have expectations, but not many, as they are fearful of disappointing themselves and others.
There are also few people who have high aspirations, coupled with extremely high expectations, and medium needs. High aspirations and medium needs is fine to some extent. But the problem is caused when the expectations are too great. These people expect perfection from every living being on planet earth. The weather has to be just perfectly humid. And it shouldn’t rain on the day of the meeting, or they risk getting their white suits dirty. The projector has to work perfectly to display the presentation they worked on all through the night. The members of the Board have to agree with what they propose unanimously. Everything has to go according to a plan, their plan. This type of behaviour is often seen in control-freaks, and perfectionists. It makes sense sometimes, as the people around them are more productive with such bossy figures calling the shots. But it gets discouraging when things don’t work it. When plans go awry.
What then should be the perfect way to live? What creates a perfect balance among the three elements? According to William Howard Stein, “Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations, and small needs.” Why not try this way out?
Aspiring high, dreaming beyond the galaxies is certainly the best way to motivate yourself. And become the best you could ever be. Moderate expectations from yourself and the people around you is essential. This gives you a sense of relief when you satisfactorily complete work / get work  completed. It also doesn’t force you to berate yourself / someone else when the work isn’t finished. Small needs ensure that you don’t get too pigheaded and start floating in the castles that you make in the clouds. You need to stay grounded all through your journey in life. Or you run the risk of getting blown off course.


This is my take on the Sentence Prompt by Blog-A-Rhythm for today’s #WordyWednesday Challenge. Do let me know about some more types of people you have met in your life and whether you agree with Mr. Stein. Comment away!

The Sentence Prompt I have selected is:
Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations, and small needs. William Howard Stein.
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alok singhal says:

    Me Stein is right, in a way humbleness comes into picture as well!

    Great post!


  2. Thank you so much, Alok 🙂


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