Did Hermione go through this same hair trouble?

It’s typical for a girl with bushy hair to get jealous when she sees a girl (I was going to using stronger language) with straight hair, playing around with it like as if it takes her no effort to maintain the hair in its poker straight fashion. And mind you, I’m one of those jealous queens.

 I get an alarm to cut off my dreadful hair when my hair just gets too bushy and unmanageable. They stay like straw even after stroking them 100 times every night (that’s what End Blyton told me to do in the Caravan Family novel). I can hardly seem to get those flyaway hair into place. Tackling those little vagabonds with hairpins and bobby pins is of no use. Even the strict hairband doesn’t get the discipline into my unruly hair. So what option do I have? Let’s go to Jawed Habib, and chop off those locks. Get those errant mischief makers into place.

Need I say anything more? Pic source: quotesgram.com

As I step into the salon, the stylist becomes my saviour. Decked up in that black apron, I get ready to bid farewell to my dark brown tresses. I love my chin-length hair too much. Shoulder-length hair is too annoying. 

The one problem that all hair stylists have with me, is that I can never seem to control the jerking of my head. The stylist tugs my hair a little, and whoom. My head goes running off in that direction. Try as I might to keep my head stiff, it’s completely impossible for me to do so. A few stylists have even figured out a way to chop off my hair and prevent me from doing the salsa with my head. The others, well, they just keep muttering about my unstable neck and make a total mess of the haircut (the ones I used to go to before being introduced to the amazing Jawed Habib)

Within ten minutes, I’ve got a new hairdo. And then the highlight of the whole episode- the hair dryer. I don’t use a hair dryer at home, because using it frequently can make your hair turn into steel wool. But when they do it at the salon: *faints because of the heady rush*. 

People of my star sign love air and wind, and will do anything to get a whiff of cool breeze at least once a day. This jet of steam from the hair dryer is not a good substitute, but it kinda makes me go all crazy. You know, the hair flying around, looking all crazy, feeling like a diva. And the coolest thing that those people do with the hair dryers: they blow off all the recently disowned hair from the apron onto the floor. How cool is that? (“So now you know that she’s lame,” says Fab)

Hair dried up, the next step is combing it into a decent fashion. There are only two main ones: A side-parting or the middle-parting. I look pretty decent in a side-parting, though it depends on the hair style. If they give me bangs, the hair in front looks too heavy. Then, a side parting makes me look bald on the one side, and like a puffed-up chicken on the other. In these cases I prefer a middle parting. However, the haircut I got on Wednesday is pretty okay, so I’m settling for the side parting now. 

After all this is done, and the stylist gives me the thumbs up, my first reaction when I look at the mirror is, “Wait, I need to wear my specs.” And when I can finally see clearly, only one word escapes from my lips- Beautiful. I just can’t stop staring at my reflection in the mirror once I’ve got a new haircut. I mean, I look so damn pretty every time I change my look. *runs away blushing*

Pic source: stylecaster.com

The next big thing is unveiling your new look to your family and friends. When you step into your home, the first reaction is “Ohmigosh my shonuli looks so different!!!!” And then it becomes quite normal at home. No much tamasha anymore.

You go to sleep that night. And it’s a different feeling, because your head feels a little lighter, and you don’t get too much hair in your eyes when you sleep. The real terror arrives when you wake up in the morning. You may have forgotten about the wonderful thing you did the previous evening. So you get all worked up and scared when you shampoo your hair. You know it’s cool till you’re massaging your head, but when you reach the tips of your hair, you lose all control. “Where did my hair go?” and then you recall everything, and you chill out.

You’re a liar if you tell me you haven’t felt this way at least once after a new haircut. 

Then when you go to college. You get all sorts of mixed reactions. 
“You look horrible. Go bring back that hair and stick it up again.”
“You look effing gorgeous. I want this new haircut.”
“What happened? Why did you cut your hair? Something wrong?”
“Selfie, please! And upload it on Instagram so that the ones who didn’t see you yet, recognize you the next time they see you!”

And yeah, I take all those criticism and shame and accolades and happiness without batting an eyelid. To end this post at a high note, let’s hear what Em  has to say.

“Hear, hear” I shriek :p


P.S. Just because I haven’t posted the customary after haircut selfie, doesn’t mean I didn’t do the deed. It could also indicate that the camera of my phone ain’t helping me take a decent selfie. 


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajlakshmi says:

    hahaha I used to hate it when my hair would go back to it's usual wavy form… stepping out of parour looking all chic and glamorous, the days after hair wash are terrible!!


  2. Exactly! It's like that hair stylist knows exactly what to do with your hair to make it look gorgeous.. *facepalm*
    Thank you for stopping by!


  3. Shilpa Garg says:

    Did you write all this for me!! This is all about me too… unmanageable, unruly, wavy, steel wool hair which needs large bottles of conditioner to tame them. SIGH. I love short hair and they keep getting shorter with each new hair cut. Oh, I trust my stylist too… I dont mind traveling 20 kms to get my hair cut from him even though there are so many options near my home.


  4. Hahaahahhaahahhaha.. It seems that short hair works the best for people like us!

    Walking 20 kms is certainly more tolerable than having a bad hair cut till the hair grows out. Don't you agree?


  5. I don’t have unruly hair, but I do remember a particular haircut. I had started a motorcycle club and had let my hair grow out. A LOT. It was very long and I styled it with my bike. When I got out of the shower, I would brush it out and then hop on my Harley. The wind would do the drying. I loved the look.

    One day , I walked away to work at the sheriff’s office and just cut it off. It was quite a shock to the system to get used to.,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabulus1710 says:

      Gosh, long hair and a Harley Davidson is like the perfect duo for a biker!
      Maybe the cutting symbolised a change in your life or your attitude towards it? Chopping off hair always has a deep meaning! 😀


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