The Monsters of the New World


The monsters sat at the dining table. Dementare, the monster with the ability to make people scared, sat at the head of the table. He was waiting for Hyngran to serve the food to the hungry monsters. The food Hyngran cooked was inedible by all, except the monsters seated at the table. And he was always late in serving it to them.

The monster who made people cold-hearted, Icycle, struck up a conversation with Dementare. “Sire, do you think The Kidnapper and his cronies will be successful in their mission?” Dementare looked at Icycle with his cold eyes, and replied, “They better be. Our clan is growing weaker, because the people out there have started becoming positive. They read happy quotes, and are transformed from sad souls into happy ones. That is absolutely not good. They have gotten too used to our old tricks, we must find some new monsters with fresh ideas.”
The monsters at the table were getting restless with hunger, and started banging their clubs and maces on the already-battered-down table. Hyngran wandered in and barked loudly, “The food will be ready in just a minute.”
The monsters went back to chattering away quietly, trying to drown the noises from their grumbling stomachs. M’alice and her bestie, Deshonestie were chatting away, planning some new schemes on how to make people doubt each other. Haggard and Klumsig were seated quietly at the end of the table, wanting nothing more than to fall asleep on the table, after a day’s hard work of  encouraging people to work in a slip-shod manner.
The minions then entered into the room, holding plates of putrid food and over-fermented drinks. The eyes of all the monsters gleamed, and they waited for Dementare to say the word which would allow them to eat. Of course, they were scared of eating the food, and only the word uttered by Dementare would temporarily allow them to be relieved of their fears. Dementare said, “Safe.” And the monsters ate.
The food was fast disappearing from the plates, and the drinks were being consumed rapidly. Icycle kept looking at the door. When the food was finished, Dementare belched, and said the word which made the monsters scared again.
He stood up to leave the room and head to the bedroom in the darkest corner of the castle. Just then, the door opened with a bang, and The Kidnapper walked in. There was blood on his robes, and his pockets were bulging with robbed cash. His cronies were carrying somebody in a gunny sack. They dropped the gunny sack at Dementare’s feet.
“Open it,” his voice boomed loudly.
“This monster is a jack of all trades, sire. He can make people crumble with just a single prod. He can make people relive their worst nightmares with just one word. He will be an invaluable asset to our castle. And, also the solution to our problems.”
“You have outdone yourself. Remove this monster from the sack.”
The cronies quickly opened the sack, but did not touch the monster. They ran away, squealing. Even the other monsters shrank back into light of the candles at the table.
Dementare looked like the only one who was not affected by the monster. “Rise,” he said. “What is your name?”
“Suspicere, sire. The monster of rousing suspicion in people’s minds.”
Dementare appraised the monster with his eyes, and then said, “Join the club.”

This post was written for the #WordyWednesdays, hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. Do check out the prompts and get writing!
P.S.: I know, this post seems inspired from HP7. And it is. *facepalm*.
P.P.S.: If you did not understand why Suspicere is jack of all trades, think about the last time you were suspicious about someone, and try and recall all the thoughts you had at that time.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Wow! And you feel you are not good at fiction? This story felt like something I would find in the pages of Harry Potter! Although, I haven't yet read any from the series (Yes, I haven't read Harry Potter!) , I did feel like your story belonged to that style of story-telling! 🙂
    Well done, Mithila! Just one question, though, how do you come up with those names? I can't think about any normal human names, and here you are, with your fabulous monster names! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Shilpa! <3
    I got pretty scared about the story since no one commented on it till now, I thought it was no good *facepalm*
    Actually I took a leaf out of Harry Potter and the way JK Rowling named her characters.. You see, the names of the monsters are actually the root words of all the negative emotions we see all around us!

    Like, Dementare – to be demented or scared and Suspicere – suspicion!
    The Kidnapper was pretty lame, but Icycle was kinda Fab's idea 😀


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