And Blog-A-Rhythm Turns One!

So, yesterday was the day Blog-A-Rhythm turned one!

And as blogging is in our blood, ink and keyboards, we were challenged to do a blog post to celebrate the day. I missed doing this yesterday coz I have my Mid-term exams going on. So I’m doing this now.
And I’ve selected the challenge- Write a fun post talking about your favorite drink and why you would share it with your bar mates!

Okay. For those of you who don’t know, Ice Tea is my favourite drink. Yeah, I’m not legally allowed to taste the sweeter and bitter things, so Ice Tea will suffice for now.

I can drink Ice Tea like every day. EVERY DAY. The college canteen guy probably can even predict the time at which I will make an entry there, get my coupon, and select from the varieties we get there: Lemon Ice Tea, Peach Ice Tea, Lemon and Peach Ice Tea, and Ice Tea Fizz. I can proudly say that I’ve tasted all four and have become quite a connoisseur. I can tell when he’s added too much ice, when he’s added too little soda, when he mixed up my order of Peach Ice Tea with someone else’s order of L&P Ice Tea. Mahn, I can probably even tell you whether he used Bisleri water or water from the cooler in the canteen! :p

Now, I would like to get this Ice Tea making kit to the BAR and treat my mates with some Ice Tea. I’ll also get them a writing pad and a pen. And I would then take them all to the bestest place on Planet Earth to do almost anything – Marine Drive. Why? Just to enjoy this wonderful experience of sitting at Marine Drive, sipping Ice Tea, allowing the wind to mess up their hair and let their grey cells just start exploding all over the area. They’d probably write one of their best blog posts under the influence of this not-at-all-alcoholic drink! I know from experience!

So, what say, bloggers? Let’s add this nirvana-inducing drink to our vintage wine-cellars? (Sorry, I exaggerated too much :p )



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