Birthday Diaries: Birthday Cake and Chips

Frankly, cake is the sole reason why I wish to take that journey round the earth every year!

This was my 15th birthday cake.. 

The story behind this is super amazing, and something I wanna remember for life. For those of you who don’t know. this birthday was the next one after my Spell Bee achievement. So, naturally, my mum, dad and sis wanted to do something Spell Bee themed for my birthday. My sis came up with the idea of making a Bee-shaped Cake. But somehow, in the execution stage, the plan kinda fizzled out. So, she ended up pestering my mum to make a butterfly shaped cake (For some reason, I was hooked to butterflies at that age!) And also commissioned my mum to prepare some marzipan. So the yellow thingy you see in the butterfly’s body is marzipan. And the brownish black thingy is dark chocolate. The combination? Purely sinful! The pinkish edge is coloured desiccated coconut. And those antennaes? Lollipops! My name is written with sliced candied peel.

This was my 16th birthday cake.. 

“Two birthday cakes?” you wonder? Yup, the one with the icing is the main birthday cake. The secondary heart shaped one was to be packed for my friends in college and classes. And for me to pig out on in the night! Don’t look at the bottle of white wine. I didn’t drink it! Rather, look at the chocolate frog! *_*

Unfortunately, this birthday cake doesn’t have any sweet story attached to it. I helped my mum make it. And helped my dad do the icing. #MumMade #DadDecorated

Birthday cake facts about me:
1. I’m not a fan of those Butterscotch birthday cakes. I like it sinful and dark- Chocolate. Coffee maybe, but nothing else.
2. Somehow, I can’t manage to swallow more than one slice of cake at a time. I have to wash it down with Lemon Ice Tea. Or squeeze some potato chips in my stomach.
3. I don’t like cake face packs. Nor do I like it when people suffocate me with cream. I mean, come on people, Look at the pimples that adorn my face. Want to give me a birthday gift of ten thousand more by smashing that pretty cake on my face? We’d rather split the cake bill, take the cake to an orphanage, and watch those kids eat it. That would make so much more sense.
4. I’ve always blown out all the candles on my cake. I can almost see my blogger pals shake their head and say, “Wait till you get a little older!”
5. I’ve tasted cake ice-cream. And I must tell you, eat it before you celebrate your next birthday!

But my life goal? Eat a birthday cake prepared by Graham Elliott. The king of desserts. Of course, followed by a seven course meal with Gordon Ramsay (Joe Bastianich would be the guy slogging it out in the kitchens 😛 )



One Comment Add yours

  1. Soumya says:

    Hahaha you are too cute! And what would I not give to have a meal prepared by Gordon Ramsay? Or George Calombaris? Or Curtis Stone?

    And yeah, belated happy birthday! 🙂


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