And I’m a legal witch!

Yeah, I’m finally seventeen! *picks up wizarding robes, snatches up her Firebolt, and races off to Three Broomsticks for some Firewhisky*

Actually, turning seventeen is more important to me than turning eighteen. For a really dumb reason – I’ll be seventeen on seventeenth October! But I really envy those people who will turn seventeen on seventeenth October 2017. Geddit?

Well, here’s a list of my New Year Resolutions (I never make them on 31st December – Birthdays are the days when I can bribe myself and fabulus to change our ways. You know, a little cake and some chocolate usually does the trick.)

1. I’ve just got to stop getting emotionally attached to people. 
Maybe I should just skip this line. Coz now, I’ve reached a stage of maturity, when the presence or absence of people in my life makes no change to my daily schedule. If you wanna stay, I can make time for you. But if you don’t, I’d rather keep that vacant slot empty! Life feels like an empty room. Chairs strewn all around. People will stay till they want to. When the walls seem dull, and the colours fade into gray, they’ll walk out. Only to be replaced by another set of wayfarers. 

Life motto from now on, eh?

2. I’ve got to learn to make time for myself.
Indirectly connected to my second resolution, I’ve been too available for the people in my life. Like my Economics teacher happily points out, the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility also proves my point! People tend to take things for granted, things like receiving attention and care at any time of the day / night. Things like keeping them as my first priority. That’s surely gonna change now.

3. I’ve got to eat more chocolate.
Yeah, these days I hardly feel like snacking on my usual after lunch Snickers bar. The Chocolate Oreo Shake in the #HRCollege canteen hardly appeals to me anymore. Maybe, my brain is tired of the fluctuating levels of dopamine. And maybe it has finally decided to let that level stay very low. At the rock bottom.

4. I’ve got to start studying. 
My friends will be happy to remind me: “Mithu, you’ve been studying since day one. Since classes started in April. You still manage to study for three hours every day. You’ve topped every fucking test in classes. And you’re still worried?” Lol, yeah I’m worried. And I’ve got to start wiping the dust off my Math textbook. I’ve got to become the nerd I was in tenth once again, if I want to repeat my success story.

5. I’ve got to make time for social media.
Yeah. You might say that I should do the opposite – delete all my social media accounts. But hell, I’m not gonna do that. The solution to every problem is not the elimination of the problem itself. Sometimes, you’ve just got to work your way around it, and find a way to live with it. And I surely am not gonna let my ‘fabulus’ id get gobbled up by some adolescent dork.

6. I’ve got to get ahead with writing daily.
Mahn, I so miss those days when I wake up at 3 am in the morning, and just start writing some random stuff. I miss working on that novel I had started typing out on my Lumia 630. I miss writing blog posts! I had read once in a blog post at Blog-A-Rhythm, that I need to keep writing every day, if not publishing every day. I can’t afford to let my writing skills get rusty!

To all my blogger friends, thanks for being such amazing people and welcoming a now-seventeen year old brat like me into your blogging circles. I know, I’m the youngest among all you oldies, and half the time I shy away from reading or commenting on blog posts in which you’ll discuss things that “the-grannies-talk-about” :p. But that’s the only thing I regret. The fact that I’m exposed to such a wide diversity of blog posts, writing techniques, and more importantly – life lessons, and such fabulus people who give them, makes me a better individual. At least I’m not as spoiled and self-centred like other seventeen year olds! 😀

To all my friends and supporters, from college and school, and also from the ocean of people I’ve not yet met, thank you for reading these blog posts and giving me your constant advice and tips! I know, I annoy all of you by randomly asking questions out-of-the-blue, and then quite unapologetically say that I’m doing some kinda research for a new blog post :p

To my family and close friends, thank you. You don’t know how grateful I am that I’ve been given your permission and blessings to keep writing. There have been times when I’ve doubted my own capability – and those were the times when you all were patient. And gave me that much needed helping hand and boost up the ladder. Thank you.

And how can I forget, the most important person out here. The one who made my blog posts possible. The one without whom my blog posts would remain unseasoned and bland. Thank you fabulus, for being such an amazing sidekick and friend!  (“Lol, they’ll think you’re weird coz you’re openly talking to yourself out here!”~Fab)

Since this blog post is another scheduled blog post, I don’t know what exactly I’m doing right now. Maybe I’m talking to my bestie on the phone? Maybe I’m reading some birthday messages? Maybe I’m doing some social media promos? Maybe I’m reading my journal and doing some retrospection? Maybe I’m writing a poem? Maybe I’ve fallen asleep, dreaming about meeting Adam Levine? Lol, I hope I’m doing either the first or last thing *facepalm*

So, before I start getting too demanding and force all of you to write Happy Birthday songs in the comments section, I’ll sign off.

Happy Birthday to me! 😀



One Comment Add yours

  1. ak ™ says:

    You changed the blog template for your b'day ?
    Where is point number one?

    I mean Many many happy returns of the day. Have a blast! And have a great year ahead.


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