Birthday Diaries: Birthday Cards and Calls

Awwiiee! I personally like handmade cards, like, really beautiful handmade cards. And I’m a big endorser of these super huge birthday cards! (P.S. I give these super huge birthday cards to all my loved ones! 😛 )

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Some people go for the look of a birthday card and hardly read what’s written in it. Now, that is a  big no-no for me. Mahn, I’m a blogger, a bibliophile, a Spellophile, a word addict. You can’t expect me to be bowled over by just a beautiful teddy bear shaped birthday card with thousands of kisses on it! No doubt, looks are what attracts people to a card. But the written matter on it needs to be substantial and way better than the material in a third-grader’s textbook.

For relatives and friends who stay far away and whom I can’t really meet on the birthday, I prefer sending electronic greeting cards. But that was till the day the cards there got repetitive. Jaw droppingly beautiful greeting cards got replaced with substandard animated pictures and GIFs. I got bored of  scrolling down innumerable horribly designed cards. Until my eureka moment struck me. I could design cards on my own! Like, make PPTs (I’m awfully good at the PPT animations. Most of the pics I use for my blog posts are edits I do via MS Office PPT), or else make collages with creative captions (Lumia 630 zindabad). Day of blessed relief, I tell you.

Coming to the twelve a.m. calls. Not received a single one till date. Twelve a.m. messages, yes. No calls. Not that I feel bad about it. I would love to spend the last moments of being a year younger reminiscing about the year that passed. And for this very reason, I follow a weird routine every birthday, or birthnight- I wake up at twelve a.m. dot. Wish Fabulus a happy birthday. Fabulus wishes me a Happy Birthday. We sing a little Happy Birthday Song. And then go back to sleep.

So I’m wondering if this year will be slightly different. I mean, I’ve made quite a few buddies in college ( a big feat, considering Fabulus always wants to steal my attention away from other mortals).  Now the question is, are these buddies willing to sacrifice 15 minutes of their precious time and call me on my birthnight. I’m seriously thinking of switching off my phone on 16th October at 11 p.m. And turning it back on at 3 a.m. to check the messages *evil grin*

Another big question… Would any one do a birthday blog post for me ? (My besties aren’t bloggers! *weep*)  Or even care to write a few lines for me on my FB wall ? (Now my besties are on FB *expectations rise*)  It’s not that I want to feel loved. Nor do I crave for the attention. I just want to know whether someone somewhere in some corner of the world cares about me, the way I care about them..

~Birthday-Gal #6DaysToGo

P.S. If any of my friends text me and assure me that they will call me on my birthnight, I swear I’ll charge my phone to 100% on 16th October at 11 p.m. 


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  1. Aseem says:

    I remember when I was in school, I got quite a few hand made cards. And must say they were way better than any of the e-cards or the cards which one gets in a Hallmark or the likes. Guess, it's all about the emotions and thoughts which go behind it :).

    Shall we do something different on your birthday? Maybe make a twitter trend for your birthday? 😉


  2. I remember this one year. I received hand-made cards from all my friends (seven was a great number of friends at that time. I tell you, since that year, I've never had more than 2 friends at a time)
    I had arranged it on my desk, and mind you, it looked so pretty!
    Yup, the emotions behind it do matter. 🙂
    Hahahahaha.. A twitter trend for my birthday would be asking for tooo much! 😀


  3. Shilpa Garg says:

    It was always handmade cards for us in school for family and friends. I am remembering the time and energy we used to invest in making and beautifying the cards. It's heartwarming to see my son doing the same for us too. 12 am calls are for select few friends.


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