The Poet in Me..

“If a poet falls in love with you, you can never die..”

My debut into the world of poetry began somewhere around March.. On #WorldPoetryDay ! Albeit a small poem, I was really proud of the fact that I was able to filter my thoughts and feelings into rhyming verses. I thought about starting a Poems section here at TWTTSOF. I had even posted a poem out here which received a good response from my readers. But then I thought better of it, coz I didn’t want to change the central theme of my blog – analysing various issues and topics in detail, with a couple of examples and a sparkle of sarcasm. So then I opted to follow the herd of #InstaPoets and redesigned my existing Instagram account into an only-Poetry account. Of course, I use it for blog promotion and posting the occasional selfie, but yes – Instagram is currently the only outlet for my poetic creations.

I didn’t start off with writing poetry with a pen in my hand, and book on my desk. Since it was something I was still afraid to tell the world about, I used to type poems in my phone, save them, edit them, and reread them. After posting my debut poem, I felt the response was good enough for a newbie like me. And hence I strived on, trying to write a poem a day.

Once I got into the poet-mode, it became easier for me to write down a few lines of poetry every day. But then the trouble started spreading its ink when it came to posting it on Instagram. Editing the pics which had poems in them was slightly difficult. I preferred doing what was easy for me, instead of making pics that would really make the reader want to read the poem. This was what lead to my downfall. (Not that she was high up in the poetry world ~ Fabulus) The edits on the posts were pretty normal ones, nothing extraordinarily fantastic and gobsmacking, which would make the #Instagrammer actually stop scrolling down the timeline and read what I’ve written. This kinda troubled me for some time – Pretty obvious  why, right? If you have the talent and are unable to showcase it in a manner that will get people to appreciate it, it’s as good as not having that talent at all.

But then, I decided to do something about this. So I started looking at poem-pics by other poets, I started getting more creative with my posts.. I figured out how the text should be aligned, how I should add some kind of a signature to it just to identify it as my original piece of hardwork, how the text in all the poem-pics needs to be the same just so that there’s a uniformity in the posts, how to add super awesome captions, how to select useful hashtags that will increase audience traffic and so on and so forth! Mahn, it was like I was starting to learn the alphabet again! I began to then appreciate the people who have more than a million followers, but at the same time I began to think ill of the like-hoggers on Instagram! 😀

Once I got into the #InstaPoets community, I started getting a little more applause from poets. I started getting tagged for #PoetryChallenges (if you’ve been following me on instagram you would have realised that I’ve been tagged for many challenges, and I try to complete them the moment I get tagged for it!) I started meeting new poets virtually, and I tell you, there are way more beautiful poems with the hashtag #PoetsOfInstagram than in any book of poems you’ll find out in the library!

This was for the #SongTitlePoetry challenge.. and it was my tribute to my idol #Eminem! 

And along with this rosy and bright beginning to my blog post, let me round it off with a rather dejecting news..
If you’ve been stalking me on social media for a long time (not many do, but still), you may have noticed that I’ve grown rather apart from Twitter these days. I hardly tweet the way I used to tweet before. Even my blog doesn’t get the attention it so truly deserves. It has to fight in a queue which is full of people like –  Economics, OCM, Accounts, Math and so on.. And coz of this, I write blog posts and poems while standing in overcrowded trains and when I’m munching on Manchurian Rice. I jot down blog post ideas on my phone when walking on roads, much to the displeasure of people walking around me and with me, because I just stop in the middle of the road, type, and then start walking again. *hides face in total and absolute shame*

And coz of all this, I regret to announce.. That I will be temporarily shutting down my blog w.e.f. November.. October will be the last month of blog posting (I’ve got an amazing series of blog posts lined up and scheduled for all four Sundays of the month). I promise to get back in my blogger mode once I kill off these HSC papers.. And till then, I’ll be posting poems on Instagram (that is if and only if I get the time to write something mindblowingly awesome after solving tough and challenging Integration and Continuity sums, and after I finish getting my balance sheets tallied).

But be assured – This writing vacation will in no way affect my writing skills. I’m gonna keep writing, just gonna stop posting. I’m sure my blogger friends would understand that blogging is not only about writing your heart out – it’s also about connecting with your readers, making sure your blog gets the attention it deserves, and also about so many other facets that even I fail to understand after 8 months of blogging.

So till then, Sayonara! Do check out my Instagram page and follow me there if you think you’re gonna miss my Sunday morning rants at TWTTSOF! 😀



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajlakshmi says:

    loved the rap poem 😀 I really hope you are back soon 🙂 Started following you on insta 🙂


  2. Aditi says:

    Loved the tribute to Eminem! I'm not on Insta…looks like I should create my account soon!


  3. Aseem says:

    I am generally quite irregular on Instagram but I guess I need to be more regular just to read your poems. All the best for your exams :).. And by the way that's a really good rap poem you have got there :D.


  4. Yes yes. I will be back immediately after my board exams, but I'll be spending some time trying to redesign my blog.
    I have some plans for TWTTSOF, but they're still not clearly planned out!


  5. You should. Run ASAP. Create an Instagram account. And follow me. :p

    Thank you so much! ❤


  6. Thank you so much Aseem, for the wishes!
    You'll find better poems on the Instagram account 😀


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