The Perks of Being A Flirt

Being an ugly looking teenager with a cute smile that’s rarely seen on my face, I never really look for (or rather, hope for) attention from the opposite sex. If I see a guy’s name in my WhatsApp chat list, it’s more likely that he needs some help with HTML coding or accounts homework. Or worse, just to ask me whether so-and-so teacher took a lecture today. 
But here is a half-baked analysis of flirting, with just a little knowledge from my side. The rest os mostly observed or read about!
Flirting and being flirted with affects the emotional side of both parties in an albeit amusing manner. Before I begin my thesis on this topic, let me clear out that for all future references, the person who flirts with you will be referred to as ‘flirter’ and the person being flirted with will be referred to as ‘flirtee’. Also, one assumption through out this post- you don’t mind being a flirter or a flirtee.

One of the most popular effects is daydreaming. Yes, daydreaming. About everything under the sun. Only one thing will remain constant in all these pleasant wanderings of the mind- the presence of the flirter for the flirtee, and the flirtee for the flirter. Daydreams of the two of you prancing around in museums, mild ‘love’ly soundtracks playing in the background. Dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower in one of those fancy restaurants, only to find a solitaire ring in your creme brulee. #TheDreamProposal. Yup, all this happens in your mind when you’re sitting for a lecture or jostling for space in the second class compartment of the train.

Then, you tend to dress up a little more carefully: look at what the recent trends are, update your ten-years-old wardrobe into a just-bought-from-Myntra closet. The hair gets tied into a decent style or an extravagant bouffant or a simple classy wavy hair style. The slick back, rock- chic ponytail look is thrown away. So are the weird looking sneakers. Something classy yet elegant yet comfortable and yet matching-with-almost-everything is purchased. Basically you put a lot more effort into the way you present yourself. You simply stop getting up from bed and walking to classes and making a fashion statement about a bed-head and a pajama-ish look. 

And if you’re wondering whether this also affects your mood and attitude, yes it does! But moods highly affects your attitude. A very vibrant good morning message can make you smile. But a very dull good morning message can just get all your estrogen levels at the bottom most one. In a similar way, a super awesome good night message can get you super awesome dreams! *wink* 

Now, the moods affect attitudes in a very interesting manner. Happy mood-happy attitude. Sad mood- arrogant attitude. And these attitudes can get switched on and off at any moment – just a flirtatious hug or a simple wave and smile can boost the mood of the flirtee. And if reciprocated, then even the flirter can do the salsa in his/her mind! 

Now that you’ve understood the perks of being a flirt from the emotional point of view, let’s look at some mini-aspects about flirting:

1. You can easily find the satisfaction of being in love and not have the added weighted pressure of being in a committed relationship.

2. If the flirter and the flirtee both know that what’s going on in each other’s minds is just timepass, then either party can withdraw whenever they want. A quick exit is available with no visible stress for either of the two.

3. Updating yourself is absolutely necessary in any field. It’s the same case with flirting. You need to keep yourself updated with all the latest one-liners and all the jokes and all the juicy gossip. And most importantly, you need to know which one-liners have turned into age old- mouldy- fungus accumulated cheesy lines.

4. You end up feeling good about yourself. Like I mentioned earlier, you start taking care of your vanity. Moreover, you start caring about yourself. You ponder about which aspects of your personality pleases people the most. This boosts your self confidence to an all new height. And that mushy feeling you get when you meet the flirter? Aah. I wouldn’t trade it for the heavens! 

5. And I’ve saved the best one for last – Your tastes in things like music, food, movies, books get slightly influenced. You may develop a liking for a certain sport or just start hating Lord Voldemort. All this only because you’re trying to flirt with the flirtee. You end up gaining so much knowledge. But chill, you won’t turn into a Wikipedia overnight! 😀

Check this out, flirters and flirtees! 😀

What say? Are the perks of flirting influencing your decision to pick up that cupid arrow? Share your thoughts in the comments section! 🙂 



20 Comments Add yours

  1. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Ah! Mithila, I wish I become a.teenager again!


  2. Hahahahaha.. Shilpa!
    Live through my experiences :p


  3. Ha ha Mithila…that's one extensive research paper and funny, too. I like the new word I learnt, too, 'flirtee'.
    BTW…you are a beautiful soul. Cheers


  4. Hahahaa! Nice post there Mithila! I agree with you that being flirted with makes you feel happy 😉


  5. What? An entire division with nothing but hot girls and geniuses!? Sign me up right away! 😀


  6. ak ™ says:

    I am not at any end of the stick.

    So, you are saying you are the one who attends college everyday and keeps upto date with everything going on at college. Gotcha.


  7. reminds me of my teenage days!! and what a thesis you have written!

    “PhD awarded to mithila for her extensive research work on flirtationships…”

    enjoy it while it lasts…just don't get emotionally attached, till you are ready, that is…


  8. SUCHA CUTE you are okay 😀 Hahaha… I went back to my first flirtee-flirtist relationship and lived through it all over again, all thanks to you 😀


  9. Parul says:

    Ha ha! Such a fun post that is. I wish I could go back to my teenage years.
    As Titli said above, enjoy, have fun but emotional attachment – wait for it! 😀


  10. Hahahahha.. Glad you liked it, Nisha! 🙂
    Stay tuned to my blog posts and ensure that your vocab increases every Sunday! :p
    Thanks so much for the compliment! ❤


  11. Hahahahh Reema.. and are we speaking from experience? :p


  12. Hahahhahahaha Michael! Good to see you after a long time!
    Sure I'll get you admission to our college, but does Accounts and Statistics appeal to you? :p


  13. Ajay! After so long! We should catch up on twitter, shouldn't we?
    Yeah, basically I'm the jasoos who sits in one corner in the canteen and does all this research. :p


  14. Hahahahahahahhahah.. Thank you so much for the PhD! But I'd rather get the PhD from the hands of Aphrodite herself! :p

    yeah, who wants to get emotionally attached with fools who only know how to recite pick up lines?
    I've learnt my lesson once, won't go down that route again! 😀


  15. Hahahhahahaha Pri! People always go into retrospective modes once they read my blog posts.. no idea why! :p


  16. Parul! don't we all feel the same 🙂
    Yes yes, no emotional attachment at all! 😀


  17. Hehe! I seen you've become an observer in the flirting game. Enjoy the attention for flirting is quite healthy:)


  18. Hehe! I seen you've become an observer in the flirting game. Enjoy the attention for flirting is quite healthy:)


  19. ak ™ says:

    Yes, we should. Ping me anytime, I mean mention @twitter.

    Jasoos. Lol. So, whats' up with the notes and academic help that you are providing?
    Research? For what ? :O


  20. it was true fun…ha ha..loved it..


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