Quote 3 #DayQuoteChallenge

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Today’s the last day of the #3DayQuoteChallenge .. And here’s my favourite character for the day @SiriusBlack !

The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters.
Yeah. Sirius said this to Harry in HP5, when he reprimanded him on calling Umbridge a Death Eater (Yeah, she’s foul enough to be one!)

This quote , in Muggle language, means that the world is not divided into two categories of people – the good ones and the bad ones. There are so many other types of people. Like, the caring ones, the understanding ones, the emotional ones, the loving ones, the friendly ones, the nagging ones, the over-confident ones, the critical ones, the negative ones and so on. Not all of them can be classified into distinct categories of good and bad. Because sometimes, the loving ones can be the bad ones, and the critical ones can be the ones who are the good heroes. You never know.

Another sub-meaning of this quote is that we shouldn’t be prejudiced about people. Divide them into the above mentioned categories without even understanding their personalities better. Coz you never know what’s going on in the opposite person’s life. It doesn’t do good to judge people into good or bad, basing your decision on just one incident or so.

Raise your hands high in the sky if Sirius is your favourite godfather!

As per the rules of this challenge, i need to tag three more people. So here I go.

Romila , who’s twitter handle is @romspeaks
Bhargav who’s twitter handle is @BhargavPurohit
Aishwarya , who’s twitter handle is @secretseclipsed


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajlakshmi says:

    Sirius is definitely the most favorite godfather. Wow I never thought this quote has such deep second meaning. It makes it even more beautiful now.


  2. Exactly, Rajlakshmi!
    the second meaning just struck my mind when I was typing this blog post.. so I quickly keyed it into the post! 😀


  3. Sirius <3

    And yes, there is no black and white when it comes to people. There are only shades of grey and about a billion of them.


  4. You too <3 Sirius! *_*

    I'm glad you agree with that!
    But there are only shades of *gray 😀 😛


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


  6. I LOVED your interpretation of this quote. This is beautifully written, Mithila. 🙂


  7. Thank you so much, Shanaya! 🙂


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