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The theme for this challenge is Harry Potter.. and my favourite character for the day is Albus Dumbledore! ❤
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

Dwelling on dreams and forgetting to live.. So many of us are guilty of this crime! 

Dumbledore said this with reference to the Mirror of Erised, when he explained to Harry the boon and bane of this fantastic magical device. The Mirror of Erised shows us our deepest desires, the ones which capture our heart and mind and soul, the most desperate desire. And when we look at our reflection in this mirror, we see the thing that our mind dreams of every night. And this works to stimulate us to work towards it in real life. But, at times, we may get too fascinated with this mirror, and we keep visiting the place where this Mirror is placed. Just like Harry. 

Dumbledore said this, in order to prevent Harry from getting too obsessed with this Mirror. And besides, he knew what Harry actually saw in the Mirror. And also understood that  Harry gained a little happiness every night by watching his parents in the Mirror. But in the long run, it wouldn’t do anything but make Harry even more sad. 

In Muggle language, it means that we shouldn’t sleep our dreams, but wake up and live our dreams. It may seem tough. Dreaming our dreams seems easier. Living our dreams is tough. But great things come to those who take the chance, dare to dream, and work towards that dream. Dwelling on your dreams for a long time only makes you a little more cautious about venturing out and fulfilling it. You end up analyzing every aspect of the dream and lose all your desire to achieve your dream.

So, step out into the arena of the world, and keep Dumbledore’s quote in your mind as you work towards your dream! Good luck! 


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  1. Took me a long time to realize this, rather apply it in my life. I kept setting goals, dreaming dreams, but without plans to achieve them.

    Dumbledore/Rowling really are amazing people, aren't they.


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