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Today’s the first anniversary of our Twitter account @Fabulus1710. This one year on twitter has been amazing. Finding new friends and people to connect with virtually is really #cool. Getting RJ Meera of the “Meera and Suren Show” #RadioMirchi93FM to read our blog post was a big high. Soha Ali Khan wished us a Happy Holi! I almost fainted when Gordon Ramsay tweeted to us in reply to our request to read this blog post , And I actually touched the ceiling when I saw that he had followed us. When R Madhavan and Jimmy Sheirgill retweeted our Tanu Weds Manu Returns review link, our blog stats went into an all time high! That’s super cool, ain’t it?

Among other noted followers are +Brian Rathbone , a famous author who loves to connect with his audience every day. +MixRadio India , the online music streaming service for Windows Phones. +Vodafone India just followed her when she had some problem with her phone.  And also, how can I forget, @TSBC ,  @FoodBloggerAI and also @blogchatter ,  our favourite Twitter community accounts.

Mithila and I are nothing short of being Twitter Queens. Well actually, she’s the Princess. I’m the Queen. 

McDonalds’ employs 10 people to run their Twitter account. Mithila so wants to be the 11th one! 

Anyways, here’s a 140 Character analysis of some Twitteratis we see. Since Mithila was listening to this song “The Wild Ones” as I typed the blog post, the titles have been designed in the same manner.

#TheWittyOnes :
These people compose 10% of Mithila’s timeline. Hard to find; but when found, easy to cherish. They make reading timelines a happier task to deal with.

Exciting mahn! I hope that one day I will be able to pick up a backpack and walk out with a cell. And keep updating my tweets and enjoying. 

#TheMusicalOnes :
Quoting Eminem& Massari is what Mithila does all the time. But I know she loves reading lyrics. And I sure as hell know, she faves all of them.

#TheCompetitiveOnes :
Gosh! These people have a strange affinity to participating in contests on Twitter and winning prizes. Mahn, Mithila was lucky only once.

#TheLinkedUpOnes :
Mahn, these people share links like as if they are sharing chocolates on their birthday! I wonder, do they actually read the shared posts?

#TheJocularOnes  :
Mithila may dislike them, coz she reads the same damn jokes on WhatsApp. But I like these characters. Specially when they joke about trending topics.

#TheGastronomishOnes :
Tweets decorated with appetising pics of Fried Chicken and Vodka. Amazing descriptions of Cheese Burst pizzas. I need a moment to calm down, please!

#TheOverSharingOnes :
Weirdos. All of them. Just can’t keep those fingers from tweeting that they just stepped out of a sauna. Or danced to Shisha. Who cares?

#TheMinimumOnes :
These geniuses can minimize and digitize their thoughts to hardly six-seven characters. My specs salute you,

#TheMaximumOnes :
1/3 Chatterboxes like them can’t seem to understand that the 140 character limit is there for a reason. They use 1/2, 2/2/ to write stanzas about their day. 2/3 Phew, I admit to doing this at times, but only when I’m explaining a concept to someone. 3/3 Mithila hates doing this. Stating that she forgets what she initially started tweeting about.

#TheLadyGagaishOnes :
No offence, Lady Gaga. But she grabs eyeballs via her fashion sense. In the same manner in which these users try to grab their faves celeb’s attention.

Sarcasm runs through my veins. So even if Mithila might adopt a slightly milder version of sarcasm on her blog, I don’t. No hate in the comments section, please. I am entitled to air my honest opinions via my blog.



20 Comments Add yours

  1. Am I a part of any list? 😛


  2. Soumya says:

    I'm going to follow you on twitter now 🙂


  3. Shilpa Garg says:

    Interesting list. I can see myself in the list. Yes, I am the #TheLinkedUpOnes 😀
    I love #TheWittyOnes and hate the #TheOverSharingOnes 😀


  4. tulika singh says:

    Lol! I totally looove the way you write. I'm not much of a twitter person – never did take to it but am sorely tempted to give it another shot. Seems to be full of interesting people.


  5. Mix of #TheLinkedupOnes and #TheWittyOnes 😀


  6. Yes yes.. please do.. Can I know your twitter id too? 🙂


  7. Thank you so much, Shilpa!
    #TheLinkedUpOnes are a boon to bloggers like Mithila who keep forgetting to keep in touch with bloggers and their blog posts! 😀


  8. Thank you so much, Tulika!
    Let's see how well Mithila takes this compliment 😀
    twitter is an amazing place to be, if you have enough time to spare to keep talking to your followers! 😀
    Do join in, and make sure you comment your twitter id out here.. 🙂


  9. Hahaha… Good one.

    BTW, I do the read the articles I share 😀


  10. Hahahhahaha,.. You should, always! 😀


  11. What am I through your specs (*seriously worried about the answer*)???


  12. Gordon Ramsay follows you?



  13. #TheLinkedUpOnes maybe?
    Oh please stop asking me things like as if I'm some gyaani baba or something! :p


  14. Yesssss! It's so amazing na!
    I wake up every morning and keep checking if he still follows me! 😀


  15. Parul says:

    Wow! I totally loved this post and you are such a fabulous one!! Well which one am I ? The one that retweets, tweets the links of her blog posts and once in a while tweets a funny 140 character one. But never that 1/4, 2/4..


  16. Thank you so much, Parul! (On Behalf of Mithila! :D)
    Yup. Your retweets really help out all of us bloggers with our blog stats. And for people like Mithila who follow blog stats and page view numbers like as if it's the share market prices of some popular company, you're a blessing! 🙂


  17. Aseem says:

    Now that's a lovely post :D. I loved each of the titles. Guess am among the #LinkedupOnes and #TheCaravanOnes :P. Oh I have seen so many #TheCompetitiveOnes. Gosh due to guys like these the timeline is flooded with contests time and again and so I make it a point to flush my 'following' list on and off :D.

    #TheJocularOnes and #TheWittyOnes keep Twitter alive with their antics ;).


  18. Thank you so much, Aseem! Glad you liked the post 🙂
    I agree with #TheLinkedUpOnes .. almost all bloggers are like that! 😀
    #TheCompetitiveOnes make you revisit your followers list, I agree! 😀


  19. Chicky says:

    Hahaha! I wonder what category do I fall under? I keep disappearing from Twitter so often! 😛
    You are definitely a Twitter Queen! When you re-share someone's link on Twitter, your RT actually makes people want to check it out, you make it seem so interesting! 😀


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