Being Social v/s Being Super Social –

Back link to the previous post in case you missed it : is basically a site where you can ask people questions anonymously.

Beware: This social media site is not for the faint hearted

Here’s the analysis sheet. Enjoy thinking about some crack-heads who are addicts.

❤ “Rape the heart”
These people love tapping that little red ❤ at the end of each Q&A like as if they can’t scroll down the screen without exercising their index finger. Mithila hardly rapes hearts, but when she likes some account or starts following some page, she goes wild. Likewise, she does the same thing when she finds a friend on after a long time.

❤ “I’ll be watching ya”
These are the gals with heart eyes who long to learn each and every facet of the life of their idol/crush/ex-bf/ex-gf/ex-besties. They minutely analyze each and every answer and interpret it in a Sherlock Holmish way. This is what they do for a living

❤ “Hey”
People who ask lame questions like these don’t deserve an answer. or atleast deserve a sarcastic answer. Some smart-asses use these type of questions to promote themselves or post a pic (PAP, for you addicts)

❤ “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”
The stoic answerers on, they tolerate every damn effing criticism with the calmness of a cool cucumber. They provide Eminem lyrics as answers to any emeffing question. And still manage to stay a mile away from the “Deactivate” button. Phew! I wish Mithila could be like this.

❤ “Sharing a little love to make life happier”
Oh! These are the people who are hard to come by. The people who fade amidst the crowd of haters. The people who are doing some good out there. My Twitterati crown salutes you.

❤ “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”
This is the first quote that popped up when I looked at my flow chart. I mean, these Askers are so blatantly open about the fact that they’re using Ask,fm to gather likes. They send questions like these : “Like for like, follow for follow. *don’t post). Why? Why should I do what you want me to do? It’s none of my concern any which ways if you get likes for your answers or no.

❤ “Why O Why Tell ME Why Not ME!?!?”
Basically, these are the on-the-wallaby-track people like Mithila. She hardly gets any questions. yet hopefully checks her email for a notification. And she also quite stupidly downloaded a weird-web-wrapper-wearing app from the WIndows Phone Store. I mean, she knows she’s not going to get any questions. Yet! She takes the trouble to like answers, follow people, answer random questions. I tell you, her id is the same as all her Social Networking Site ids. Follow her and spam her account. She might have deactivated it now, I doubt she’ll want to join back again!

❤ “Too hot, hot damn!”
Mithila’s jealousy meter reaches a scale of 101 when she catches these people online. They keep getting questions, and keep answering them. And when I opened one lazy eye to check out her timeline when she was busy swearing in her mind, I noticed that these people are really jobless dodo. Keep answering questions like “Your display pic.. <3” , “You’re too cute! *_*” , “Sexayy” , “Love You”. Chat with them on Twitter if you really have such fans. Like Mithila does.

❤ “The salesman is here”
Gosh mahn! Weird pages come knocking at your Blue-and-Green-door asking you to buy questions and likes. Mithila has not yet figured out how they operate these pages. And I’m not in a mood to figure out how they do it too.

2 down, 2 more to go. Who’s left now? Facebook and Twitter! *_*



5 Comments Add yours

  1. I feel so old :O I don't know what is *hides face*


  2. Hahahahahhahah.. It's really a boring platform if you prefer intellectual activities. If you want to waste time, it's okay! 😀


  3. ak ™ says:

    Referring yourself as third person, wait, is it the alter talking ? Uhuh, good job though.
    Guys don't have half of the problems you have, I guess. Well, no one says “You are cute / sexy / can I date you / whatever.” I mean nothing of that stuff happens. -_-


  4. Excuse me. Mithila is on a vacation. I, fabulus, am in-charge of the blog till she comes back.
    Hehehehehe.. But the guys are the ones who create the problems for the girls. -_-


  5. Chicky says:

    LOL! I didn't even know we could create our own profiles on! 😛


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