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Mithila’s been on Instagram since last September. She had her personal account back then, by the name @fabulus1710. Then when the blog started getting a wider audience, she switched the  @fabulus1710 id for blog promotion purposes and changed her personal account id to @mmithila1710. But then, she got so bored of switching between two accounts and having to log in and log out every damn time, that she deleted her personal account. Currently, both of us are active on  @fabulus1710 where she posts pics related to the blog, sometimes reposts pics that she loved, and sometimes posts poetry, 140 character stories and Quirky Quotes. She’s kinda liking the fact that she’s getting likes from people all over the world (people who have their bios in Cyrillic script). and I’m kinda liking the fact that I still exist on Instagram under my name! (If Mithila reads this, she’s gonna screw my case)

The web version of Instagram was changed recently.. Do you prefer the web/mobile version?

Anyways, getting back to my analysis. Here’s the list of users who are easy to find on every twitter timeline.

Aah, these are the IGers who crave for red-heart-filled notification screens. The ones who actually wait for their pics to reach a certain like-milestone. And then post another pic to celebrate that milestone. They ensure that the list of likers contains the names of friends who follow them. And sometimes bug them to like the pics that they unknowingly (or knowingly) failed to like. If you ask me how I know this is true, I’ve seen Mithila do it.
Yes. The name says it all. They click pics of nature, food, books, quotes for Instagram as well as catch themselves in a frame and post these pics on Instagram at rapid intervals of hardly half an hour. Mahn, don’t you feel like unfollowing such people? I told Mithila to unfollow one creep who kept posting pics every hour. Because of such creeps, you can’t even keep in touch with the people who really matter. 
These are the ones whom the @CrazyForDoubleTaps people yearn for. These are the like-and-comment-machines for pics that don’t even deserve a rat’s attention. And they provide the same type of serventile attention to each and every person on their followers list. They either don’t have any blessed job to do, or have Wi-fi at home.
These people are bearable, as a notification is not received when they comment on celeb pages. But these comments and likes only serve to fan the flames of celebs. And make people like us wonder what they hell are we doing wrong when we don’t get comment for pics. #PoetsOfInstagram
Oh no. These are the people whom Mithila and I dread. I mean, it’s nearly impossible to reply to each and every comment on a pic. And some of the comments are so dumb, I wonder what a suitable reply should comprise of. Like, when Mithila posts pics, she usually gets comments like these “Cool!” “Awesome”. Now, if it’s a pic of a quote, what should the reply to such comments be? Some of them really comment very well, and hence a desire to reply too such folks is felt. But the others… AAGGHHH!
Now these people know that the fullstop cannot be used in handles/hashtags and yet use them. Why? A very smart reason: When you actually try to type such handle names in a comment, you can’t, because it’s kinda difficult to type such long ids. But if you follow such people, you can easily mention them in comments. Smart, na? I’m smarter, I tell Mithila not to reply to such IGers. What a waste of time.
Aah, Mithila can be accused of this. She has this stock full of #InstagramTags in her blogger diary. Divided into neat categories as per use. When she posts pics, she refers to this diary in order to select the most trending hashtag of the day (Yeah, she even has the posting time written down neatly on one page). And then her caption contains 20% of written matter and 80% of hashtags. That’s the reason she still gets likes for pics that are ages old. (She’ll seriously screw my case)
@IDon’tUseHashtags : 
And yet these people end up getting so many likes! Maybe it’s because of the followers or maybe because they are celebs. Either which ways, Mithila never likes pic like these. Maybe it’s the jealousy quotient? Maybe.
@TooManyFollowersTooLittleLikes  : 
I remember one day when Mithila let me handle her account. I was scrolling through the feed, and found one pic that had 500 likes! Flabbergasted, astonished and awestruck at the same time, I tapped on the user name. And found that the person actually had 5000 followers! And I’m like, that’s a total shame. The ideal ratio should be 1:3. If you have three followers,at least one should like your pic. That indicates that you have not earned your followers base by just forcing people to follow you. It also indicates that these are the people who are genuinely interested in your Instagram account
Found someone like these above mentioned users? I’m damn sure you will!


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  1. tulika singh says:

    Hmmm… need to get onto Instagram. But seriously, how does one find time to handle so many social media accounts? FB and my blog eat up time like crazy. Add to it twitter and instagram and I'll end up doing nothing else. But I could completely draw parallels of those people on Facebook.


  2. I probably have to read this a number of times before it will sink in as I am behind on my technology…so challenging to keep up! Time moves so fast! 😉 ❤


  3. Do share your Instagram id out here!
    The thing is, I get the time to handle so many accounts, coz I do them simultaneously on my phone and PC. And, I'm not a working professional, just a college student with plenty of free time! 😀
    But you should try out Instagram and Twitter. It adds way more traffic than FB! 🙂


  4. Hahahahahah.. Regular users of Instagram could have probably figured out who exactly I'm talking about, coz they too have experienced these things during their Instagram journey!
    Do join Instagram, Elly! It's a great place to be! 🙂


  5. Lol… Some list, this 🙂

    Tell me, wise one, which category do I fall under 🙂


  6. C'est La Vie says:

    Ive been wanting to get on instagram for a while now, and m too new to twitter. Noooooo time 😦 i know a few things about fb though and hate the comment spammers! And i am so repulsed by people posting those pseudo innerhulk statuses like 'i dont care who hates me, i am what i am, i have an attitude u have a problem…etc…u know better!


  7. Time will tell Mithila! I still have yet to understand Pinterest and Google+ and … ! 😉 ❤


  8. Shilpa Garg says:

    Very interesting observations, Mithila. I am not active on Instagram but Twitter yes.So have seen all these types of people. I must say that these social media platforms are way too addictive. I have to curtail the urge to look at FB and Twitter every now and then.


  9. You fall into a category I forgot to mention: The Classy IGer. Almost all the pics you upload are super awesome and classy. 🙂


  10. You should join Instagram ASAP. It's an amazing way to meet an audience for your blog as well as show off the photographs you take for your blog! 🙂

    Yup, yup, I will be covering Facebook addicts in this series too.
    P.S. Mithila doesn't post status updates like that. She usually posts lyrics and that kind of stuff. 🙂


  11. Shilpa, it's Fabulus here. Not Mithila! 😀

    Do you have an Instagram account, though?
    Yes, Twitter be the best! *_*
    And it will be covered in the series.. So stay tuned!

    I agree, I know how badly Mithila is addicted to them all! 😀


  12. Chicky says:

    A fabulous post, Fabulus1710! 😀
    I am still to create an account on instagram! And I haven't logged in on twitter for at least more than 2 weeks! 😛


  13. Thank you so much Chicky!
    Yes please. Do create an Instagram account soon.
    And be active on Twitter okay? Mithila likes conversing with you! 😀


  14. Aww shucks, thanks sweetie 🙂


  15. Aseem says:

    I haven't been too active on Instagram. But surely have seen some of the interesting characters you have mentioned about :).


  16. Do share your Instagram id out here!
    I know right! You can interact with such characters if you stay active on Instagram! 😀


  17. Rajlakshmi says:

    I am totally #IheartHashtags… got separate ones for food, travel and yoga 😀


  18. WOW! I've gotta follow you on Instagram asap.. Mithila would want to revise her list of hashtags now! 😀


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