The Perks of Being an E-Shopper

Hello! This is UK, and it’s my first ever write up as a guest blogger. 
I’m sure you guys must have visited shopping malls and even tried ordering a product or two online (if not, try it NOW!) This write up is a simple presentation of facts and my interpretation. Do lemme know your opinions about it.

Last weekend, when I had to shop for a few summer casuals, my dad and I landed up at Phoenix Mills. Amazing interiors and great food outlets bring scores of people to this place on all days. Stores showcasing pieces from multinational clothing brands lit up my eyes. Apparently, these stores have huge footfalls and hence pay around Rs. 2 to 5 lakh per month as rent. The rent depends on the brand reputation and footfalls. But the amusing fact is: The scores of young boys and girls clearly weren’t here to shop, but just to while away the time, or even better, ‘Time Pass’. In fact, the girls took a bag full of clothes to the trial room, only to click pictures and selfies (one of them had a selfie stick, too). Only to be BOMBARDED later on Facebook and Instagram feeds. Thus, a majority of the crowds that are attracted to this place, only add up to the footfalls and not the revenues! The brands may thus run into losses by paying a bomb for rent but not achieving the target sales. 
Palladium *_*

The not-so-old Atria mall is out for sale for Rs. 1k Cr.! I couldn’t help a giggle when my friend remarked that it was nothing less of a haunted house! According to recent statistics, only 10% of all the shopping malls in India manage to earn profits.
So, how do we just let so much of infrastructure go in vain? When, in reality there are so much of space constraints in cities like Mumbai!

The answer to this is e-commerce!E-commerce, over the past 4 or 5 years has changed the way Indian customers shop. Keeping in mind the Indian habit of Compare and shop, we now have websites only for the cost and service comparison of products on various online shopping platforms. And for all moms out there, I sincerely understand your concern about potential threats like, ‘.. accha nahi nikla toh..?’ , ‘.. vaapas lenge kya?’ or maybe ‘Colaba main isse sasta mil jayega!’ Don’t you worry. They won’t let you down. From coolest headphones for the guy-next-door, weekly groceries for my mom or an occasional bouquet for my dad to surprise my mom on her birthday! Online stores have got ’em all.

India has got no dearth of young talent. We are ready to innovate, try new stuff and yes, we want great discounts too! With the emergence of Flipkart, Amazon as e-tailer giants, we sure have got amazing things to look forward to! Myntra recently went on record to be the first app-only etailer.

On an average, a mall can take up as much as 4,70,000 sq. ft. in India. Can’t we just do away with these? And these etailers out there, offer all your favorite brands! Plus, you can shop at YOUR convenience. And they save hell load of infrastructure! They colaborate with the local retailers. Result? Showers of discounts and offers!

UrbanLadder, Pepperfry in the furnishings sector, LocalBanya, Bigbasket in the groceries side, Myntra, Jabong in the fashion and apparel line, Floweraura for flowers and deco and Flipkart and Amazon as one-stop destination for all. You say it and they’ve got it! And for all those planning to invest into one, they earn bumper profits, too! (Flipkart valued at $2 bn) Also in tier 2 or tier 3 cities, where all brands are not available, online stores come handy. Various brands at great prices. And yep, brand new ones!

Along with these, they employ a lot of people for product and service delivery and 24×7 customer care. And for e-commerce infatuated youngsters like me, they provide internships too *_* And who wouldn’t want to work with them when they provide attractive pay packages?

The e-commerce revolution has got something great to look out for. Wait and watch out!

P.S. For more info, check out this link  


About the pseudo-blogger,

Unmani Kashikar, fondly called UK by me on my blog, is a seventeen-ager, with the acumen of a well-seasoned economist. A commerce student, her hobbies include – photography, reading business journals, devouring non-fiction novels (her fiction bookshelf is limited to the works of Satyajit Ray) and calligraphy. You can follow her on Twitter @unmani26 . 


P.P.S. I’m still on a blogging hiatus. Though Fabulus is planning to come back somewhere in July, not sure. Will keep you updated on social media.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Despite the comforts of e-commerce, picking up a couple of tops because the material is so soft and comfortable, smelling the pages of the book before buying and checking for rot in tomatoes is possible only when you shop in person… Despite being a big e-commerce fan, I doubt if it will completely replace actual shopping.


  2. I personally prefer eshopping, unless I am buying shoes. I have weird feet, so the size is always a problem 😦


  3. Chicky says:

    UK has a point. I have often wondered this about malls. Most of us usually go there for window shopping and enjoying the AC when there is a power cut in our area. Or, if there is a movie hall, we might want to idle away some time before our show starts. We hardly ever buy anything from there. True, ecommerce would save a lot of infrastructure and fuel resources. /it's gradually picking up too in our country. Let's see what the future has in store.


  4. tulika singh says:

    Can I do a bit of both please?? I enjoy e-shopping for routine stuff or when i'my sure of a size but there's something wonderful about going to a real shop too. I can try 10 clothes before I choose one. Besides, I'm a serial weight fluctuater I never know what size will fit me when – that kind of rules out Internet shopping.


  5. I like both online shopping and shopping in a mall. In fact I like shopping in a mall better than online shopping. 🙂

    Hey Mithila, I have nominated you for the 3 day quote challenge. Hope you accept it. Find details here:


  6. Online shopping has its advantages but then some times it nice to go to a mall to shop for things with your family or buddies.


  7. I always wondered about this, how the stores can afford the huge rents without the matching purchases. Although I am avid online shopper, when I go to malls (primarily for watching movies), I end up buying good fitted Tee or can't-wait-for-it-to-be-shipped book. So are my friends.

    But the 10% malls earning profit, is definitely food for some thought.


  8. Coincidentally, I happen to work for an online store over here in Nigeria. We don't have that many physical malls, but I can attest to the fact that a lot of the foot traffic in those are made up of window shoppers and mallrats. Heck, I used to be a mallrat myself, once upon a time. 😀


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