This Amortentia Love..

If you’re a diehard Maroon5 fan and a Potterhead, you’d have figured out what my theme for this blog post is..
I know. I’ve already done two blog posts on love. And now, this is the third one. Let me tell you the reason for this: I’m on a mission to figure out whether real love exists. And if it really exists, how I can find it. (Fabulus is laughing her head off, maybe because she strongly opposes the existence of real love? Maybe. But I’ve signed a wagering agreement with her, and the consideration here is: a month away from blogging for her if she wins. An all new Samsung Galaxy S6 for me if I win. Actually she doesn’t need to worry if I win. Coz then I’ll make my ❤ handle all the green bills!)

Maybe I thought of typing this blog post because of the fact that I have consumed Amortentia (Muggles, it is a love potion which induces a strong infatuation for someone). Poured out for me by the Chosen One. Yes! I’m referring to Daniel Radcliffe! My celebrity crush. *_*
Only Amortentia could make me crazy enough to make a collage! 
Now, what exactly is the connection between a celebrity crush and Amortentia? One simple fact: Infatuation!
Think about your celebrity crush. I’m pretty sure teenagers have them. And if you’re an oldie who can successfully claim to have strolled through those Amortentia days, reminisce. Just to name a few: Robert Pattinson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Harry Styles, Ranbir Kapoor, Virat Kohli etc. Oops! I forgot to mention the names of the gals who get guys drooling. Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, etc. (Don’t tell me that guys are not as crazy fans as gals are. I can provide screenshots of chats with guys who ❤ celebrities to an extent that will make even the craziest fan gal shy away! )
Some crazy gals I know (or have the misfortune of knowing) worship their Amortentia loves. They:

Collect scrapbooks of pictures (I know a friend of mine who has 578 odd pics of Siddharth Malhotra. She even volunteered to start a scrapbook for pics of Daniel Radcliffe for me, seeing that I hardly do anything for my Amortentia Love. I flatly refused). 

Stalk them on instagram (DanRad is not on Instagram *weep*).  

Favorite and retweet every tweet(He’s not even on Twitter! But a friend of mine, crazy for Virat Kohli, actually made a fandom account for him! Look, I haven’t even made a fandom account for Harry Potter. Only made one for the Spell Bee. I know, I’m boring. ) 

Follow celeb magazines just to get some glossy gossip to chat about (and then replay each and every word that the moron uttered on a personal chat with a friend i.e. Me). 

Paint rosy dreams of the two of them walking in parks, hand in hand; or catching up on a latest flick sitting at the backseat of a theatre(it’s not for me to say whether they would be intensely watching the movie. Dodos like me will be staring at the screen and wolfing down popcorn, not even realizing that my celebrity crush is spending the evening with me) . 

Spend all their time deciding, planning and coming up with new ways to get their celebrity crush to see them (“Is the mascara ok for this selfie? Justin Timberlake has got to see this one!”). 

A very popular one that some fanatics do- Change their surname to the supposed-after-marriage-name. ( So, my Facebook friend list shows that Robert Pattinson believes in polygamy. Cool fact, right?)

I would like to air Fabulus’s view on the topic : 

Amortentia loves or infatuations are a result of some deep seated desire to be loved. Every gal wants to be loved by someone other than the people whose natural duty it is to love her. She wants to be with a guy who makes her feel like a princess. All the time. In some cases, I can tell you, she gets the man she wants. Or deserves. In some, it’s impossible; either because of the distance or because of the age or because of any other reason which restrains her (or any other reason which she believes to restrain her). So, in these cases in which it may seem impossible, an infatuation takes the place of real love. An infatuation for a celebrity crush is somewhat caused by a herd mentality. Somewhat. To prove my point, track the rise and fall of celebrity crushes throughout the ages. You’ll find that each age had a different love icon. Now, I’m not gonna waste time tracking the rise and fall of celebrity crushes (a pointless exercise to me if you’ve got my point)
Now now, before you gals start sobbing in your silken handkerchiefs, let me give you a Calming Draught. It’s okay to have an infatuation for a celebrity crush. It’s okay to daydream about slurping icecream at Häagen Dazs with him (What? Fabulus liked that place!) But a limit between real and illusory should exist. Not gonna say anything further, or else the comment section will be full of highly colourful details of my own celebrity infatuations. 😛
So, an open question to you all. Who’s your celeb crush?
A word to the wise: Please don’t write my name, I’m just a Spellebrity! 😀


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachna says:

    My celeb crush — can't think of anyone currently. 🙂 But I am not a teen.


  2. I have too many celebrity crushes to count. But if I had to narrow it down to two, then it would have to be Hayley Williams of the rock band, Paramore, who I've loved ever since the day I heard their song, Misery Business, and the actress Vera Farmiga, who I think is the very definition of ageless beauty.


  3. Hahahha Rachna! But you must have had a teenage crush when you were my age, right? 😉


  4. Uhm. *goes to Google search all of them* 😀
    People in the acting and music sector have had a huge fan following and crush following..
    I wonder if authors and bloggers get this type of attention too? 😀


  5. Whatte coincidence! I like BOTH Hayley AND Farmiga :O


  6. Cumberbatch!! That English accent has my insides in knots <3

    I had a scrapbook full of pictures of Bret Lee and Rahul Dravid during my Amortentia days 😀
    But never had a crush on DanRad, I don't know why.. Same thing Hermione feels for Harry.


  7. Cumberbatch! *_*
    Hahahahah.. My sister did that for Saurav Ganguly!
    Frankly, the only sportsman I've had an eye for are the F1 Racers -Sebastian vettel *_*

    Aww! Thank goodness you don't have a crush on DanRad.. I would have scratched out your eyes and pulled out your hair otherwise! 😛


  8. It couldn't be anyone else for you!!

    during my teen years it was Aamir Khan….My room was full of his posters! Now no one!


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