And the showers begin..

The rains always mystified her. Her mum had once told her, “The rains are caused because the gods left the tap open in the heavens!” Her dad always forewarned her, “Dare you run out in the rain without a rain-coat!” her school teacher had carefully explained to her and the other 49 students, “Rains are caused due to the cooling down of accumulated water vapour in the atmosphere.” Her friends screamt out to her from the road down the corner, “Come fast, let’s eat some roasted corn-on-the-cob”

But, her favourite place to be when the gods entered their Royal Bath, was at the litle window in her room. Nestled up in blankets, legs hugging her chest, seated in a comfy cane chair, she sat reading her Jeffrey Archer novel and munching some cocoa-wine biscuits. Once in a while, she lifted up her eyes and gazed out at the droplets frosted on the window. If she felt like it, a stunning pic was captured by her on her phone. 

Today was a rebellious day. Her hair was totally uncombed and bushy, and all efforts to make it look presentable were in vain. Her friends had all gone out for the holidays, resulting in an idle WhatsApp chat list. Her heart had been broken by a lingering fool, who still continued to irritate her and try and get back what they had before. Her Math book was totally in a mess, furnished with scribbles and erroneous calculations in the margins.

As she removed her specs and wiped them on her T-shirt, she gazed out at the trees from her window. Today’s rainy day was majestically beautiful. And then, a sudden longing filled her heart. The desire to enjoy herself even though destiny didn’t want to her to manifested itself.

Without thinking twice, she dropped her phone on the bed, threw her specs on the bed to give her phone some company, and walked out of her room. Her mum looked at her from the kitchen, “Shona, where are you going?” She hesitated, and then a reply formed, “Towards fun.”

The wild hair jangled crazily as she raced down the steps. Her unslippered feet touched the cold wet earth and tickled. She reached the border that separated her from the shelter of the building, and the distant winds of rain. A doubt formed in her mind, “What if I fall sick?” She looked back at the steps she had descended, and almost heard her dad yell, “I had told you not to get wet in the rain. Now, you won’t be able to study coz you’re sick.”

Fighting her own thoughts and the mental accusations of the hidden twin was never easy for her. But then, she had this gut feeling that it had to be done. And so, with powerful yet graceful steps, she walked through the flood of those negative thoughts and into the arms of the welcoming Rain Mother! 

A short true story of the Author (at-least till the staircase part! ) inspired by the #WordyWednesday Prompt via Blog-A-Rhythm! 
Happy Monsoons to all you lovely Mumbaikars! 🙂 

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  1. Not bad. I could already detect the autobiographical nature of this piece even before I read the words specs and WhatsApp. Shows how much I've gotten to know you through your blog over the last couple of weeks. 😉


  2. Hahahahaha.. That's true.. My blog and the stories it contains are becoming mirrors of who I am!
    Yes, you have gotten to know me much during these couple of weeks 😉
    Do keep the tweeting more active.. I'm more open out there! 😀


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