Selective Amnesia

Imagine this scenario: 
You’ve been handed over an assignment to be completed. As I’m a Commerce student, lemme assume that you’ve been given some homework on Preparation of Final Accounts. OR if you’re someone who’s working at a company, lemme assume that you’ve been given some assignment. (I wouldn’t know the details, so the readers are invited to concoct anything that seems difficult to them!) And, for some unfortunate reason, even though you’re pretty good at completing the assignment, you fail to do justice to the job on that day. The next day, you’ve been asked a question during a lecture/meeting. And again for some reason, your mind just shuts down. No reply takes the shape of words in your mouth.

You return home tired and fatigued, just dying for some green tea/lemon juice/vodka/whiskey/cold coffee. And that’s the time all hell breaks loose. You get shouted at by your mum, for leaving all the clothes on display in your bedroom. Or get plagued by requests to complete your kid’s homework/attend school meetings/run down and buy some wheat flour. Mentally screaming, you try to do what’s being asked of you with a smile on your face. But mentally, you’re cursing the world like a stevedore’s wife. Or wait, rapping the whole situation with a brilliance that will make Eminem go dewy-eyed over you.

As you get ready to go for bed, you stare at the mirror once. And the sight shocks you. You’ve gained weight like a bunny rabbit on a Easter Egg spree. You’ve got thousand pimples decorating your face like baubles which decorate a Christmas tree. Your eyes look like they’ve been assigned the duty of carrying Santa’s Christmas gift bags. Frustrated, you pick up that mobile phone on your bed, and aim a shot at that mirror. Just then, the notification screen erupts into an excited chatter on a group. Someone’s birthday coming up next Wednesday. You try to contribute some cool gift ideas. Haha, you only get blue ticks in return. Your opinion is kindly directed to the dustbin. 

Screaming, you long for this torture to end. And fall into a fitful sleep, sometimes interspersed with horrible nightmares that get your tossing and turning in  bed.

Say this happens quite frequently, or intermittently. And you kinda maintain a mental log book or a register of all these incidents. And keep recalling all the incidents labelled under the same title every time it happens. I’m damn sure, your kettle would never stop whistling coz of all the steam filled up in that heat-addled brain.

Say, in this whole situation, you had an option in your mind. A Delete option to just forget about the whole incident. And move on with your life. Again, when the next situation arises, solve it/solve it horribly, press delete, forget, move on to the next hurdle. Would you feel so fatigued at the end of the day? I doubt that would be the case.

What, in your opinion, would be better? Selective Amnesia or Elephantine Memory?
child, happy, bubbles
Or maybe blowing it all away would help?

Let me introduce you to the perks of getting afflicted with Selective Amnesia. You can choose to forget all the crappy incidents that have occurred in your past, and move on ahead with a calmness that will shock the Zen on the Mountain. You can deal with people without past prejudices and opinions littering your thought process. You can find it easier to forgive and forget. In short, you’ll turn into a more positive person. 

But with this, there’s a certain way of handling yourself if you’ve got Selective Amnesia. Before you press that Delete button and hit the Play Button, you need to add something to the playlist of your life. Some note to yourself that will help you avoid future incidents like these. And highlight it in such a way, that when a similar incident occurs, the solution flashes before your eyes, and not the negativity associated with the last time. And trust me, it will work wonders in your life.

Say what? Wanna be an amnesiac from now on? Do share your opinions in the comments section! 


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  1. As much as there are things in my past that I'd rather forget, I don't think I'd want to hit your proposed delete button. Mistakes, and their associated guilt/shame/frustration, are an integral part of the learning process after all. But if it were a reset button, one that allows you to relive and hopefully correct said mistakes, I'd feel more inclined to try it out.


  2. Now that's an amazing point of view, Michael!
    It's just that some people have this habit of bottling up all their emotions together, and bursting out when it gets too hard to contain everything! For them, this delete button could be useful, ain't it?

    Yes, A Reset button would be damn good. But there's one downside of that too: Wishing you could change the past ain't gonna make any difference to the present or future!

    And also, it's more practical to try and erase memories and keep back the lessons than to edit the memories and forget the lesson! 🙂


  3. Shilpa Garg says:

    Oh yes, sometimes, the silly/sad/mad things of the past can play out hurt/regret/guilt on a loop. But I have realized that these crappy incidents are great life lessons. So, I am kind of OK and dont want a Delete button 🙂


  4. Hmm.. Accepting a life lesson and moving on is a good option.. As good as the Delete button, now that you've mentioned it! 🙂


  5. pixie says:

    I don't think I want a delete button either – because its all these mistakes – these sad things that have helped shaped who I am today 🙂
    I don't like dwelling on them, but I am not sure if I want to erase them all completely…


  6. It's commendable, Mithila, that you want to install that Delete button. I think we can never completely erase the past but yes, we can move on and not let them overwhelm us 🙂 Wonderfully so.


  7. An interesting concept, though things happen for a reason and I have to trust that errors may seem like mistakes that are meant to be hidden. Yet there may be jewels hidden in them…it's a matter of finding them! 😉 ❤


  8. Yeah! The past incidents do play a major role in the decisions you make and the choices you take in the future!
    It's never good to dwell on them.. but if some people can't seem to stop themselves from hitting the rewind button.. it may be good for them to have a Delete button!


  9. Yes, Shailaja! My point exactly!
    The sole reason I want to install the Delete button is so that I can move on ahead without the skeletons of my past jumping up on me and making me go down memory lane again..

    Moving on.. yes.. We must learn to move on.. It's for the best.. 🙂


  10. Totally, Elly! Every mistake we make teaches us a lesson, the hard part is finding that lesson.. The way you beautifully said it! 🙂


  11. Rajlakshmi says:

    Sometimes silly things makes me feel like putting the head in the oven, yeah I like to have a delete button for that. I love the way you move forward, forgetting a rather hard day and not crib about it 🙂


  12. Parul says:

    Well, that's a great concept. I kind of use that but yes, I also have learnt of the two cents the situation had to to share. Great post..


  13. Chicky says:

    There was a time I used to wish that I could get partial amnesia, but then it's these memories from yesterday that teach me to be careful today. I used to have that delete button long ago, but now I have deleted it from my life. It just makes you forget everything so that you repeat the same mistakes over and over again. And then, one fine day, someone close to you (maybe your best friend or a family member) shows you how this has become a pattern in your life. That's when you decide to remember ALL experiences, so you don't fall into similar traps again. It feels like a burden for a while, carrying all the memories, but then you figure out what to keep and what to let go. It changes your life quite a bit though. You're not that carefree and open anymore… even if you do appear that way.


  14. Hehe.. Specially all those moments which make you cringe now that you think about them!
    Finally found someone who agrees with me! *punches the air* 😀


  15. Yes! The Delete button needs to be exercised with caution.. Just like I said earlier, you need to add something to the playlist of your life too! 🙂


  16. Chicky! This comment is super awesome!
    Yes, it's kinda like the person that you were in your past wrote this blog post.. And now, the person I'm gonna be in my future is wrote this comment!

    And I kinda like your advice.. I feel it's way better than my Delete button! It sure as hell changes who you are as a person.. things like this surely alter the reaction center of your brain.. But I'm reminded of this song by Kelly Clarkson.. “Stronger” I'll quote the relevant lyrics,,

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,
    Stand a little taller
    Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone..
    What doesn't kill you makes a fighter
    Footsteps even lighter
    Doesn't mean I'm over cause you're gone!

    True, ain't it? 🙂


  17. Great post Mithila.

    For every person who says that s/he does not want to hit 'delete' there are 10 that do. Yes, it's important to learn what our past taught us, but it's equally important to forget the feelings of misery associated with those lessons. Maybe that's where the 'delete' button would especially be useful.

    Do share tips for people on how to reset their lives and move forward with optimism…


  18. Yeah, the world is filled with people who may have made the wrong decisions at one point of time in their past. And now, their past comes back to haunt them!
    I agree, the feeling of misery is the main reason why the Delete button was created. The important life lessons once learnt, the story needs to go into the dustbin of your life.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Vishal! Yes, I will plan to do some posts on the tip you've given me 🙂


  19. hahahha…my memory is smaller than a mouse! forget elephantine ones! I can't remember most things and yea that is quite a blessing! trust me!


  20. Rachna says:

    That was quite an interesting post, Mithila. Ideally, it would be wonderful to hit that delete button to undo all that hurt and negativity. But then, the lesson may be lost too. Like you said, if the solution to handle that situation/person just flashes the next time without the negativity surfacing then I say bring on the delete button. 🙂


  21. Thank you so much Rachna!
    Yes, it's super important for the lesson learnt and the solution used to remain etched in one's mind for further use..
    Glad you liked the idea of a Delete button! 🙂


  22. Hehehe.. I know right! Forgetting little trifles that don't matter in the long run is a skill that most of us envy!
    That means, people are envious of us! 😉


  23. Chicky says:

    I always love these lines! And it does make you stronger… SO MUCH stronger! And wiser. A bit cautious too, but I guess that's part of the package deal. And you just stop taking crap from people because you know what you've been through and you realize your own own strength and worth.
    Experiences are always good, even if they are bad. In fact, bad ones just make you appreciate the good ones even more.


  24. “Bad ones just make you appreciate the good ones more.” True that, Chicky!


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