Wassup with your Status? Part II

Glad you’re back after reading Part I of the “Wassup with your Status?” blog post. In case you missed it, here’s the link:  Wassup with your Status? Part I
In all my WhatsApp status analyzing career, I have found the following types of WhatsApp statuses. And can hence tell you what type of a person you chat with. Or are forced to chat with. 
1. Available/Busy/Off/DND: Quite obviously, the people who I don’t chat with have such kind of statuses. I guess these are the professionals and the people who can’t afford to wear their hearts on their sleeves.
2. Happy quote forever: Now these are people who a. Either don’t have the time to change it or b. Don’t have the brains to change it 
3. Copy paste from the net: Hehe. Guilty, m’lord! Basically, these people could be the unimaginative types, who don’t wanna waste time exploring their emotionally creative side!
4. One word statuses: Now these are the type of people who should have master classes on the art of brevity. For the ones who use the entire 139 character limit to pour out their emotions.
5. Emoji statuses: People who use this type of status, I feel, are the kids of the WhatsApp world. A friend of mine, had kept her status as a red ❤ for a long time. One day, gathering the courage to talk to her about her love life, I asked her about the status. She texted back: I just liked that emoji. Nothing related to love -_- Most commonly used emojis are: The smiley one. The heart-eye one (guilty again!). The coloured hearts displayed like colours of the Olympic flag. And the ghost one. 
6. Hbd greeting statuses: Now this is okay if you are wishing a friend or an acquaintance who has saved your phone number. But how the hell do you imagine Virat Kohli to have your number saved, when Anushka Sharma is the only one he chats with even during a match? #JokeIntended #Viratians #please #don’t #murder #me.
7. Forever changing status: These are the drama queens of WhatsApp. Just wanna keep updating, but don’t wanna update on Facebook, out of the fear that the friend list will decrease! Found one idiot like me. Used to keep stalking his statuses. Actually figured out that he was doing a story of his love life and tragedy after that. I console you, brother!
8. Whatsapp dare statuses: Hahaha.. Guilty again! The worst one- write your crush’s name as your status. I wrote: Daniel Radcliffe. Obvio! My crush has saved my number *hides face like that monkey emoji.
9.  Birthday countdowns: This is stupid. Both for the birthday kid and the birthday kid’s friend. I mean, if you want me to give you a birthday gift, invite me to your party a week in  advance. No need to change your status in order to remind me about your big day.
10. Full stops: Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. But only for fifteen minutes! 😀 Again, these are the unimaginative folk, who don’t want to think. Or either (this happens to me a lot) they want to change their Status Privacy to Nobody, but feel that their contacts will assume that they have deleted their number. And hence, the ink-filled full stop.
11. Music statuses: Yayayayayayaya! My favourite one- Still alive, barely breathing. #TheScript #ManOnAWire. These are the ones who listen to music while they chat. Or listen to music 24×7.
12. Hey there! I am using WhatsApp: This status should be banned. Period.
13. Current residence for travel lovers: Wow! Don’t you know about Twitter? Or facebook? You can update your status there. Don’t thank me for the advice. My pleasure. #Sarcasm.

14. Blog promotion links: This type of WhatsApp status is exclusively reserved for bloggers. Links to recent blog posts, or sometimes just one link to the main blog is provided by pageview-hungry bloggers. (This was added on popular demand caused by the furore in the comments section after bloggers read this post!)
So, which type of WhatsApp status are you guilty of? One more question – Do you remember your first status? If you’re an amnesiac like me, do comment with your current WhatsApp status/favourite status. The most quirkiest ones will be rewarded with a comment. #FabSwag 😀



19 Comments Add yours

  1. I am hardly ever on WhatsApp and my status reads 'Not always on whatsapp. Text/Call if urgent' 😉 Guess you will have to slot me according to that.


  2. I have been guilty of #1, #11 and #12 at different points in time, and the occasional #6, but like I said in your last post, I rarely update my status or DP until someone complains about it being there too long.

    I recently decided to start putting links to my blog posts in my status, even though I doubt if I get many (read: any) visits through there. So you could add a #14 to your post, for those who like to post links to stuff they've written online. 😀

    P.S: The Lumia 520 doesn't have a front camera, neither does the back camera have a flash. But that's fine by me; I take even fewer pictures than I make status updates. 😀


  3. Haha. That one would be included in the Available/Busy/DND one!


  4. The links work only for Windows Phone whatsapp users.. And not for Android ones! I used to do that till the day my friend told me that the link doesn't really work!

    P.S. Lumia 520 and 630 are in the same boat then! But we are not 😛


  5. ak ™ says:

    I would have mentioned which category I belong to… but too bad, you don't have me on Whatsapp.
    Mine is pretty amazing though. 😛

    Nice post, though.


  6. Hahhahahaha. Nice try, once again, Mr. Ajay!

    Thanks for the compliment:)


  7. Lel 😛

    I usually try to come up with my own stuff..
    But lyrics have always been used 🙂
    And birthday wishes too 😀


  8. Rajlakshmi says:

    hahaha I have got a ghost emoji 😀 I loved the still alive, barely breathing … maybe I should change mine to that 😀


  9. Similar WhatsApp status tendencies! 😀


  10. Hahaha.. Even I like that ghost emoji.. Specially when I set my dp as a quirky quote or a joke..
    Yeah, no copyright issues! You can copy the status! 😛


  11. Parul says:

    Ha ha ha! This was a fun post. Super funny.. Well I have my blog link as my status msg for years now. what category do I belong to? 🙂 🙂


  12. I stumbled upon this and then went back and read part one.
    I had to check what my WhatsApp status was. It is my blog address 😛
    *shameless self promotion* 😛


  13. Will have to add that now.. Too many bloggers are affected by this syndrome! 😀


  14. Hahahahahahaha..I'm adding this to the blog post ASAP.. Too many requests for this particular one!


  15. Debbie D. says:

    This is hilarious! Found you through the B-A-R. I'm going to browse around here some more. BTW, “Arschloch” is a very handy German epithet which I use frequently. ☺ Cheers!


  16. Hey Debbie! Glad to see your first comment on my blog 🙂
    Feel free to roam around and spam my account with comments!

    Arschloch is a word UK and I frequently use when describing species of the male gender. Cheers! 😀


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