Wassup with your status? Part I

Hehe.. A WhatsApp addict would have got the meaning of this status. Sorry, blog title.
Yeah! You guessed right! This blog post is gonna scream WhatsApp. And more importantly, gonna scream WhatsApp Statuses.


My journey towards becoming a WhatsApp change-status-every-minute addict started the day I got my Lumia 630 in my hand. I ran to the Store, downloaded the free social networking a.k.a. fukat main time-pass app, and started getting used to the interface. 

Thanks to the lack of Android phones around my specs, I thought that the WhatsApp for Windows Phone Interface was the coolest ever. And that was till the time I got hold of a friend’s phone to read a chat. Mahn, it was sooooo awesome! Compared to my limited-feature-WhatsApp, the Android phone WhatsApp was a blessed release. I strolled through the app, and learnt something absolutely shocking: Android users could set pre-defined statuses. Their past statuses could be recycled, as they were stored within the app. And me, a Lumia Lover- When I started using the app, I had saved an old pic as a display photo. For statuses, I used to fish around Google. I copy pasted an entire document which contained 100 ready-made WhatsApp statuses. And used them. I used to change it as per my need or desire or emotional state. 
That was till the time I realised that I could write down my own feelings as WhatsApp statuses! At that wonderful moment of blessed release, I chucked out that document. And started keeping quirky statuses. I admit, I often kept HP quotes as statuses, much to the admiration of my non-HP friends, who thought I was a genius to think of such amazing statuses. But hell. I have written some amazing statuses on my own steam too! 
Gradually, I started getting better at writing less-than-seven-word-statuses so that they could fit in properly in the Contacts screen. Brevity, for a gal like me who likes to expand each and every feeling and emotion to the extent that it feels I’m teaching a kindergarten student about life, comes tough. (“You just proved your point.” Fabulus quips sarcastically. “Get on with the blog post.”) 
And now came the time when I felt the need to change my status every minute, according to the change in feelings, change in situations, horribly frequent mood swings and even worser, constant switching between Fab and me. My daily average of status changes was approx 4.12. (Just trying to show how smart I am. Don’t bother to calculate. )

That was the limit mahn. I used to come online just to change my status. With a fascinating assumption that all the people who have saved my number actually check my WhatsApp status updates like they check their Times of India notifications. They never do. 
The day it all changed. What? My WhatsApp status change addiction. It was the day my sweet little brain understood that some of my sweet little guardian angels have my number. And keep a tab on me via my status. And my last seen at. That was the day I decided. No more status changes. One standard status throughout: ‘It’s all a façade..’ And the usual ‘DND’ status when I’m blogging. And ‘Go to Nether Regions!’ status when I’m pissed. 
It took me some time to get deadddicted. A remedy that worked for me: I changed the Privacy setting of my status to Nobody. That discouraged me from changing my status- coz the sole reason why I change my status is to attract attention. Cool idea, eh? It worked, so I’m back to my Contact-favouring privacy settings: Display pic, Status, Last Seen At- Nobody
And now, I can proudly call myself a deaddicted WhatsApp user! 😀

 Stay tuned for Part II of this blog post (Sunday, 24th May) which is gonna cover the different type of WhatsApp statuses and how you can guess the personality of the people from such statuses! 

12 Comments Add yours

  1. A Lumia 630 you say. I use a Lumia 520 myself, which I absolutely adore by the way, although I also keep my 7-inch android tablet handy at all times, for those moments when a 4-inch screen simply wouldn't cut it.

    I've never been a WhatsApp addict, nor have I ever been addicted to any kind of social or instant messaging app. I sometimes go months on end without changing my status and display picture (to the chagrin of my various exes trying to keep tabs on me), with the only indication of the fact that I haven't been sucked into a black hole somewhere being my Last Seen. >:)

    Glad you were finally able to overcome your WhatsApp addiction. 😀


  2. Does the Lumia 520 have a selfie cam? Mine doesn't!
    Android tablet you say? I'm jealous *walks off to dad to butter him up and ask for a new smart phone.*

    Now that's really stoic! Not wanting to change your display pic and status. I know someone who does that. One difference: This person doesn't show his Last Seen At. (And unfortunately, I fall into the category of the hungry-for-info exes! 😀 )

    Yeah, I'm glad I survived too! 😀


  3. Hahaha, the things that one can obsess over 😀


  4. I know right! All passing fads, I tell you !


  5. Whatapp statuses! The fun I have while reading a few. I somehow don't change mine that often unless the situation demands it to 😛 Usually a quote from some book.


  6. Reading WhatsApp statuses is a pass time I indulge in when I'm supposed to be studying for my Economics test!

    I prefer music quotes, when I feel like changing my status.. Or else it's the standard one..


  7. Chicky says:

    Really? Whatsapp statuses too? I can barely keep up with Facbook! Then there's twitter! Then the abandoned Pinterest account! And you actually get time to update your whatsapp status! I think mine is still the default.

    I'm sure I don't need to say this now, but yeah, I'm one of those whatsapp users who never see other whatsapp users' status updates. Profile updates, yes – maybe once in 4 months, but, status updates – NEVER. :p


  8. Yup! As I'm a collegian, WhatsApp is the sole cheapest way to communicate with the world. I never liked Facebook in the first place, just use it for B-A-R group chats and that's the end of it. Twitter is an addiction which helped me get over WhatsApp. And sorry, I deactivated my Pinterest account!

    Haha, I keep stalking people on WhatsApp. Check out their statuses once every day. It helps with the blog post ideas, you know. Random quotes or emotions evoke certain thoughts in my mind. (I'm not saying I plagiarize, just saying I get inspired! 😀 )


  9. Parul says:

    Funny! I have been using watsapp for over 3 years if my calculation stands correct but watsapp status? Changed it twice i guess. Thinking about it, I have never gone to check out people's statuses either. It is the generation gap between us? 😛


  10. Hahaha.. Yes! It might be due to the generation gap.. You see, our generation gives more emphasis to showing off while enjoying the moment instead of enjoying the moment thoroughly.. Hence the constant change of WhatsApp statuses..
    I truly admire the teenage life people of your generation led.. Free and blissful! 🙂


  11. Rachna says:

    Thankfully, I never really got hooked on to WhatsApp. Do love some jokes there. Glad you got a handle on your addiction.


  12. Yup.. I'm glad too! 🙂


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