Y for Yule Ball

The first time Harry danced.. The night for which Neville practised like a man possessed.. The epic night on which Ron and Hermione fought like Crookshanks and Scabbers..
Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com
In today’s blog post, I’m gonna be imagining imaginary couples and thus, the new imaginary scene at the Yule Ball.
Harry and Cho- 
Hehe.. At least Harry’s stammering attempt would have been successful! Remember the Owlery scene in HP4?
Ron and Lavender-
Wow, now this would have been epic. Because then, instead of snogging like eels all over the place in the sixth year, they would have been snogging all over the place like frogs in the fourth year! 😛
Hermione and Neville-
Aww! This would have been cute. Because both of them tried their best to look extremely cool and awesome on the Yule Ball night. Neville practiced dancing.. in front of the mirror. Hermione straightened her hair to look fabulusly gorgeous and breath-taking.. I like it when both the partners do something to appreciate one another. Or at least do something to make themselves attractive to each other. You know, kind of like the “I-like-you-and-I-want-to-impress-you” kinda thing! It’s so cute! Wanting someone so much that you are willing to do some changes in your own life! *_* 

Viktor and Fleur-
Who said that the Champions couldn’t take each other to the ball? The reason why I made this pairing – so that Hermione could stay away from Viktor! And then, Ron and Hermione wouldn’t have fought. Because Ron would have been perfectly fine with Hermione and Neville as a couple. Coming back to Viktor and Fleur, they would have been the Power Couple. One with the skill, and the other with the looks. A match made by Aphrodite and Mars, I say!
Dean and Ginny-
Now this couple would have been strategically amazing. You see, if Ginny had to be with Dean for the Yule Ball., maybe they would have broken up earlier. And then Harry could have flirted with Ginny after he broke up with Cho in the fifth year. That gives them two complete years to be with each other and cherish each other’s company! What a strategy, eh? 😀
Cedric and Luna-
I just put the two of them together because I really like Luna and wanted her to go with someone cool to the ball. Someone who would not ridicule her for being a lunatic, but enjoy her company. Cedric never made fun of someone just because they were weird or younger to him. A true Hufflepuff, I must say.

Who would you like to go to the ball with? I’m taking away Harry Potter from your option list.. he’s only mine! *_*


14 Comments Add yours

  1. I'd like to go with Bellatrix Lestrange. 😀


  2. Hehe.. She was in Azkaban at that time! 😛


  3. Prasanna Rao says:

    I always thought that Harry made a good pairing with Luna. Remember that scene from Deathly Hallows where she suggests about the lost diadem of Ravenclaw and she yells at Harry to stop and listen to her! I would like to go to the ball with either Sirius Black or Lupin 😉


  4. Aww! You made my day! Actually, I consider myself to be Luna.. So that means! *_*
    Nice choice, Sirius looks too handsome! ❤


  5. Fred and George… they'd make me laugh… you really need to enable name / url commenting… my comment was eaten twice!


  6. Hahah yeah! And then you could have the time of your life tricking people with all sorts fo weird joke items!
    Sorry for the comment thing.. I'll get that sorted out soon! 🙂


  7. April Moore says:

    I've got a soft spot for Neville . . . plus I've seen how he's grown into quite a good-looking guy!


  8. Yeah! Matthew Lewis looks downright sexy now! *_*


  9. Gehna Kapoor says:

    I like it that you paired Victor with Fleur, because I didn't like them together :/
    I would go you the ball with either Fred or George! ^_^ 😛


  10. Gehna Kapoor says:

    I meant I didn't like Victor and Hermione together…. btw, Ron and Lavender is also a good match 😀


  11. Ahha! Now that's a popular choice!


  12. Hmmm.. Same here! I didn't like the pairing of brains with brawn.. And the pairing of beauty with ugly! 😛
    I know, right? Won-Won and Lav-Lav! 😀


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