X for XXXX rated magical animals!

For those of you idiots who are waiting for the screen adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and still haven’t read the book.. this blog post is for you. You’ll want to run and read this book ASAP after reading this.

Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com

What I love about this book is the additional footnotes in Harry and Ron’s scribbly writing. A graphologist’s delight!

Anyways, getting back to how magical creatures are rated, the list above makes it quite clear. What I’m gonna do today is just classify the animals. (Don’t ask me why I’m doing such a small blog post for a change.)

X- Boring
1. Flobberwoem – One word- Ugh!
2. Horklump – Gnomes eat them!

XX – Harmless / maybe domesticated
1. Augurey
2. Bowtruckle – love woodlice, and bite people who try to draw diagrams of them. ๐Ÿ˜›
3. Chizpurfle
4, Clabbert
5. Diricawl – A ‘dodo’ for muggles. Muggles think that Dodos are extinct. Little do they know, that Diricwals can make themselves invisible!
6. Fairy – Quarrelsome nature, but will become docile whenever asked to act like an ornament.
7. Ghoul – Thanks, Weasley Ghoul for pretending you were Ron!
8. Gnome- How I love degnoming! Just degnomed my garden! ๐Ÿ˜›
9. Grindylow – Remus had one in his office!
10. Imp – has a sense of humour!
11. Jobberknoll – It makes no sound till the moment of its death. then, it lets out a loud scream made up of every sound it has heard, regurgitated backwards! Somewhat similar to humans who bottle up their emotions and then let it all out when it becomes too much! ๐Ÿ˜
12. Mooncalf – Intensely shy creature, who does a wonderful hind-leg dance.
13. Porlock – guards horses. Mistrusts humans.
14. Puffskein – Arnold! *_*
15. Ramora – can anchor ships and protects seafarers.

XXX- Competent wizard should cope
1. Ashwinder
2. Billywig
3. Bundimun
4. Crup – wizard dogs (would love to have one puppy, please!
5. Doxy – Grimmalud Place was full of these bitingly evil creatures. Check out the blog post on Grimmauld Place
6. Dugbog – they eat Mandrakes! :O
7. Fire Crab – Shoots flames from its rear when attacked. Ouch! :O
8. Fwooper
9. Glumbumble
10. Hippocampus
11. Hippogriff – ย can be tamed only experts. Not dodos like Malfoy! ๐Ÿ˜€
12. Jarvey – somewhat like parrots, they can speak like dim-wits.
13. Knarl – Mistaken for hedgehogs by Muggles
14. Kneazle – Somewhat like faithful cats. Faithful if they like you. Vicious if not.
15. Leprechaun – More intelligent than fairies and less malicious than imps. ๐Ÿ˜›
16. Lobalug – Merpeople use this creature like a weapon
17. Mackled Malaclaw- The name suggest ‘mal’ – bad, ‘claw’ – claw. If bitten, the affected person is unlucky for a week after the injury.
18. Moke – Harry had a moke-skin purse!
19. Murtlap – Hermione’s Murtlap essence! *_*
20. Niffler – Miners of gold to Muggles
21. Nogtail – Demons which albino bloodhounds can catch
22. Pixie – Which spell did Hermione use to control them? Immobulus, right?
23. Plimpy – Freshwater plimpies, anyone? ๐Ÿ˜› Check out the blog post on Luna Lovegood
24. Pogrebin – Russian demon. Use a Stunning Spell.
25. Red Caps- dwarf like creatures, who beat the living hell out of Muggles when they are alone. :O
26. Salamander – fire-dwelling lizard. Can survive without fire if fed red pepper.
27. Sea serpent – don’t kill humans! Haash!
28. Shrake – Spine covered fish! :O
29. Streeler – Changes colour on an hourly basis. :O

XXXX-Dangerous/requires specialist knowledge / skilled wizard may handleย 
1. Centaur- Hagrid could deal with them!
2. Demiguise -hair used in making Invisibility Cloaks
3. Erkling
4. Erumpent – Hermione told you to stay away from it, Xenophilius!
5. Graphorn
6. Griffin-Like sphinxes, they guard treasures
ย 7. Kappa -Feeds on human blood, but may be dissuaded if a cucumber with that person’s name on it is thrown at the Kappa.
8. Kelpie – This creature is what the Muggles call – Loch Ness.
9. Occamy – Egg shells are made of pure silver.
10. Re’em – ย Re’em blood gives the drinker immense strength.
11. Runespoor – Three headed serpent. First head- the planner. Second head – dreamer. Third head – the critic. Favourite pet of Parselmouths.
12. Snidget – The Golden Snitch type creature! Check out the blog post on Quidditch
13. Sphinx – The Triwizard Tournament riddle!
14. Tebo – Power of invisibility. :O
15. Troll – The troll in the dungeon! ๐Ÿ˜€ check out the blog post about this scene!
16. Unicorn – So pretty! *_*
17. Winged horses – Abraxan, Aethonan, Graninan and Thestral are some types
18. Yeti – maybe related to the troll, but fears fire.

ย XXXXX- Known wizard killer /impossible to train or domesticateย 
1. Acromantula – how did Hagrid do it then? Remember- Aragog? Check out the blog post on Hagrid
2. Basilisk – Voldemort could tame it!
3. Chimaera-
4. Dragon- Harry, Cedric,Viktor,Fleur,Charlie,Hagrid. What the hell is the Ministry of Magic talking about?
5. Lethifold – Can be repelled using the Patronus charm. If you die, your family members will never find a corpse.
6. Manticore – Sting causes instant death.
7. Merpeople – One question, how did Dumbledore learn Mermish?
8. Nundu – Breath can cause a virulent disease which can destroy entire villages
9. Phoenix – Fawkes! Check out the blog post on Fawkes!
10. Quintaped- The whole legend is hilarious., Check out FBAWTF for more.
11. Werewolf- Lupin was more human than wolflike. Fenrir was more lupine than human. (Understood the origin of the name? ) Check out the blog post on Remus Lupin!

There are hardly any boring creatures in the Wizarding World. Coz when it’s all magic, it’s completely magic! *_*



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  1. Emmm. I guess I am one of those idiots you mentioned in your post. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I've had the book gathering dust in my collection for years now, but never got around to reading the whole thing from start to finish. I just might take another stab at it after reading this. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. It's actually a very amazing book.. people think it's boring because it has no story line. But the magical animals are just W-O-W.
    Go ahead and read the book. I'm waiting for the movie! *_*


  3. So that's what's I let into my home, a kneazle! Good to know.


  4. Hahaha.. Your cat!
    Maybe it must be a kneazle.. If you believe in Magic! ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. A fun X post! Only 2 days left in the challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚



  6. Yaa! And I'm so sad about it.. This month of April has been the best April of my life.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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