W for Weasleys

The family with oddballs and good ones mixed.. The family who was willing to share a flagon of Butterbeer with Harry every Christmas.. The ones who never scrounged for a Knut even though they had only one lonely Galleon in their Gringotts vault..

Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com

To spice up today’s blog post, I’m gonna imagine a day at the Burrow when all the eleven
living members of the family are together.
(Post-war setting)

The one-of-a-kind Wizarding clock shows that Mr. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, Hermione are at home. Ron -at work. Harry and Ginny – travel i.e.  Honeymoon. The cock had just crowed, and with that grand entry sound Percy walked into the dining room with his glorious bedhead. He walked  straight to Errol and pulled off  the Prophet attached to the bird’s talon. Greeting Mrs. Weasley a good morning, he settled down with a goblet of Pumpkin juice and started perusing through The Daily Prophet. Trailing behind him was Hermione, who passed him a look of scorn when she caught him reading the mini-gossip column titled – The Chosen Couple. He pleads innocence, “What? I have the right to know what my sister is doing while she’s on her honeymoon!” The sight of Mrs. Weasley’s expression silences him better than a Silencio curse. “It’s okay to be an elder brother. Not an interfering poky elder brother.” Just as Percy opened his mouth to employ his throat, the sullen faced George walked in with a parchment in his hand and a frown on his face. A battered quill kept scratching on the parchment as he spoke- “No, The ban on the Fanged Frisbees is the culprit for decline in sales.. I need to sort out the unions. What say, Fred?” He turned around to look for his brother’s reassuring face. Mrs. Weasley dropped the plate of bacon she was holding. A tear glistened in her eye as she went to her son to hug him. Percy and Hermione shared a glance, but no words passed from their lips. Bill and Charlie, attracted by the noise, came to the dining room. Mr. Weasley, who had retired from his post at the Ministry of Magic, had been snoozing in one corner of the room. He opened one eye, looked at George, sighed and said, “Molly, I think it’s high time we give this boy a dose of the Grief Reducto potion..” George replied angrily, “No ways! Fred is always around me. I don’t want a cauldron full of this potion to make me forget about the only best friend and best sibling I had!” He stalked off towards the fireplace, took a pinch of Floo Powder and yelled, “Weasley Wizards Wheezes!”

Mrs. Weasley burst into tears. Charlie led his mum to a seat near the table and offered her some Firewhisky spiked mead. Hermione took charge of the kitchen and set about preparing some bacon and hash browns again. Fleur, who had been out sunning herself, walked into the dining room. Looking at the scene, she raised an eyebrow at Bill. When Bill shook his head pointing at the empty chair that Fred usually sat on, she got the meaning. She took over from Charlie and comforted her mom-in-law. Charlie stalked off to pour a glass of Firewhisky to calm his nerves. Even he was deeply saddened by this outburst. In fact, everyone in the room had the same expression.

 A whirl of wind near the chicken coop caught their  attention. Ron had returned home. As he walked in, he hugged Hermione fiercely. All the while mumbling, “If you hadn’t taught me that Wingardium Leviosa spell.. ” Mr. Weasley, in a bid to change the environment of the room asked his son, “What was the case tonight?” “A mountain troll again.. But this one was under the influence of a weird Potion, a Potion even our dearest Snape couldn’t concoct!” “Ah, a new challenge, eh? You might want to send some samples for identification soon. If it’s something new, the Ministry needs to be aware of it.”

“Oh! Let’s not discuss work today! Harry and Ginny will be home any minute!” Mrs. Weasley sprang up from her chair, and took over from Hermione. Happily, Hermione sat down next to Ron and dabbed some dittany on his wounds. After a minute or two, plates of hot and delicious smelling bacon and chips arranged themselves on tables while goblets filled up with fresh Pumpkin juice. Conversation resumed as if George’s outburst hadn’t taken place, but it was at the back of everyone’s mind. These outbursts had become quite common since a past few days. No one could figure out why. Mr. Weasley wanted Harry to employ his Legilimency skills and find out the reason, because George never volunteered to talk about it. Hence, Harry’s return from Spain was highly awaited.


As, Harry got his Firebolt ready for the journey back home, he looked at Ginny for a moment. She was as beautiful as she was the day he kissed her in the Gryffindor common room. She was still the same gutsy, independent woman that she was the day she let go of him and they broke up. Above all, she was still in love with him, even after having a harassed and horrible honeymoon being followed by the paparazzi. Harry’s Invisibility Cloak managed to shoo them away for a few days. Ginny’s Bat-Bogey Hex scared a few. In the end, they managed to sneak in a few moments of privacy amid this chaos. And this was the most memorable time Harry had spent with Ginny.

 Ginny caught him staring at her and winked playfully. She then said, “Harry, why don’t we just use a portkey or Apparate home? I really want to meet mum.. it’s been so long!” Harry pretended to consider this, and then said, “I’ve got it all done, love. Here’s the portkey! Let’s go!”

Yeah, the story ends here. Finally fulfilled my dream about writing a fan – fiction on Harry Potter. I hope you liked it!

Now comes the analysis. The Weasley family was kinda like a real family to Harry. He never felt alone whenever he was at the Burrow. With people who loved him and cared for him all around, I doubt that would be possible. He tried to help them out by offering to part with some of his Galleons, but they were too kind to accept it. However, he paid for his own school things and extra munching from the Hogwarts Express Trolley. (Extra munching for Ron was also provided! 😛 ) And then, he also helped Fred and George fulfill their dream of creating a Wizard Joke Shop. Mark of a true wizard, I must say. Not doing it out of an obligation, but out of sheer innocence and affection for a friend who is almost like a family member. Selfless hero, more like it. Ohk, stop me before I start gushing about HP a.k.a. DanRad again. 😀

Once again, I invite you to share/comment on this story on your preferred social networking site. I’d love to read your feedback on my first full-fledged fan-fiction post!



10 Comments Add yours

  1. Shailaja V says:

    Hmm interesting 🙂 To be honest though, it packs a little too much information into the space of a single blog post 🙂 But, given that it is your first fan fiction, I would say it's a pretty good attempt.


  2. Yeah! It could have been shorter.. I think I went overboard with the honeymoon scene.. You know me and Harry na! *_*
    Thanks for your kind comment! 🙂
    I promise to return back with an even better one!


  3. Not bad. Almost makes me want to write some Harry Potter fan fiction myself. 🙂

    P:S: Please don't tell me Harry is seriously considering riding a broomstick with Ginny, all the way from Spain to England, on their honeymoon for that matter!? Talk about being a tightwad. 😛


  4. Haha.. I thought the Broomstick journey back would be romantic.. At least it seemed romantic to me.. and i would enjoy riding a broomstick with Harry! *_*


  5. The Weasleys are a wonderful family!


  6. Yeah! The best, in fact! 🙂


  7. Chicky says:

    But it would be so uncomfortable sitting on a broomstick, won't it? :p

    My favorite Weasleys were the twins! Followed by Arthur Weasley.


  8. Chicky says:

    Say, have you read the HP fan fiction by G. Norman Lippert? He followed the story of Harry's son, James Potter.


  9. Noo! They both would have their own broomstick! 😛
    Yeah! Me too, #FredAndGeorge #YouRock


  10. No! But I will, now that you have recommended it to me!
    Thanks for stopping by and for the recommendation! 🙂


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