U for Umbridge

The foulest creature this world has ever seen (way worser than the magical creatures that Hagrid presented in the Care of Magical Creatures).. The one with an addiction for all things pink and catty in nature (even though she was a b*tch) The one who boasted about being a pure blood even though she was not..(Selwyn? My foot!)
Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com
Professor Umbridge was an embodiment of all the negative characteristics we find in our most-hated villains. A perfectly foul Cruella de Ville, Ursula’s sister, The Evil Queen’s mother and most probably, related to Malfoy and Voldemort! Oh no, I ranted in an exaggerated fashion. Sorry for that. But whenever I hear Umbridge’s name, my blood boils. She made Harry bleed! She took away his Firebolt and banned him from playing Quidditch, in the fifth year. Quidditch was his only solace during that year of ups and downs. To put it in a clichéd way, she just made Harry’s life miserable. In an un-clichéd way: She was the one tormentor who made Harry feel that the Dursleys were humans.
The Minister’s pet cat, she followed his word and his dictate to the letter. She adored him and felt that Dumbledore was like a useless rag doll. She did all this just to get herself promoted to higher posts with greater powers. A power hungry freak, she was willing to do the wrong thing just to get what she wanted. A woman with a twisted mind and an evil way about her, she never regretted doing what she did. In fact, she thought that she was always right, and the world around her was wrong. Like, the fact that she didn’t believe that the Dark Lord had risen again. Maybe because Fudge didn’t believe that Lord Voldemort had come back to life, she chose not to believe Dumbledore. Or maybe she chose not to believe because she wanted a promotion to Hogwarts High Inquisitor? I think both the reasons are highly probable.
In our daily lives, we meet such desperate souls who are willing to kill/ backstab/betray/ inflict harm on people just to please some higher authority. Or get some benefits or mental kicks. Pipsqueaks run to the boss/ teacher with the latest round of gossip in a bid to defame their arch rival and opponent. If these big-mouths-with-an-evil-purpose are in positions of authority, they misuse it. To the extent that the sufferer actually feels that a Draught of Living Death would be comparatively more pleasure-inducing. 
Harry and his group tackled this pink-clad monster head on. How do you tackle such negative energies in your life? Especially when you don’t have a wand? 

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  1. Ah, yes, the vilest of them all. I was so happy to see her whisked away by murderous centaurs at the end of book 5, only to see her again in book 7, crueller and viler than ever. On a side note, Imelda Staunton did a fantastic job portraying her in the movies.


  2. Haha yeah! I just watched the movie before writing the blog post.. just to get a feel about her character fresh in my mind!


  3. When I meet people like this in my real life, I so wish I had a wand. Reducto would serve them right! 😛
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*


  4. Hehe.. Don't copy my style!
    Impedimenta is a better curse 😉


  5. Aha! That's a wonderful tale on Harry Potter and magic wand. How I wish I had one to straighten things up!


  6. Haha.. I hope you remember that quote from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,
    If you have a wand on your side and can't sort out things. maybe it's because the other side has a wand too!
    Anyways, thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  7. Wish for a wand. LOL Umbridge is so easy to dislike.


  8. Hehe. I wonder how Argus Filch adored her. Maybe because they had the same intention: Making the lives of students miserable!


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