T for ‘Troll in the Dungeon’

The first ever epic scene in the HP series.. The one which made the bond between Harry, Ron and Hermione stronger.. and my personal favourite scene.. “There’s a troll in the dungeon!”
Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com

I’m sure most of you Potterheads recollect the entire scene. Hermione, feeling like an overburdened friendless nerd, had locked herself up in the girls’ bathroom and was crying her heart out. Now, this idiot of a troll selected this particular bathroom for an attack. And the bravehearts that Harry and Ron are, they saved her. In the process, they were caught by Professor McGonagall who then asked them for an explanation. Hermione saved their skin by telling a lie. And thus, these Gryffindors tackled a fully grown mountain troll and lived to tell the tale.

This situation can be compared to a very interesting situation that we Muggles face everyday – making friends. How? Read on.

In the above situation, Harry and Ron had felt no obligation to warn Hermione or save her from the troll. They could have easily informed Percy or some teacher about this and let them do the work. Even then they would have been rewarded for helping a student. And Hermione would have been saved. But that was not the case. These two pint-sized heroes with hearts of gold deliberately disobeyed orders from their teachers and got Hermione out of the battle scene unscathed. Why did they go and do this hero-giri when on the very same day, Ron had spoken rudely about Hermione behind her back? None of the students from their batch particularly liked this bushy-haired gal. As is the case with all nerds, Muggles or Witches. Why then did they even venture away from the Prefect Percy?

Maybe a little spark of humanity and childish pride that they could help Hermione just lit up. And that’s all that was required to light up the candle of friendship. What they did to save her got them all closer, into a bond that they never would break. A bond that was created because of their willingness to help each other out of tight corners and also to save each other’s backs as and when the time arose. A bond that even Voldemort could never break.
This troll actually helped them find friends in each other. Hermione now knew that Harry and Ron could be trusted, and Harry and Ron realized that even Hermione could cook up a convincing lie when they were in a hot soup. And that’s what good friendships are made up of, right? The last line at the end of HP1, Halloween just makes me tear up every time I read it.



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  1. The troll scene from the first movie has become somewhat iconic, if you can ignore the substandard special effects that it. It is a good thing that the first movie's success allowed more money to be thrown into the effects of subsequent films in the franchise.


  2. Yeah! Actually the Chess set scene was even more iconic.. More special effects there..


  3. Dee says:

    Yay! A fellow Potterhead! The way they became friends really is great. Can you imagine how the series would have been like if Hermione had not become their friend? Her brains got them out of their weird situations! Harry would've died without her.

    The Perks of Being a Blogger


  4. I know, right? Hermione is the reason Harry killed Voldemort (you could say so because she's the reason he was alive till the 7th book) 😀
    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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