S for Severus Snape

The man with greasy hair and a waxen look about his face.. The man who played the role of a double agent better than any other the world has seen till date.. The one whose Patronus was proof that he loved her always.. The one who gave up the love of his life because she loved another man, but yet looked after her son till his last breath..
Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com

At first glance, Severus Snape doesn’t look like the type who would go the mile for a girl. Till the 6th book, JKR kept up this deceit quite well. None of us were prepared for the twist in the tale that took place in the Shrieking Shack during the Battle at Hogwarts. And when we saw through Harry’s eyes the Life and Lies of Severus Snape, I’m sure, even Snape’s hardened haters must have shed a tear. I mean, he embodies true love. Even though the love of his life chose another man, he volunteered to help Dumbledore save her son, Harry Potter. Even though he was a hardened Death Eater and an accomplished Dark Wizard, he gave up that path and joined the Order of the Phoenix. As a double agent. A valuable source of information he was, all because he was a strong Occlumens and Legilimens. He could protect the sensitive information as well as gain sensitive information because of this handy trick. He did all this for his love. For her son. Even though he detested her husband. James and Severus were arch enemies who made Harry and Malfoy look like midgets. Even then, he said .. Always..

I don’t feel like ruining this blog post by comparing Snape to an ardent lover. Just because of the fact that I don’t believe there will be a lover like Snape in this modern world. In a world where a new arm-candy can be found on the World Wide Web, in a world where there is no obligation to stay on with a spouse if he/she doesn’t want to, I doubt another Snape can be born. I doubt another Snape will be found by any of us. Lovers might give big talks about staying with their love till death do us apart, but what about the after death factor? The factor that JKR so magically put into writing? The world’s best love story, that makes us search and be hopeful that we find a partner like Snape, at least 50% like Snape..

Like the millions of Potterheads, I too hated Severus Snape from the bottom of my being because he made Harry’s life hell. But page 687 (ebook version of HP 7) made us all weep. I myself still cry even after having read that scene nine times. 



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  1. I was always kinda on the fence about Snape, but what cemented my hate for him was seeing him blast a weakened Dumbledore off the top of the astronomy tower in book 6. I wanted blood at that point. In retrospect, having learnt about his motives for what he did/had to do, I can't help but feel a deep sense of admiration for him. Still wanna punch him in the face though. 😀


  2. Yeah! The fact that he killed Dumbledore made him even more of a villain then Voldemort (at that time). But after reading the Prince's Tale.. The same deep sense of admiration thing.. 😀
    Hehe, I would never want to punch a man who died protecting his true love's son.. *_*


  3. Prasanna Rao says:

    Snape was the most shocking truth of HP and I agree JKR kept it well within wraps. i think after reading Snape's love towards Lily I felt a little guilty for hating him all through out the series.


  4. Yeah.. that was the general emotion!
    But I liked the way it ended.. It couldn't have ended in a better manner!


  5. Snape – an enigma wrapped in a mystery! The scene where Harry sees Snape's memories and find out he has to die gets me every single time!


  6. Exactly! I just get a damn big heart attack every time I reread that scene.. I mean, unconditional love? To such an extent? Beyond the shackles of death? Truly amazing and heart-wrenching at the same time..


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