My first ever guest blog post!

Finally did the thing my heart wanted to do, but my eyes couldn’t see a way of accomplishing it!

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Thank you @romspeaks  , Blogger – The Whitescapes for giving me this opportunity to showcase my talents on your blog! We met via the Sunday Book Club Chat. And now I really don’t regret staying awake that dreary Sunday afternoon! I found an amazing blogger in you, and a wonderful editor who listens to every word the baby-blogger has to say!
(Haha, there are actually no edits in today’s guest blog post.. It’s the same blog post which I had emailed her!)

Anyways, my fab followers, do check out this blog post. An excerpt from the blog post titled:

Why The Bibliophile in Me is Addicted to Only One Book Series

What has made me stick to this series even after being introduced to the wonders of Jeffrey Archer, Dan Brown and David Baldacci? What has made me stay devoted to Harry Potter even after Percy Jackson caught my attention? (for a short span of time, I must clarify) What keeps me motivated through this month of April as I blog about various characters of the Harry Potter series? (I’m doing non-living things also!) I’ll try to put it in a very magical way..Log on to her blog to continue reading!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cool. I'm off to read the whole thing. 🙂


  2. I wouldn't have expected you to run away after reading the excerpt! 😉


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