R for Rubeus Hagrid

The giant of a man with a heart filled with giant emotions.. The one who loved extremely dangerous magical creatures to an extreme extent.. The one whose wand was snapped into two but yet remained hidden inside his pink umbrella.. The one who carried the dead Harry in his arms..

Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com
Rubeus Hagrid can be compared to a kid who has an inbuilt talent and a  desire to help the people around using this talent. But due to some unfortunate circumstances, this kid gets tangled up into a mess and as a result, his reputation goes on a downward spiral. A saviour in the form of a trusted elder saves the day, by looking at that kid’s story with an unprejudiced view point. This saviour goes ahead to give him/her a job, and thus, a new life.
In return, this elder earns the respect and admiration of this kid, who then serves this elder. Not with an intention that he/she is obligated to do it. Not even with an intention that he/she is repaying the favour of kindness. But with an intention that he/she wants to work for such an admirable man, the man in whom he sees god.
But this is just one facet of Hagrid’s personality. The other facet which strikes me a lot is that Hagrid was too kind and loving and thus could easily be fooled. He was not only gullible but also curious enough to get himself into some trouble. Add to that his behaviour of trusting any random person who cajoled him into divulging some important details. I’m sure you have recollected the scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, in which Harry could successfully make Hagrid blurt out some classified information. Well, if a tiny first year could do it, imagine what an accomplished Wizard of the Dark Arts could weasel out of Hagrid’s mind.
All these imperfections are overshadowed by Hagrid’s loving and caring nature. His Gryffindor heart endears him to us all. The trio often nibbled on the rock cakes Hagrid prepared. Sometimes, they filled their pockets with these rocks. This  just goes to prove that they liked Hagrid a lot and just couldn’t break his heart. They stood by him when Norbert was hatched, when he was carted off to Azkaban, when Buckbeak was going to be decapitated, when they realized that he was a half-giant, when he was put on probation by that foul Umbridge and also when they didn’t have any Care of Magical Creatures lectures!  Among all the teachers at Hogwarts, the one who Harry, Ron and Hermione considered to be their best friend was this friendly giant of a man. They could speak to him about anything under the sun, and he was sure to give them advice. He also brought the trio back when Ron and Hermione had a fight. His adorable nature made it possible for him to think of the good in each and every one, and also enabled him to think positively about any issue.
So, the comments section is open to you! Have you had any teacher as your best friend? Well, I don’t expect many of you to have a teacher who is a part-giant, but at least a teacher with whom you could freely speak and ask advice from? Do share your thoughts..

Like today, I won’t be selecting a house for my ‘S for’ blog post. So if it’s not Slytherin, it better be a Slytherin! 😛

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  1. Well, I don't believe I've had any teacher like Hagrid before. A few Snapes, yes, and there was this one teacher who remains the closest thing to a Dementor that I've encountered in real life. But no Hagrid, unfortunately. 😦


  2. Kaitlin says:

    Hooray for another Harry Potter themed blog on the A-Z Challenge! Love this, can't wait to read some more of your posts!



  3. Kaitlin says:

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  4. Yo! Do catch up on my previous blog posts for the #AtoZChallenge too! 🙂


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