Q for Quidditch

The only game with Muggles can’t telecast on their TV screens.. The only sport which grips the nations all over Europe.. The sport which could be called Football in the Air with some additional drama and decoration..


Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com


A team of seven, all robed in their Quidditch colours.. all on the best and fastest broomsticks.. Three to score, two to beat the living hell out of then ones who prevent the three from scoring, one to keep the goal hoops safe from the opposite team, and one with the sole intention of saving the day by winning the match! I hope I have introduced you to the Chasers, Beaters, Keeper and Seeker very well! Now let me introduce you to the fantastic equipment with which these players play. First of all, the three Chasers are supposed to throw a Quaffle (somewhat like a basketball) to each other and try and get it through one of the hoops and thus score a goal. Ten points to the Chaser’s team every time the Quaffle goes through one of the hoops. Next up, is the Bludger, a tricky looking ball with a mind of its own, and a heart that makes Cruella De Ville appear human. The main task of the Beaters is to protect their team mates from this wretched ball. For this, they wield a menacing – looking club and whack the Bludgers away. The Keeper defends the goalposts like a normal goalkeeper does in football. So, they don’t have any equipment with them. And the saviour of the match, the Seeker, has to set his eyes on one and only one object – the Golden Snitch. It zooms through the air at a time when you search for it, and when you lazily yawn and look around, it will sit next to your ear and buzz away!
So this is an entire gist of the Quidditch rule book according to His Greatness Oliver Wood!

And to end this, I would like to present a poem on Quidditch and Cricket. Yo Indians! This one’s for you!
If you are eleven,
we are seven.
The fastest and agilest we have one,
Our purpose he serves on a Nimbus Two Thousand and One.
You may have eleven to get your hands on that ball,
But what’s the use? The ball doesn’t meet you all.
All our players play together,
While yours wait in turn, one after another.
The matches are refereed by an umpire, standing on Earth.
Our referee can zoom in to any part of the field, if the players give him berth.
You play with one undistinguished ball,
Having three doesn’t lead to our downfall.
How many fouls can your players commit?
Our history can claim 700 to its credit!
Well, after all, it is a sport to be enjoyed by the player,
and also by the spectator.

But Oliver Wood saving a goal with his foot,
Is much more delightful than Dhoni hitting a six with a device born from root!
#PotterheadsRule #RavenclawPride ! 
That’s it then, Quidditch loving Muggles!
Celebrate today with a flagon of Butterbeer instead of a cup of Joe,
and take some time out to play Quidditch on your Firebolt! I’ve got mine ready to go!

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  1. But of course it had to be Quidditch. I am not all that into sports to be honest, but I wouldn't mind riding a Nimbus 2000 and chasing after the golden snitch if a choice had to be made.


  2. Hehe.. My sister suggested Quick Quotes Quill.. But I went for the routine Quidditch! 😀


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