P for Prongs

The man who’s kid was an exact copy of himself.. The man who was the Seeker of the Gryffindor team in his school days.. The man who stayed with Harry till the very end.. 


Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com
Prongs was an ideal group leader, the mischief maker that everyone needs in a group, and also the brave heart one to save the group members who were caught by higher authorities! 😀 (I’m the group leader at classes, cracking stupid wisecracks sitting on the last bench, much to the amusement of my teachers!)
 No doubt, Prongs would have been an amazingly responsible parent. He had the right attitude when it came to family and friends. He didn’t loaf around or fool around when it came to the ones he loved.. Even the ones he detested (Snivellus). I think it’s because of the fact that his sun sign was Aries (27th March 1960) . Arians are usually the brave hearts, the ones with an indeflatable ego when they want to do something, yet caring enough to take some time out of their life and be with their special someone. Now that’s something like a true Gryffindor! 
Coming back to the topic, Prongs was an ideal bestie to Sirius Black. That time when Sirius ran away from his Slytherin-loving Dark Arts-supporting family, James was the one who accommodated his friend at the Potter Manor. He trusted his friends with all his soul. Trusted them to an extent that he even lost his life trusting Pettigrew a.k.a. Wormtail. The true meaning of friendship could be embodied in Prongs, even the true meaning of love.

 Putting the loved ones in the safer position, trying your best to protect the ones under your care, being there for someone, and other such great traits can be found in Prongs a.k.a. James Potter.



And tomorrow’s a holiday! I’ll be back with a bang for my ‘ Q for ‘ post! Make sure you are not too sleepy on a Monday morning. Get your cup of joe and be there at 10 am sharp for an amazing blog post! 

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  1. I've always hoped that J.K. Rowling would one day write a prequel to the Harry Potter series, centering upon James' time at Hogwarts. But it seems that the closes thing to a prequel we'll be getting, at least for the foreseeable future, is the Fantastic Beasts movie trilogy.


  2. Ya! I'm eagerly waiting for it!


  3. Amazing take on JK Rowling Harry Potter. Hope she comes with a prequel. How much I miss the series.


  4. Yes! But I still wish to cherish the old HP memories! I mean, if JKR starts providing more info about HP, we will just keep asking for more…insatiable souls that we are! 😀


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