G for Grimmauld Place

The one place Harry could call home.. The one place where Sirius and Harry spent memorable time together.. The place where Harry for the first time, spent a Christmas with all his loved ones in one room..

Pic source: Harry Potter Wikia.com

When Harry was first told about this new home by Sirius, the happiness that filled him could have helped him create the best corporeal Patronus ever! Relive the memory by reading HP 3- The Dementor’s Kiss.

Later on, after Sirius’s death, Harry inherited Grimmauld Place. He used it quite well later, when they were on their mission – Mission Horcruxes. Pieces of his past Harry found here. The pieces Harry wanted to know about. Some pieces he used in his quest to kill Voldemort. Some pieces, unwittingly, helped him on their own.

For an orphan like Harry, to whom staying in Privet Drive felt akin to staying at an orphanage, this must have come as quite a unasked-for well-deserved blessing! Harry never felt like returning to the Dursleys in the summer holidays, because he never felt at home there. He was treated like someone with a contagious disease, someone who shouldn’t be approached for anything. Who would want to stay in a house where all the members stare at you with feelings of disgust, shame and fear all mixed into one horrific expression?

We all find a little bit of Grimmauld Place in our own homes. The cleaning of this place (HP 5) is somewhat like the cleaning we do every year for a festival. Tempers flare, minor accidents occur, some unimportant things are robbed discretely and hidden carefully in cupboards (to create a collection, no doubt) and angry mutterings swell in musty rooms because of the elf-work we are made to do! And then after all this slave-work, sorry, elf-work we rest and munch and reconcile! The Happy Christmas luncheon is the one common thing that binds the Muggle world with the Magical World. We always feel at home and happy when we are surrounded by people who love us. The mood of the festival is always elevated to a happier level when we raise a toast and say “Cheers!” with the people who really matter. People who are willing to sacrifice anything for our happiness. Even go to the extreme of Death, in Sirius’s case.

And then of course, we always have that one indulgent uncle who helps us out of tight corners. The one makes sure we have the time of our lives without any wind of it flying by our parents! 😛
Three cheers to Sirius! The Man Who Died Saving the Chosen One!

Tomorrow’s post, of course, is an H for post..
 No prizes for the ones who guess what I’m gonna blog about tomorrow! 😉



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I wish I had such an indulgent uncle. I barely know any of mine and even if I did, I'm pretty sure they'd be more like Kreacher than Sirius Black. 😀


  2. Haha.. Indulgent uncles must be some sort of magical creatures.. only visible to those who “Swear solemnly that they are no good”.. I'm referring to Harry, the Marauders and the Thestrals all in one reference..
    Phew! Too much pottering around..
    Thanks for being such a dedicated follower and Pottermaniac!


  3. Sirius Black is a character I love.Especially watching Gary Oldman in the role made me love him all the more 🙂


  4. Sirius Black! *_*
    He looked so handsome in the 5th movie!


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