15 Places You Must Visit..!

This post is going to be highly metaphorical.. I suggest that only literary bards and travel freaks continue reading this…     
Pack up your trunks.. and follow my lead! (Source: Gratisography.com)
1. Joy: Well, this place is pretty amazing. The flight to get you to en-Joy is named differently every time you wanna go there.
2. Friendship: You go to this place for the first time when you step into kindergarten. This place is usually found easily by extroverts. It’s quite a task for introverts and nerds to find this place.
3. Affection: Usually found once you reach to Friendship and it’s on the way to Love. Being in this place makes you feel wanted, and gives a tingly fuzzy feeling in your brain. Remembering birthdays without being reminded usually takes the birthday girl to this place.
4. Love: This is the place where everyone wants to be. The location of this place keeps changing, no one knows why, until it finds the perfect location. How then do you get to Love? Pretty easy, your heart will find the way.
5. Happiness: Reaching Happiness is like climbing the Himalayas. You will get there someday but you will find obstacles on the way. Nevertheless, the journey is spectacular.
6. Heartbreak: This place is for the unfortunate incompatible souls. Not visible to people who are currently staying in Love. Only visible to those who’ve walked out of that place. I hope your stay here is very very short.
7. Sadness: Trains that get you there. – Failure, Heartache, Loss, Disappointment 
8. Misery: Misery, a place that we often don’t want to visit. But the Car of Circumstances can get you there.
9. Insomnia: This place beckons you if you have ‘Heartbreak’ stamped on your visa. A good dose of music, a cup of coffee and a nice book to read is offered at the entrance. This is just to lull you to stay there for a longer time.
10. Envy: This place is found when a friend gets something before you do. 
11. Solitude: This place is hard to find, if you have already visited Love and Friendship. But you can find this place easily, if you are trying to reach Peace via Meditation. Also, introverts have an in-built map to reach this place. Many extroverts who have tried to reach this place, have escaped pulling their hair and bawling like mad hatters.
12. Peace: This is the place you go to if you catch a ride via the road Meditation. Also, be forewarned, your stay in this place might be too short for your liking.
13. Calm: Your stay in this place is determined by unseen forces. You are usually motivated to go there when you read “Keep calm” messages, written by nutters who don’t know the actual origin of the phrase.
14. Victory: Nerds and geeks find this place when they win an Inter-College event. Romeos find this place when they hold Juliet’s hand for the first time. Artists find this place when they get the applause they so deserve.
15. Pleasure: Usually found by Satisfied souls. The road to pleasure is crammed up with shops like- McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Theobroma, Starbucks, Planet M, etcetera
Well, chocolate gets you to Pleasure, also! (Source: gratisography.com)
Yup, I wish you a wonderful journey of Life and hope you enjoy your stay in all these places. Some of them might be downright saddening and some of them might make you scream “Hallelujah”. Nevertheless, visit them all. Coz, when you lie on that death-bed, reminiscing your life, you might want to praise yourself for finding all the places on the map of life. Or at least, make a million writing about your journey a.k.a. autobiography! 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Clark Farley says:

    (liked your list)…. yeah, but what about chaosville?!? surely you would want to stop in there!! (well, technically, it wouldn't exactly be stopping….and, now that I think about (great thought-provoking Post) 'there' is kinda relative… lol
    sorry, I'm just out visiting my list mates (blogs near mine in the A who-said Z Blog Challenge this April)… just checking out the blog located in the '1200 block'


  2. Haha. I know I totally missed Chaos! XD
    Finally found more people doing the A-Z Blog Challenge! I'm gonna start hunting for people once my exams are done.. Will surely check out your blog! 🙂


  3. ak ™ says:

    That was quite a metaphorical journey, I must say. And you got 'em right to the point. Crisp.

    Keep Writing. 🙂


  4. Yup.. I surprised myself by being so brief.. Usually I just go on blabbing!
    The same advice goes to you AK! Keep writing! Don't let those Russians down 😛


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