The old school radio VS the all new smartphone apps!


I write this blog post as I quietly bear with the song playing on my radio. This is because my earphones are playing truant and the battery on my mp3 player has decided to show a nil balance (yup, I’m doing accounts simultaneously). Listening to radio after.. Wait.. I guess.. One year? Yeah! Radio was my source of relief during board exams. I don’t know why it helped me so much that time. And now, it just serves to make me see red. Read on to know why.

First of all, let me clear this: I’m a great fan of Radio Mirchi (98.3)~ The Meera and Suren Show and Radio One (94.3) ~Drive Mumbai with Erica. Red FM (93.5) is a must-hear only during the evenings, because of RJ Rishi Kapoor (Mumbai Local) ! So basically, if you are an ardent radio listener, you must have figured out that I listen to radio only in the evening.  That is because I don’t mind listening to tracks by unknown artists and humming along to not-heard-before songs when I practice math and accounting sums.
Well, getting back to the reason why I’ve started disliking radio. Number one reason? The time devoted to commercials somehow, I feel, is greater than the time devoted to actually playing music! And that spoils the whole experience of listening to great music. Imagine listening to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams or “Meherbaan” from Bang Bang, and then hearing a commercial which promotes firecrackers. Just disturbs the sense of peace and calm created after listening to the song.  And then just after you listen to “We R who we R” by Kesha or “Sooraj Dooba Hai” from Roy, you are played a commercial advocating “Safe Driving.” I mean, you’re in a mood to party listening to those songs, and then you hear some heart-wrenching cries of pain and a serious-sounding male voice instructing you to refrain from drinking before driving. What are you gonna do? Listen to that commercial? Or change the frequency?
Don’t the Marketing heads of companies realize this? Well, I guess they do. But then, new and emerging companies as well as the established ones prefer radio advertising as one of their advertising techniques. As people from different strata of life tune into their favourite radio channels, it provides a greater audience. Be it a driver of an auto-rickshaw to the driver of a Merc, radio is the most preferred way of listening to music. And besides, how many of us “yo” teenagers peruse the ads section of the newspapers? How would any of us realize that there is a mega sale at Shoppers Stop then? (Well, we could always depend on that friend who considers shopping to be a therapy for her grieving heart. 😛 )
In an attempt to figure things out, I asked a couple of my friends for their opinion about radio commercials. Starting with my opinion, I change the radio channel the moment the commercials start playing their cacophonous tunes. And then search for a frequency playing a song. Few devoted souls will stick on to the same channel and lower the volume(that’s what I do when I listen to 94.3). A friend of mine says that if he finds the advertisement catchy or interesting, he might stay tuned to the same frequency. And if that’s not the case, another friend quips in, she might just decide to switch to hearing music pre-Downloaded on her phone.
With the entry of online music apps, listening to music turns into a better experience. The absence of ads popping up between tracks is relieving. And some apps even allow you to create your own mixes (Yes, MixRadio!). Talking about MixRadio, my favourite online music streaming app, it tailors new mixes based on my preferences and favourite artist of the day! Isn’t this better than a normal radio channel? The flow of harmonious music is as beautiful as the flow of nectar in the River of Immortality! Just the right music, at just the time you need it!
Both, radio and online music streaming apps have their own benefits and disadvantages. It’s up to the listener to decide whether he/she wants to multitask by listening to radio and learning about new sales at malls or fall into the arms of bliss by logging on to online radio! What do you feel? Fill in the comments section with your views!
Well, I still don’t mind listening to radio when there’s no WiFi around! 😛

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  1. You're spot on in saying that we spend more time listening to advertisements on radios instead of songs. And this trend is deliberate. Stations know that people prefer listening to the radio when stuck in traffic jams or at chai tapris. So they leverage it by playing ads and making money…

    Like you, a lot of people must have stopped listening to the radio because of this very trend. Let's hope the stations see it before it's too late… Once cars are internet enabled, people will play online music in cars too…


  2. Yes! I do hope this trend changes soon, or else, online music streaming apps seeing an upsurge in downloads, might decide to charge for their services! And that would be the death of discovering new music in a pocket-friendly manner for the masses.. 😦
    Thanks for following my blog, it really means a lot to me! 😇


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